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Poll: I've had a Psych story idea pounding in my head for a long time, I'm just not sure if I can write it. It'd be a sort of long story (I think...). So I thought I'd ask you guys. How interested would you be in me writing a Psych fic? It would involve Shawn "having actual visions", but not in the real supernatural way and it would be a twist I GUARANTEE you will not expect. So let me know how interested you would be. Vote Now!
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Author has written 16 stories for Tremors, Warriors, Ninja Turtles, Batman, and Stargate: SG-1.

Tick, Tock, Time Away
Can you come out and play?
Tick, Tock, Goes the Clock
Even as you stand and gawk.
Tick, Tock, the World goes 'Round
As you lay beneath the ground. -TM

"The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is awarded to the less talented as a consolation prize." -Robert Hughes


*chibi Larry comes running out of nowhere followed by chibi Jodi waving a broom* "It wasn't me that time I swear!"
"So it *was* you last time, I knew it!"
":O NOOOOOOOOOOOO! That's not what I meant!!!"
*chibi Burt almost gets run over and stops to stare after them*
"Ooooooo, she liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes him."
*chibi Burt glares at randomly appearing chibi Tyler* "Stop drawin' out your i's."


Greetings fellow writers and/or readers! Have some links.

The LGF Universe and other RV stories are now here. And here's our new website.

Tremors forums:

Tremors Underground

My tumblr: graaaboid-punultimate

Tumblr Tremors blogs:


army-of-the-mmr (RV blog)


If you were a fan of the movies and TV series, I encourage you to read my stories. I started off after the very last episode, The Key, and am doing my best to write in the same kind of corny way.

I am also including some of the ideas S.S. Wilson had in mind for the second season, including the tree creature, Rosalita's an impostor thing and her brother, Jodi's niece, and so on. Only thing I'm not including is the internet dating thing between Burt and Nancy. Sorry to those of you dying to see that happen, but I just can't see them together. I see them more as the parents of the valley who don't love each other in a romancey way.

Anywho, I am lengthening the 1st season by three more episodes, so there will be 16 in all (it was gonna be 4 more, with 17 in all, but it didn't work out). My first is Spider Perfection. Each story will have S for Season followed by 1 or 2 an so on, and then E for Episode followed by the number in the summary box. For example, Spider Perfection's summary starts with 'S1E14' for Season 1 Episode 14. I will also make a note in the last chapter of each story what the next story will be titled. (So make sure to read the author notes!!)

A note from several years after I started: I personally HATE S1E15, needs to die in a hole in my opinion. But I don't want to dig the hole and the story's important to the finale anyway. I didn't plan it well before I wrote it and I also included some things I've now noticed are probably a bit problematic, heteronormative, and possibly homo/transphobic. Not outrightly so, but still. I read it now and I cringe. I was never really happy with it to begin with, but now I just hate it. I'm probably going to rewrite it one of these days. And E14 could honestly use a rewrite as well, but not for similar reasons. This all probably sounds horrible to say on my first two stories, but that's just it, they're my first two stories and I've gotten better at writing since then (it's been a few years since I really wrote them). So of course I'm going to think they could be better.

That being said, most people have rather enjoyed them, so don't feel like they're not at all worth your time (at least E14). E15 I would so not want people to read if it wasn't important to E16. I really need to rewrite that thing...

But anyway, yeah, just heads up there. I hate S1E15 and it will be rewritten someday.

24. Dezember '15 Update: NaNoWriMo bonked, BUT I have gotten some stuff written this month, so woo! Got a temp job as a bell ringer (thoroughly sucked, kept getting kicked off over volunteers, but at least I have some actual job experience to put on a resume now), turned 21, Arnie had more kittens, and I got my driver's license.

I have a little one shot I'm working on right now that I hope (fingers crossed) to finish and post soon. And then I'll try to concentrate on TEST after that. Thanks for hangin' on with me, folks.

Anywho, for those of ya just meetin' me, I am 21 winters old, brown hair, green eyes, and big feet. I have four cats, Arnellea (Arnie), Kiniki, Bee, and Ty, and just recently got three kittens (Arnie had babies). I also have a rabbit named Melvin. He and Ty are kinda sorta buddies. As a Tremors nerd, I find it hilarious.

I have synaesthesia. I may or may not rant about hearing colours occasionally. It's not overly strong, mostly my days have colours and textures and sorta personalities, but random words/sounds have gone weird. One night, when I was falling asleep, my mum got up to go to the bathroom (shower is literally on the other side of my wall and thin) and I heard her put the toilet up with a sharp clack of ceramic hitting ya know and I suddenly had thin black and thick white stripes flash beneath my eyelids, it was wack. Another time, calmly listening to the radio, spacin', an all a sudden drums came up and they were just BROWN. Startled me, honestly. My syn has no rhyme or reason.

I am asexual, aromantic, and agender. No mate, no date, no gender. I'm the ultimate graboid pun, it's amazing. They/them pronouns if you please. I headcanon Dick Grayson as ace as well (he's at least somewhere on the spectrum) and Burt Gummer as demi. Contrary to popular belief though, I do not like cake. PIE is where it's at, yo. I am quite fond of dragons.

I love languages, currently doing German, so yes I will wander off in them words sometimes.

You can call me Am or Vlad, whichever fits yer fancy.

Enjoy the weirdness.

My Tremors Series: Am'Verse

These are the stories I'm writing in the same universe as the show, continuing on where it left off with episode 13-The Key. Stories are in order.


Episode 14-Spider Perfection: Mixmaster has once again thrown random species together and created yet another annoying, hard-to-kill creature, and the residents must figure out how to kill it with the help of an old friend of Rosalitas' and her cousin. In the process they encounter confusion, near-death experiences, and nearly lose a few loved ones. Who? Well, it's (why the flirp would i tell you that, it'd ruin the surprise!) of course. *COMPLETE*

Episode 15-The Daughter of Hokumunja: Burt and Tyler have another assignment, but with strings attached. Yes, there's a Graboid to hunt down but they also have to play peace maker between the two tribes on the threatened island. And of course, trouble ensues for our two poor heroes. Tyler gets introduced to his 'feminine' side and Burt has to explain an embarrassing 'what happens on islands, stays on islands' moment to several protective women that somehow already know about it before they even get home. Lots of humor. *COMPLETE*

Episode 16- Dream Travel: *coming soon* *season finale*


Episode 1- Night Lights: *coming later*

Episode 2- Family Reunions Are Bittersweet: *coming later*

Episode 3- Invasive Species: *coming later*

Episode 4- The Awkward Team: *coming later*

Episode 5- Black Out: *coming later*

Episode 6- Earthquake: *coming later*

Episode 7- Bloopers: *coming later*

Episode 8- Burt Gone Wild: *coming later*

Episode 9- Part 1-El Blanca: *coming later*

Episode 10- Part 2-*title is too spoiler-y to be revealed until story is published*: *coming later*

Episode 11- Part 3-*also too spoiler-y*: *coming later*

Episode 12- Wrong Place, Wrong Time: *coming later*

Episode 13- Worm Out of Sand: *coming later*

Episode 14- Caught: *coming later*

Episode 15- Heroes: *coming later*

Episode 16- Perfection Valley, Nevada: *coming later*

Episode 17- A Red & White Christmas: *coming later* *season finale*

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The worms are dead, the con man's dead, the African adventure is over, and now it's time to go back home to his hide-a-way desert, his eccentric friends, and...the partner he left behind. Oh, and Travis is coming too! Surely that won't be a problem...right?
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