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Author has written 2 stories for StarCraft, Looney Tunes, Command & Conquer, and Team Fortress 2.

I am: a university undergraduate (now graduated!)

Gender: Male (still single)

Favourite movies: Jaws, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Aliens & Predator series, Lord of the Ring series, etc

Favourite manga/anime: Naruto, Bleach, Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan, Keroro Gunso, Pokemon, Detective Conan

Favourite games: Command and Conquer series, Starcraft, Monster Hunter

Favourite C&C units: Avatar (duh), Venoms, Scorpion Tanks, Flame Tanks, Stealth Tanks, Vertigo, Zone Troopers, APC, Mammoth Tanks, Mammoth Mk2/Mastodon, Titans, Wolverines/Wolf, Tripods, Devastators, PAC

Favourite C&C defences: Obelisk of Light, SAM sites, Sonic Emitter, Focus Beam, Flame Column, Storm Column

Favourite Red Alert units: Apocalypse Tank, Dreadnaught, Giant Squid, Terror Drone, Tesla Trooper, Desolator, Twinblade/Siege Chopper, Kirovs, Yuri, Mirage Tank, Rocketeer, Aircraft Carrier, Aegis Cruiser, Harrier/Vindicator, Harbinger Gunship, Pacifier, King Oni, Tankbuster, Rocket Angel, Tengu, Shogun Battleship, Naginata Cruiser, Sea/Sky Wing, Yuriko, Striker/Chopper VX

Favourite Red Alert defences: Tesla Coil, Prism/Spectrum Tower, Flak cannon, Gattling cannon, Bunker

Favourite Starcraft units: Siege tanks, Thor, Marauder, Goliath, Science Vessel, Raven, Battlecruiser, Ghost, Dragoon/Stalker, Sentry, Reaver, Shuttle/Warp Prism, Colossi, High templar, Dark templar, Archon, Dark archon, Carrier, Scout, Arbiter, Observer, Zergling, Hydralisk, Roach, Queen (both versions), Mutalisks, Guardian, Defiler, Infestor, Brood lord, Ultralisk, Infested Terran (SC1 version)

RIP Command and Conquer

I really hate the way how EA ruin the C&C franchise with C&C4. Completely different gameplay, story too short, no tib harvesting, no scrin (other than the tower), no base building, and weak obelisk of light (I really miss the way how these towers one-shot kill enemies of Kane). There are also still a lot of unexplained stuffs at the end of Kane's saga; like who the heck is Kane (Caine in bible or another type of alien?) Why fascinated in ascension? Is Nod gone forever? Will Scrin return? What is the fate of GDI since Nod and Tiberium are finally gone? Such a terrible finale for an icon, no wonder why Apoc quit EA. I really wish someone more capable can reboot the series, maybe the workers in Petroglyph that used to work in Westwood.

I am not saying that EA is lousy. They do make some good games and they did make a good job in making C&C3 and Red Alert 3. It is just that they should put in more effort in C&C4 if they want to make it as a finale.

Anyway, it is goodbye C&C and hello Starcraft 2.

Some story ideas

I have story ideas that I would like to try out, but decide not to do so because I am currently tied down to writing my Starcraft AU series. Maybe I will post these ideas as challenges in the future.

C&C (Tiberium universe) and Warhammer 40k crossover: Nod in WH40k

Kane and the Brotherhood of Nod ascended at the end of Tiberium Twilight, only to arrive in the grim darkness future of the 41st millenium. Facing against a human government even more radical and extreme than the GDI and aliens that would make the Scrin to look as tame as sheeps, Kane and the Brotherhood of Nod would need everything in their arsenal to survive and conquer these new enemies. Once again, Tiberium is the key.

C&C (Red Alert universe) and Warhammer 40k crossover: Empire of Rising Sun in WH40k

A powerful Librarian of Nipponese descent from the Iron Fist chapter discovered what seemed to be an unknown ancient relic in a relic excavation expedition in the Nippon Archipalego on Holy Terra. The relic was actually the remains of a Psionic Decimator, a superweapon built by the Empire of Rising Sun with age dating back to milleniums ago even before the Dark Age of Technology and before the rise of the God Emperor. Curious, the Librarian touched the device, only to accidentally release some residual psychic energy still inside the structure. As a result, the Librarian received a psychic memory invading into his mind, one that belonged to Yuriko Omega herself. Inside the Librarian's mind, Yuriko Omega told him about the history of the Empire of Rising Sun, how close the empire used to almost unite all human races on Holy Terra through a world war, how the Empire of Rising Sun used to thrive under their own beliefs and technology, and how they have been cheated out from their final victory by the western people, and eventually how their people were enslaved by the westerners, who the God Emperor himself descended from, after their defeat by the westerners in the very same world war by using underhanded tactics and technology that would remind the Librarian of the sinister Eldar. After Yuriko told the Librarian about everything on EoRS, all the remaining psychic energy stored inside the Psionic Decimator relic was released and channelled into the Librarian. The psychic backlash destroyed the relic, and killed everyone in the scene except for the Librarian himself, whose already immensely powerful psychic powers had boosted by multiple folds. Recalling the memory and seeing the destruction around himself in the excavation site, the Librarian believed himself to be the destined one to recreate the once mighty empire founded by his glorious ancestors. He also believed that the God Emperor had already fallen and that... corpse sitting on top of the Golden Throne was unfit to rule all over mankind. He also felt that the Imperium of Man was a totally failed system, with their leaders being too corrupted, cowardly, foolish and dishonourable since the fall of the Emperor at the end of Horus Heresy, a failed system unfit to protect mankind from the threats of Chaos and aliens. The Librarian would decide to leave his chapter and the Imperium, bringing a number of like-minded anti-Imperium Nipponese people alongside with him away from the Solar Sector towards somewhere in the universe to settle themselves. They would build a new Empire of Rising Sun from ground up in their new home, and the Librarian would proclaim as the second God Emperor of mankind and would seek to overthrow the Imperium of Man in the end.

Halo and XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012 remake) crossover: Covenant Empire vs XCOM aliens

This is inspired by some forums out there and the fact that the military build-up of the Covenant aliens and XCOM aliens would look so similar to each other. So I think, why not let them duke each other out, and see which alien oligogarch army would reign supreme. The story would go like this:

During the early phase of the Human-Covenant war, when the Covenant was still winning in the war against the UNSC all across the Orion arm in the Milky Way Galaxy, unknown aliens suddenly attacked a Covenant controlled planet where one of the Halo installations was located. What started out as a number of Grunts being abducted, would later lead to events of Covenant shooting down unknown UFOs and terror attacks against key Covenant settements and military outposts. The invaders had blocked off all communications in and away from the besieged planet, and since the planet was located away from the Orion arm, its local defenders were not so numerous as most of them were diverted to the war efforts against humans. Cut off from the rest of the Covenant Empire, an Elite field marshal would have to rally all the available troops and weapons he could find and defend the planet and the Halo from these unknown aliens.

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Meet the Looney Tunes Fortress 2 reviews
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