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Hi ppls I am just your average 19 yr old, WHO LOVES PENGUINS XD

nickname-jus call me lexi x3 since ppl have trouble pronouncing all of my real name...only 6 letters...dam u

Gender= a woman hehe...x3

hair color=black...frizzy hair ish untamed..

eye color- dark brown but i wish they were green or grey

race=MEXICAN AND DAM FCKIN PROUD OF IT (sadly i have been currently white washed >.>).

fav color-SeXy ReD

hobbies-singin, writing and lazying about (hanging wit my friends, and basement dweller acting)

I have been in luv wit the show Naruto since i can remember...blame my friend Geli hehe... and i also like pokemon, digimon, fairy tail, shaman king and inuyasha xD NAO I LUV SOUL EATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



my fav couples R dawnxpaul, remusxtonks or remusxemily, siriusxoc, and mayxdrew, sasuhina mostly or i would like to put sasusaku the way angel_puppeteer put it cuz she is friggen awesum!!! XD and i would like to make an awesum sasuoc pairing but it will be difficult to pull off

sasu fangirl yeah but like a shy 1...NOT A STALKER...i feel too guilty even thinking about it

lets c wut else...

i dont like yaoi i used to...i feel bad tho cuz we tell guys that we dont like yuri u kno girlxgirl shit but i mean we read guyxguy and thats equally unfair so thats why i dont like it

wut else...

my favorite band is -RED

favorite songs 4m them are:

never be the same

already over

overtake you

start again

breathe into me



actually i love every song they ever made x3

my other fav bands are...

good charlotte--slipknot--lifehouse--korn--30 seconds to mars--paramore--panic at the disco--the fray--12 stones

SKILLET--vertical horizon--secondhand serenade--System of a down--rage against the machine--trading yesterday--rise against the machine

red jumpsuit apparatus--avenged sevenfold--birthday massacre--saosin--kutless--my chemical romance--flyleaf--dashboard confessional--

other stuff:

If you want to slap Kabuto for no reason, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you know Harry Potter kicks Twilight's sparkly ass, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you are obsessed with fanfiction copy this into your profile.

If you have ever had a crush on a fictional character, copy and paste this on your profile.

(owned by Marionettexoxo and cloud9strife)Reasons I owe my FATHER:

1.He shows me how not to have fear

after watching chucky at twelve o'clock at night he pulls me out of my bed from my legs while im screaming bloody murder...all you can hear is his obnoxious laughter...i was five at the time

2. He shows me how to SHARE

my pillows are stolen from me and my food...i glare...and he gives a chesire smile

3.He shows me the meaning of consideration

its two o'clock in the morning and he calls my name over and over till i finally snap and say "WHAT?!" and he says "Hi"

4.He's always cheering me on the sidelines

im in the soccer field my dads yelling "RUN FASTER" and i say "I CANT", he replies "ILL SHOW YOU HOW TO RUN FASTER" he grabs his belt and starts to chase me around the soccer field " Oh so NOW you run!"

5. He has taught me trust

he asked me to open the closet door...i ask "Are you sure nothings gonna jump out?". He responds "would i lie to you?"

i open the door a bucket of cold water lands on me he laughs in the background

6.He showed me the meaning of love

its twelve at night..."Can you make me a sandwich?" i respond " no i have school tomorrow im sleepy." "you dont love your daddy?"

7.he taught me the meaning of hypocrisy

"Hey hand me the remote" "Its right next to you" "Thats why! Dont be lazy"

8. he showed me how to respect authority

he passes by a policeman and says "Oink Oink"

9.respect for other cultures

salesperson:"its twenty dollars"

my dad:"No mama me give you ten dolla".

me: " dad she speaks english"

my dad:"okay okay fi dollar, okay mama?"

10.and the most valuable life lesson...endurance

me: so let me get this woke me up at 5 in the morning so we can go bike riding for 5 miles and climb up a mountain for no reason? and you ask me if im okay?

my dad: yeah! =D

me: i can't feel my legs! TT

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