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Anime I Have Watched! YAY!

1. Vampire Knight-- Vampire Knight is my favorite anime show that I have ever watched. There is mystery, love, violence, blood, hot guys, vampires, etc. I don't think that it could get any better than that. I first watched it on YouTube--both seasons (in Japanese) actually, and I repeatedly watch it over and over because it was so addicting to watch! It's on Netflix now, in English. I am getting used to the English version, but I still favor the original Japanese version. Anyway, so I love this anime because of the drama between Yuuki Cross, Zero Kiruu, and Kaname Kuran, and of course the two guys want Yuuki, and one's a vampire, one's not, and there's a fight between vampires and humans and vampires against other vampires. . . Just watch it because it might change your life or blow your mind, either or.

2. Naruto-- You cannot not watch Naruto. I am in love with this show, and it is not just for ten-year-old boys. There are ninjas, betrayal, and humor too. The really basic gist of Naruto is that Naruto Uzumaki is a Leaf ninja, and the show is about his life and wanting to become Hokage (leader) of the Leaf Village. I find him to be the underdog that always prevails. The anime Naruto also tells the stories of other characters, as the show is in third person omniscient, and there are many side episodes within the plot, but once you get to a main piece, it gets crazy. The only bad part about this anime I would say is that action moments drag on for a very long, unnecessary time.

3. Fruits Basket-- Fruits Baskets was like the 2nd or 3rd anime I had ever watched. I find it to be a cute story about a high school girl named Tohru who struggles on her own. She finds; however, a new type of family who all happen to be members of the Chinese zodiac and can change into the specific animal when hugged or touched by the opposite sex. The show is mainly about her and her newly found life with the different family, but it's also about the problems she has with taking care of herself and becoming accepted in the new family she has joined. Fruits Basket is funny, and it's a good show to watch when you have the time.

4. InuYasha-- If you like fantasy and action, this is the show that incorporates that plus, why of course, love and drama and all that good stuff. There are demons with crazy powers and also conflicting emotions between characters. . . this show has almost everything in it. It goes like this, when Kagome, a normal teenage girl, accidentally falls down a well, she somehow ends up in medieval Japan where she meets a half-demon named InuYasha, and they have a huge adventure trying to collect this amazing, magical crystal. I loved this show when I first saw it, but I think it's kind of corny now. I would say to still watch it though.

5. Marmalade Boy-- DRAMATIC! If you worship drama, watch this. There is strange marriage, teacher-student scandal, and many love triangles. I find the plot and conflict to be taken to its limits of outrageousness. I suggest you watch this show; however, if you don't like old-looking anime or 90s clothing, do not watch this. Also, beware of high-pitched, girl voices that can be annoying. But, watch it because no one else does, and I don't regret watching it!

6. Fushigi Yuugi-- I remember thinking that this show was going to be really stupid, I ended up liking it, duh. I can't remember what his name is. A young high school girl with an annoying voice lands within the pages of a magical book, and she becomes the priestess of Suzaku. She must collect the seven warriors of Suzaku to gain something. . . I can't remember what, hahaha. She happens to fall in love with one of the warriors Tomahome, and the plot also shows the struggle of their relationship. If you do not like old-looking anime or annoying voices, do not watch this! If you don't mind though, go ahead! Watch!

7. Code Geass-- I finished the first season of this show, and I am waiting for the second season to be available to me. This anime is about a teenage boy who is trying to seek revenge on the royal family he belongs to but was somehow exiled from. Lelouch is his name, and he builds up this mysterious figure that goes against this world tyrant under the universal name of Britannia. Lelouch ends up buliding up a group of warriors to help destroy Britannia while he also holds the power of Geass, an other-worldly power that allows him to control people for a certain amount of time. I found Code Geass to take a long time to get into, but it has several highlighting and exciting twists. Lelouch reminds me of Light in Death Note if you need a comparative figure.

8. Ouran High School Host Club--This show makes me laugh just thinking about it. It's the funniest show I have ever seen. Haruhi Fujioka is a honors student at Ouran Academy, and she end happen s to run into the Host Club whose job is to entertain the ladies. Further more, the host club mistakes Haruhi for a guy, and she breaks a valuable vase, which they up making her pay off. So, she is forced to join the host club, and she disguises herself as a guy from now on while at school because she already looks like one, a really, girly, cute one! The host club becomes her gang of friends, and the show is about all of the funny times and ideas the club goes through. I have watched the show over twice now, and it will never be old to me.

9. FullMetal Alchemist--I like this show because of all of the turmoil and sadness that happens within the story. Edward Elric is known as a the FullMetal achelmist, and he works for the government in order to find out top-secret information all to try and recover his brother's body and his lost limbs from the other-world that he tried to get to by making an attempt to bring back his mom. Bringing people back from the dead is unachievable, and the attempt ends up bringing humunculi into the world. The humunculi represent the seven deadly sins, and they come into the world in accordance on why they were trying to be brought back to life. The first show follows a plot line separate than that of the manga, while the second show Brotherhood, follows every detail of the book. Brotherhood is looking way better than the original season so far.

