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Hey :)

Okay I know I don't really update more often BUT recently I've been really busy and I have got exams in Jan which I have to revise for but whenever that's all over hopefully I'll be able to update more. Sorry guys, just letting you know what's going on o.O

Okay, so this is my other account. I created this one so I could write stories freely without my family finding out ;) Hehe :P Here is a link to my other profile:

(I have a link to this profile on it but it doesn't say its me) My main fanfiction which I think about more and have done for longer is called Morning Star. I wrote it because I got really annoyed that there was only 4 books! We need more Stephanie, more!! xP So wrote this for my own enjoyment and yours. I hope you like this. I love Seth and I thought it would be so much fun if he imprinted on someone young who could be best friends with Nessie. Other stuff added in to spice it up & for it to make more sense :).


Emerald City

Love Twilight, like the Wizard of Oz. Its kind of like the Wizard of Oz but changed the charectors and added in charects to make it more Twilighty. I know this is the first ever cross over between Twilight and The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, I like doing things differently ;).

Edward's Hobby

This is my reason for making my account- my main account in TwilightSeth but I made this one so I could post this story becasue my sisters know about my other account and I just couldn't have them read this at all.

Its just about Edward being a perv. It's just for a laugh, don't take it to seriously. It's just that he would be a really good perv! He's stunning, he's really fast, perfect hearing and sight and memory, and he can read your mind! lol :P

Dresses in chapter four:

Christie's silver dress

Ruby's flowery dress

Tyler's black dress

Violet's beautiful dress

Tell me what you think of them! ;)

True Love's First Kiss

A story about a girl who's been blind all her life, and meets a lovely guy called Seth Clearwater. After a nervous first kiss, she feels intense chemistry, and decide to go out.

I like writing about different things. So basically I try to put myself in the mind of someone who's been blind all their life and falls in love- I mean- what would that be like for them never being able to see someone they are in love with?

More info later. =)

Outfit in chapter 2- First Date Nerves




hair clips

high heels


Seth's outfit that Leah helps pick out in chapter 3:

Jeans, T-Shirt, Jacket, Bracelet, Necklace

Chapter Five, Rose's dress:



Friends Fanfics! ;)

CullenGirl1901 has 13 fanfics!! My favourite is called Daybreak which takes place after Breaking Dawn, and she has a sequal to it called Rising sun. One of them is called 'Edward Cullen's Stalking Class 101' where Edward teached people the art of stalking, and she is making a sequal to that as well. Another is called 'Stephanie Meyer's House' which is like big brother but with all the twlight charectors. She has two glee fanfictions as weel which are very popular. She is a really good writer aswell :D

twilight_obssessedYEPTWILIGHT has two twilight fanfictions: Complicated love, ever wondered what might have happened to Bella if Edward never came back in New Moon? xD read to find out, and 'this is me' about Rosalie, she has lost her memory in an accident, not only that but other things happen to her ;D

thecrazyhorrorgirl writes horror stories, please read her story its about a scary clown and it's very good!

XxDaAshersxX writes stories about twilight and red eye, including one crossover. She has 11 storis, but don't worry- she updates often! My favourite is: You give love a bad name, xD

Wolf Mad is new to fanfiction! She has a really, really good story called 'The Traitor' which is about Jacob and Alice. Love it, I think you will too!! :D

Jamie_Budda_Budda has no fanfictions yet but she is new to fanfiction and already has an idea for one so hopefully she'll post it soon!

Sarah_Bearah_0507 doesn't have any fanfics either but she will soon cuz she has really good ideas already! :D



Team Jacob- but I have no major objections to Edward.


Team Seth all the way XD

Quil or Embry?


Sam or Jacob?


Jared or Paul?


Colin or Bradey?

Colin (for some reason)

Seth or Leah?


Favourite Cullen Guys in order:

Jasper, Carlisle, Emmett, Edward.

Favourite Cullen girls to be friends with:

Renesmee, Alice, Esme, Bella, Rosalie.

Charlie, Billy or Harry?

Harry Clearwater.

Mike or Eric?

Tough one, neither.


Vampire, if I had a special ability.


Too cold, actually.

Emmett's the Strongest,
Rosalie's the Prettiest,
Edward's the Smoothest,
Bella's the Clumsiest,
Alice's the Quirkiest,
But only Jasper can sit in a corner and STILL make
everyone feel jealous.

My Life as a movie songs:

Opening Credits: Muse- Ruled by secrecy

Waking Up: Foo Fighters- Long Road to ruin

First Day of School: Coldplay- Twisted Logic

Falling in Love: All time Low- Sick Little Games

Fight Song: Coldplay- Lovers In Japan

Breaking Up: Fall Out Boy- What a Catch, Donnie

Prom: Cheryl Cole- 3 Words

Driving: Taylor Swift- The Way I Love You

Flashback: Avril Lavigne- Tomorrow

Getting Back Together: Beyonce- Ave Maria

Wedding: Snow Patrol- You're All I Have

Giving Birth: You Me At Six- Jealous Minds Think Alike

Life is just...OK: Paramore- Feeling Sorry

Mental Breakdown: The Fray- Over My Head

Final Battle: Paramore- When It Rains

Death Scene: Example- Won't Go Quietly

Funeral Song: Sterophonics- It Means Nothing

End Credits: Taylor Swift- Love Story

Thanks for watching!*

Real men... DON'T SPARKLE! :P

Team Edward because of his patience

Team Carlisle because of his passion

Team Emmett because of his friendliness

Team Jasper because of his charisma

Team Esme because she cares

Team Rosalie because everyone wants something they can't have

Team Bella because we all want to find our Edward

Team Alice because she such a great friend

Team Renesmee because she's unique

Team Jacob because real men don't sparkle

Team Seth because... just because ;)



THE Official Leader Of Team Seth ;)

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