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Hey, everybody, it's Espeon man.

OK, new announcement. I've decided I'm doing too many things at once, so i'm taking a break on my other stories to mainly work on my newest one. Updates for The Eradicators will be coming faster now.

Something new, I'm abolishing my schedule, what with school, homework, essays, projects, and other stuff, I just don't have time to crank out a reasonably sized chapter every week.

Just thought I'd put down some OCs just in case someone wanted to use them.

Name: Alex Smith

Gender: Male

Appearance: long light brown hair, brown eyes.

Pokemon: Espeon F

Umbreon M

Jolteon M

Vaporeon M

Flareon F

So, yeah, thats it for now

Okay, now something more serious.

I know that some people think that gay people or Lesbians are worse than the rest of us. Consider this. If you didn't know they were gay or a Lesbian, would you deny them entry to church, refuse them medical treatment, or tear apart their minds and destroy their bodies? If you were oblivious to their sexuality, would you rate them below what others like to call, "Sane people?" Would you do all those things to them if they were one of you? The Native Americans were the same. We destroyed their homes, killed their children, and almost abolished their way of life, Just because they were different. What about Iran? An innocent woman ran away from her husband who beat her. Once they caught her, they chopped off her nose and ears. We protest against that, and say it is evil. That is the true irony of the world. We fight to end that, and many lives are taken. However, something quite similar is happening right inside our very borders. While we try to stop Iran from discriminating women, we ourselves are discriminating gay people. We kick them out of numerous places, beat them up, and refuse services almost any American has. It seems America had not learned from the discrimination of Black people. Some people think others are below them just because they are different. Some people hate gay people because of what their Religion has taught them. Some people think that just because a person is gay, he is unfit to receive the proper respect that an American citizen deserves. How can we call ourselves the land of the free even while this is happening right under our noses? Some people are afraid to admit they're gay because of how people will treat them. Some people are afraid to stand up for a gay friend because they might be ridiculed and called gay themselves. Some people are gay, yet make fun of their fellows, in a desperate attempt to blend in with the crowd. Some people are Anti-gay. People like that, is what makes up the majority of America. That is one fact no one should be proud of. Who are gay people? People who have been chosen to take the worst of what America has to offer. I admire people like that. The ones that stand tall, and are not ashamed of their sexuality. They fight for freedom, in a land where their kind are hated. I am but one voice, and one voice alone does not make a choire. However, together as Americans, our voices shall grow, and grow, needling the government until they agree to do what is right. I, as a straight citizen of America, offer my voice to establish fair Gay rights. If any of you out there no longer wish to read my stories because of my choice, then don't. I won't argue with you about what you believe. And if I disgust you by my choice, then I no longer wish to hear from you. No matter what you say or do, I will not be converted. I feel that all Americans should live fairly by right, don't you?

I, Espeon Man, am a supporter of Gay rights. Are you?

If you wish to change America for the better, Copy and post it into your profile. Add your name to the list, and hopefully, it will grow.

Espeon Man, Signing off.

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