10. Full Metal Panic-- This show is okay. It is not one of my personal favorites, but don't turn away from this one quite yet. Like in Code Geass, there are huge robot suits that humans have the ability to control, and there are mysterious government agencies within the show. Kaname Chidori is a high school student who apparently has some secret information inside her head that she doesn't even know about. An evil agency is trying to extract that secret information from her about new and deadly ideas for weapons. Sosuke Sagara is a young army-dude who is all about war and weapons, and he has been assigned to guard Kaname. He must adjust to high school life while he protects her and become a normal human in the outside world--he has always been trained as a part of the army since birth. There are three seasons, and the second season is a fun, random season that I like the best because big robots aren't my favorite things to watch,

11. Death Note-- This is the show all about death and fixation on a perfect world. Light Yagami comes across the Death Note, a book that belongs to Death Gods (Shinigamis), and he uses it to kill all of the criminals of Japan and eventually, all over the world. He becomes zoned-in on the fact that he can rule a perfect world; however, his methods are considered inhumane by many and Detective L is hired to hunt him down. Then, a mind war is set between Light and L, both of whom who have several supporters and also many secrets. THIS SHOW HAS THE BEST ENDING I HAVE EVER SEEN.

12. Kaarin Vampire-- Well, there is a vampire with blood that comes out of her nose. I can't remember much about the show except that's about a misfit vampire who is just trying to live life and solve her conflicts. She also happens to run into a guy with weird eyes whom she comes to like. I remember liking this show, and I know its in English, but I can't remember if I watched the original dub or the English Dub. This series is short and fun to watch.

13. Bleach-- I love Bleach!!!!! The plot runs all over the place, so I don't have too much to say except for the fact that Ichigo Kurosaki acts a a substitute soul reaper (shinigami) for an acutal soul reaper named Rukia. He steals her powers, but he ends up gaining his own anyway, and he becomes a very powerful warrior. I am only about 80 episodes in, but I enjoy it neverthelss. This show is also very comical, but there are also many severe moments and climaxes that can shock you. Warning, this is a very long series, and I hope you like blood and action becuase that is basically what this show is. New episodes air on Adult Swim every week I believe. I watch them on YouTube though, and Netflix also offers disks. I am watching this in English like everything else really.

14. D-Gray Man- I honestly just started this series, and all I can tell you is that there is a young teenager who holds the ability to destroy evil creatures called akuma, which are trapped human souls, isolated by a devil-like man. It is the duty of this boy and other people that hold something called Innocence that allows them to have special powers. They are collecting the Innocence before evil can get its hands on it and human-kind ends.

15. Junjou Romantica-- This is a yaoi show, and its mainstream, so I am putting it up. There are multiple relationships being analyzed within the anime, and my favorite pairing is Misaki and Usagi. I don't know how many people like yaoi, so if you're interested, just dive into it or look up more information. This show is exactly as the title says, romantic!

16. School Rumble--

Those were some of my favorite animes that I can remember. If I can think of more, I'll update of course. This list is not counting like yaoi shows and movies ;D Tell me which animes I need to watch! Message me and tell me!

Do not watch these animes! They are terrible.

1. Visions of Escaflowne

2. 12 Kingdoms

3. Love Hina

4. Porco Rosso (This is a movie, and I hated it.)

5. Devil May Cry

My favorite pairings to read about are. . .

1. Sasuke & Naruto (Naruto)

2. Sakura & Kakashi (Naruto)

3. Sauke & Itachi (Naruto)

4. Naruto & Itachi (Naruto)

5. Naruto & Sasuke & Itachi (Naruto)

6. Itachi & Kyuubi (Naruto )

9. Light & L ( Death Note)

10. Deidera & Itachi (Naruto)

11. Akatsuki & Akatsuki (Naruto)

12. Shigure & Kyo (Fruits Basket)

15. Naruto & Gaara (Naruto)

16. Itachi & Sakura (Naruto)

17. Harry & Draco (Harry Potter)

18. Kisame & Itachi (Naruto)

20. Near & Mellow (Death Note)

21. Zero & Kaname (Vampire Knight)

22. Kaname & Yuuki (Vampire Knight)

23. Yuuki & Zero (Vampire Knight)

24. Ichigo & Renji (Bleach)

25. Allan & Kanda (D-Gray Man)

26. Link & Midna (Zelda: Twilight Princess)

27. Naruto & Hinata (Naruto)

28. Edward & Roy (FMA)

29. Edward & Alphonse (FMA)

30. Misaki & Usagi (Junjou Romantica)

I'm ending it there because I can't remember anymore pairings that I love.

I can't stand reading these pairings:

1. Sakura & Sasuke (Naruto)

4. Light & Misa (Death Note)

6. Professor Snape & Anyone (Harry Potter)

4. Rukia & Ichigo (Bleach)

5. Hermione & Anyone (Harry Potter)

6. Guy & Anyone (Naruto)

7. Lee & Anyone (Naruto)

8. Lupin & Anyone (Harry Potter)

9. Sirius Black & Anyone (Harry Potter)

10. Sakura & Naruto (Naruto)

Yeah, I know I'll think of more once I come across them.


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