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im back and this time it for sure! sorry for not updateing in a while people so please dont stop reading my fics!

hi! my name is nora XD

im 17!!!!

about my self: hmmmm... well there is so much to say but im too lazy to type and that may be a reason why i havent updated in a long while once again i apologize. anyhew about me well im a funny energetic person (even though im too lazy at typeing lol) who loves to watch anime and read manga. i love listening to rock and sometimes country. speaking of counry.. ive been to many countries around the world but im from the united states :D

i was aiming to become an artist but my family oposes to that so i decided to become a fashion designer but sadly where i live they dont have good skools 4 that and since my family doesnt want me far from home i decided to try something new like law! but i might change my mind lol. im going to collage in january since im graduateing early cuz im home skooled and i have a lot of time on my hands.

hobbies: hmm. i read, write draw and well idk...


food: pizza and ravioli, and of course a womens best friend : CHOCOLATE!

music: many many bands cant keep track lol

anime: naruto, bleach, ano no excirst, fairy tail, ... ugh there are so many of them i cant really remmber.. oh and hitman reborn :D also maid sama, speacil a, kimi ni todoke, soul eater... ugh i dont have time to type the entire damn list!

manga: the blue excirst, naruto bleach, fairytail, lots of shonen and shoujos and you know what a girl likes!


naruto: jiraya, kakashi, naruto, sometimes hinata, temari, killer bee XD, itachi, shikamaru, kiba, and lee! gotta love lee and gai sensei!

bleach: ichigo, ruika, uliquiura, grimmjaw, orehime, ishida, toshiro!!!!! hasagi shuhei, matsumoto, uruhara, kon and of course byakuya!!! and renji!! i have too many favorites from bleach i dont particularly hate any one but azien.

fairy tail: natsu, lucy, erza, gray!, juvia, gajeel, levi, cana, happy, master, mirajane, awhh damn ill name evrey charactor lol i prolly love em all except urlter or what ever her names it! i feel shes a spoiled baka!

soul eater: soul, maka, makas dad, tsubaki ,black star, kid, patty and liz, death, marie, stein, i some what find crona creepy but i dont hate him/her.

hitman reborn: haru, kyoko, yammamato, reborn, dino, kyoua, goudaruka, sometimes tsuna..

kimi ni todoke: sawako, kazahaya, ryu, chizuru, ayane and of course the amazing and awsome pin!

full metal panic: kaname, souske, weber although hes a perve i find him funny.

full metal alchemist brotherhood: ed, winery, roy mustang, hawkeye, ling, alophonze and edsand als sensei!

maidsama: misaki, the perverted alien usui!, hmm i cant reallly remmber the names of the charactors at the momment.

speacil a: kei, hikari, akira tadashi, ryu, and the twins and of course sakura!!

vampire knight: zero, hanbusa, the chairman, shiki, yuki.

pairings :





i kinda like toshiro and karin sorry if any one hates them but i just dont see him with hinamori like that.





tsunade and jiraya (sad that he's dead)


neji and tenten

fairy tail:

natsu and lucy

gray and lucy

erza and gerard/jellal or wtever his name is lol

gajeel and levi (cute XD)

elfman and evergreen ( i mean he finally found some one :D)

soul eater

maka ans soul

maka and kid ( i love it cuz i find it kind cute since his dads the shinigami and her dads his reper lol XD but i still like maka and soul more!)

tsubaki and black star

other pairings:

sawako/kazahaya (knt)

ryu/chizu (knt)

ayane/pin (knt)

kaname/souske (fmp)

usui/masaki (maid sama)

kei/hikari (sa)

akira/tadashi (sa)

ed/winery (fma b)

roy/hawkeye (fma b)

zero/yuki (vampire knight)

shiki/rima vampire knight)

unfavorables: hates! in other words

foods: anything that makes my stomache feel upset

music: well i cant stand some pop and hip hop but there are good songs

manga: anything yoai, yuri, shonen ai, shoujo ai .. you get the concept also anything toooooo shoujoy! lol

anime: same as manga also i kinda cant stand ecchi stuff the only ecchi i read was fairy tail so... yeah..


i said b4 i dont really hate alot except azein, orochimaru, ino, madara and i kinda have this ill feeling towards sasuke but i dont really hate him. i also hate madusa the witch, kaname cuz hes hard to read and he just pisses me off, i kinda used to like him until he killed hanabusas dad in front of him and thats wen i hated him! i hate the captain tessa from full metal panic i dont like her cuz she is like one of those charactors you cant like.


sasusaku (it just makes me idk uncomfertable cuz come on! naruto deserves a happy ending with the girl he likes!)

shikaino (i hate ino)

ichigo and orehime (well idont hate it but i dont like it either)

toshiro and hinamori (srry just cant seeanything more then friendship and brotherly and sisterly realationship)

azein and hinamori ( azein needs to die!!!! and plus i think hinamori deserves kira!)

kaname and yuki ( too idk ughhh..cant be explained in words)

souske and tessa ( i said i hated her)

well that concludes wt i can remmber ill put up more when i can think..

once i complete a pirate's tale im out :)

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