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Yo guys! I don't want to bore you with a super long description of what I like and don't, so I'll just make this short and sweet.

Hello. My name is Jeremy. I am 16 years old and I live in Canada, but it already says on the top so there's no point in telling you that. I live in Vancouver, BC, Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics ^_^. As you can see, I write Megaman Starforce fics, mainly GeoxSonia ones. I have finished my first story, and am now currently working on the sequel. There will be some OC's in the sequel, and I will post them here as they appear in the story. I hope that you guys enjoy reading my stories. Thank you for reading them, and have a good day.

OC's: Megaman Starforce: Precious Memories

Falcon: He is an EM-Wave being works for a mysterious person, who is yet to by named, with a few other poeple. In his normal form, his looks like a over-sized falcon. His EM body is yellow in color and he has armour which is blue in color. He also has glowing red eyes. When he Wave Changes, his name becomes Falcon Flash. Falcon Flash looks similar to his original form, but there are some differences. He is now slightly bigger than his normal form. His wings are wider and have more feathers on them and his talons are sharper. His body is still yellow in color. His armor is now covering his main body, wings, and head. He has a very arrogant and cocky personality. He thinks that he is the best out of all his allies and he thinks that he can defeat any he faces in a fight. Falcon Flask specializes in electric-based attacks and his main advantage in his battles is his speed. The attacks that Falcon Flash have used so far are Wing Cutter, an attack in which he spreads out his wings and charges forward at the target, Shock Wing, an attack similar to Wing Cutter except now he has electricity flowing through his wings, and Thunder Beam, and attack where he charges up electricity in his mouth and releases it in a single blast.

Tiger: She is another EM-Wave being who, along with Falcon, Turtle and, Doom Note, work for a person who is yet to named in the story. In her normal form, she looks like a normal tiger standing up on it's hind legs. Her EM body is reddish-orange in color and she has black armor. She has a pair of glowing red eyes. When she performs a Wave Change, she becomes Tiger Blaze. In this form, Tiger Blaze is slightly bigger than before. She still has red eyes, but the claws on her hands and feet have gotten longer and sharper. Her armor is now black with some tints of red and they cover her body, shoulders, parts of her arms, and parts of her legs. She is very loyal to who she works for and follows his orders perfectly. In battle, she is slightly arrogant and likes to mock her opponent whenever she gets the chance to do so. Tiger Blaze uses fire-based attacks and her strongest attribute when she is fighting in her power and strength. The only attack she has used so far is Blazing Punch, an attack where she build up fire in her fist and punches her enemy. She can control the power of this attack.

Turtle: He is one of the three EM-beings to originally work for the person who will be named later in the story. In his norml form, his appearance is that of a giant turtle. His EM body is green in color and his armour, which is his shell, is dark blue in color. Unlike the other two, he has a pair of glowing green eyes. When he Wave Changes, he becames Turtle Tide. In his Wave Chnage form, Turtle Tide nearly triples his size compared to his normal form. His head and flippers are still green, and he still has glowing green eyes. His shell is still the same color, but now it is covered in spikes. Turtle Tide has a very laid-back and calm personality. He is extrememly lazy and would rather watch someone else fight than to fight himself. Despite this, he is still a great fighter and can get a bit cocky at times too. Turtle Tide uses mainly water based attacks and his main advantage in battle is his defense. The attacks that Turtle Tide has used in the story so far are Water Canon, an attack where a canon comes out of his shell and fires a high-pressed jet of water at the target, and Fish Torpedoes, an attack where fish-shaped torpedoes come out of his shell and attack the target. These torpedoes can lock-on and follow the target until they are destroyed or hit the target.

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