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I hate doing profiles, so I'll be doing one using the OC template in JRSJ for laughs:

Name: Rose 'ire Trinity (the real thing is shorter, I promise)

Epithets/Nicknames: Rose 'ire Trinity... I guess

Side: my side

Gender: female

Age: Let's just say that I'm probably younger than John McCain and Warren Buffett combined

Race: I am very much human. Probably.

Crew Position: the person who just sits there and does absolutely nothing...

Abilities: the ability to write at least half decently

Weapon(s): A laptop and a gold gel pen

Personality: It changes constantly.

Likes and Dislikes: Likes: my laptop, my gel pen collection, anime/manga, reading, sleeping, cloud watching, colors, animals, astronomy, a lot of other stuff. Dislikes: puking babies, the dentist, socks, crappy pens, speed bumps, chores, my twin brother, a lot of other stuff.

Physical Appearance: 404 error

History: I was born in a hospital. Since then, I have lived life to its minimum extent.

Family: I have one mother, one father, and one annoying twin brother who is an idiotic idiot.

Dreams/Goals: Become a neurosurgeon and maybe publish a book. The hell, I want to freakin' fly too.

Anything else to take into consideration: My favorite word is awesome. I'm a lefty. I believe pickles to be aliens. The plural of moose should be mooses.

Story info!

Jolly Rogers and the Seagulls of Justice: Take two best friends. Now, have them go on separate journeys since one wants to be a pirate and the other a Marine. Oh, look! Now you have this story with an incredibly long name! Well, this is my only story. It's reached 25 chapters and I imagine it will continue forever as long as I have the free time to do so.

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