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I guess I should begin by introducing myself, but I'm not very good at this thing people refer to as the "social game" - I play it, but I don't always go by the rules.

I'm Orit Ellan. The name means nothing, it's gibberish, and my real name is a secret without a proper answer. By all means, do ask, but I'm afraid you'll be disappointed: It took one of my best friends several years to get to know it, and even then I was reluctant. If you press me for it, you will most probably end up with a lie in its place. It's not distrust (unless you're being a creepy person with deviant intentions - yes, that has happened to me before). I just don't like being identified with a word. Words are insufficient, as weird as that may sound coming from someone who adore their presence.

I'm currently reading and writing Star Trek: DS9. I've been lurking in the shadows, not made myself known to those whom I read... well, I'll change that in a moment. As for the lack of uploaded stories - I have a habit of ending up without endings. This time I want to do it right. So I won't begin uploading until I've finished the manuscript. (Edit: Oh, goodness me, I actually uploaded something! Not that it's awesome. But at least it has an ending.)

My fan fiction is, as you may have already figured out (clever you!), set in the DS9 series. Last time I wrote about it, I had written five chapters, and had no idea what genre to put it in. Mashing together Part 1 and Part 2, I've now written 30 chapters (62,999 words), and am still just as clueless. It's horror, but really isn't, it's angst, but not quite, adventure, but maybe not, suspension, but not really, friendship, but not quite... etc.

Blargh. Well, hopefully the time comes when I get one or more beta-readers... maybe they can tell me what it is. :|

Everything aside from that is irrelevant. I don't mind exchanging messages, so if anyone is feeling lonely (or intrigued, or perhaps both), don't stand on your toes in fear. With me, it's hard to go wrong. In fact, I encourage you to go wrong. That's when conversations turn interesting.

- Orit Ellan


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