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Author has written 8 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers.

I'm 21 years old, Finnish Hetalia-fangirl, who should be studying but instead I prefer using my time on writing my thoughts down in a shape of a fic. Since times immemorial, I've been useless when it comes to drawing something, so instead of scrabbling down something unrecognizable some benevolent person could call a picture, I've grabbed a pen (or a bit more modern version, keyboard) and am now pestering people that way.

I'm a hetalist, to an extent I laugh while reading newspapers. Newspapers being also a precious source for my ideas. When it comes to fanfiction I can go with boy-love, girl-love, straight and no-love, but I also have restrictions. For example, I have extremely low tolerance for with cliché-nests or mpregs etc. No-pairings fics go if they have a good plot or if they're humourous. That I also require from my own fics and usually from the fics I read. Humorous can be skipped in a case of tragedies =) or with an exceptionally good plot. I don't consider myself as a yaoi/yuri fan, at least not a big fan, but generally I have nothing against it (depending on the series).

My English is "fluent" according to some standards, but oh-so-far from native speakers. So I'll have to trust my sister and dear betas with posting. I currently have some about twenty stories in my files, five of them actually ready and few of them are long-run projects, which might take years to actually finish. There's also one one-shot in German, but I doubt I ever end up posting it. I hope I have time/courage to post everything I've written, but we'll see. You're mostly going to see Hetalia from me, but at some point I'm going to publish Kingdom Hearts fics and perhaps Kyo kara maoh, Bleach and Naruto (though the last one is highly unlikely).


I'm weird.

I'm a perfectionist.

I like almost everything badass.

I'm not a badass myself.

I do martial arts.

History is fascinating.

Chocolate is good.

Salmiakki is not.

They say I'm scary.

I agree.

Usually I'm nice.

But in fics I can be very cruel.

Tomatoes will one day conquer the world.

Pairings, pairings (some major series one other)


Prustria (Or AustriaxPrussia) OTP. Forever. But also...

AustriaxHungary. Because they just... are. Like that. But...

HungaryxPrussiaxAustria as OT3. But not HungaryxPrussia, because: 1. if A and P are together, H can always watch. 2. if H and A are together, I don't think that stops P in any way. But 3. if H and P are together, I feel A is left alone.

FrUk. My sister did this to me...

SuFin. But no whiny ukes at me.

DenmarkxSweden... Wait, what am I writing them all down, let's say simply:

The Nordics. In any order. Or everyone at the same time =)

TurkeyxGreece. Another OTP. They're just too cute fighting

SpaMano. Look the reasoning above. But also...

SpainxBelgium. Don't look at me like that, I don't know why, it just happened.

Russia (with almost anyone but expecially) China. "Communism has never had so many fangirls" guys.


I don't do yaoi or yuri pairings in Naruto. Tor unknown reason, they don't fascinate me there. Well, maybe I can stand them, but I just feel they don't belong there. Close friendship, guys, yes, but stay out of same bed.


I don't pair anyone in M or T way, but otherwise almost anything. Ichimaru and Matsumoto will always be together.

One Piece:

No. Pairings. No. Home-made. New. Crewmembers. PLEASE. I have almost lost my faith on One Piece fanfiction.


Anything but LukaxGakupo or Kaito/GakupoxRin or LenxRin

Well anyway, if I ever make anything other than Hetalia, this'll become a bit more diverse. (I have other fics, but they're old and in Finnish, so let's skip talking about them.) Hopefully, I'll post many fics and you end up liking them.

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The Cold Expedition reviews
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