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Hello, I am the random critic and i like to read fanfiction of different sorts. However, I am very picky i guess you could say and have been know to quit reading a story for the tiniest reasons (i dont even bother with a story less than 20,000 words.) So if i read your story and actually complete it count yourself among the elite. If the story is truely horrible i will tell you why and maybe even tell you how to fix it(unless the story is a lost cost).

Reason i dont finish stories:

1. Sloppy writing : if i start to read a story and the words are all over the page i'll just hit backspace. I dont care for minor grammatical mistakes. (to be honest i failed like all my english classes in high school, but not because i dont know language arts but because i cant write.)

2. Quick in bed: If your wondering what this means it means that i despise stories where couple get together in the first chapter for no good reason. meaning if the story is about romance then allow the chars in the story to mature into the romance over multiple chapters dont just set them up together for no reason. Do you fall in love with people you dont know immediately(not talking about crushs full on LOVE?)? If you do go see your therapist right now.

3. Plagiarism: To steal someones words is like stealing part of their soul. Its okay to draw enlightenment from other peoples stories but dont steal an author's enlightenment. Its just wrong. if you cant come up with your own thoughts then you shouldnt be a writer, you should work at walmart or something.

4. Stupid humor: To many time have i looked at a genre of a story say humor and cringed. Some people just cant tell the difference from funny and stupid. Have some sense in your story, have some pride in your work. Its real simple to tell the difference (at least i hope you can tell the difference)

5. Sexual themes: even though i put this under what i dont read, that does not mean i wont read it. I dont mind at all . want i dont like though is when matures stories are not tastefully done(which i know can be accomplished i have read a few storys where sex was the main theme but it was so well written i couldnt stop reading it, so it is possible.

6. Male/male female/female pairing: Dont think im a prude or something because im not (i am bisexual so dont even say im homophobic) I just cant seem to get into storys with same sex shipping. no offense. if the story is well written and has a good plot then i may even give it a glance.

Anyways those are just a few of the types of things that i dont care for.

summary about myself:

All you getting is that im in my early twenties (20-25) Also i have a lot of free time and i enjoy reading fanfiction mostly because what some people can do with a story is just magic. Hobbies include reading fanfiction(duh) and some video games. Also i also watch tv alot (too much but if it is a good show ill watch the hell out of it.) I also read a lot of manga sometimes I do not even bother with the anime

Favorites TV shows(and also stories i read)

Buffy the vampire slayer( literally can say i have seen every episode , that was a fun weekend at least i think it was a week end didnt sleep the entire time and i killed a playstation watching the DVDs)

Angel ( Duh )

Icarly ( dont know why just do (secret seddie shipper but will read other pairings )

Supernatural (next on my list of fanfiction to read Beware)

Charmed ( notice a trend cough TNT mornings)

Doctor Who ( the new episodes the old ones are a little before my time)

House M.D. ( He is a major jerk but we cant help but love him weird huh)

NCIS ( navy cops go figure at though its a good show , sequel kinda sucks though)

Stargate series (all of them are great cant wait for new episodes of stargate Universe)

Cartoons ( i figured id do this for the categories i read )

Kim Possible (starting to see im a dork huh)

Avatar the last airbender ( Cant believe they are going to make a movie seems kinda strange )

Danny Phantom ( Gotta love some of these nick toons ( all except spongebob he is evil incarnate )

Family Guy ( though i wouldnt want to read fanfiction rule #4 authors have problems with this and family guy has just the right blend kinda)

Teen Titans ( what can i say just try to figure me out I have no rhyme or reason im just crazy )

Anime ( gotta love japan )

Naruto ( of course )

Bleach ( i have great love for it its so funny and serious a perfect and deadly combination )

Detective Conan ( How can show be funny though someone dies like every episode think about that )

Full Metal alchemist ( he's not that short...)

Gundam series (Giant Robots kill each other whats not to love )

Inuyasha ( Demons, fight scenes, and a pervert monk enough said)

Love Hina ( bet you wasnt expecting this one huh )( just finished the manga on this one and I have to say even though the end was good it got kinda crazy in the last couple of volumes)

Yu Yu Hakusho ( great show with awesome fights )

Rosario+vampire (just got into the manga have not found any good fanfics though the anime sucks)

Books ( Too many to write so just take a guess )

Movies ( again too many dont want to take the time )

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Well those are my favorites so far ( well just the ones i like the most i still have a few other favs .)

Back to serious ( i do have a sense of humor)