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Author has written 17 stories for Firefly, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1, Sanctuary, Supernatural, and Andromeda.

Warning: Most of my stories have at least one OC within them.

If people find my stories worthy of being added to a community then go for it! I won't mind if you add a story or recommend it.

I have an account on archive of our own (same profile name) where I plan to write some stories that don't feature on here. Kiddy Corral will feature on there as well as here.

I am on Tumblr if any of you want to see stuff I rant about, stuff I reblog, ramblings for new ideas: deanstwistedsoul . tumblr. com (Follow it for a lot of Supernatural related stuff)

Everything you need to know about Kiddy Corral (Without spoilers)

It is going to be a series of stories revolving around the Supernatural series with the addition of one character, Charlotte Dixon (eventually two).

In "The Kids aren't alright" there will be some canon-divergence.

Series Order:

Kiddy Corral - Finished (95 chapters, 174,371 words)

The Kids aren't alright - Finished (97 chapters, 237,943 words)

Children's Playthings - In Progress (Updates Thursdays!)

Extra Stories:

Childish Hope - Preview - Finished

Childish Hope - An endverse!au fic based on these characters - (Updated every other Thursday - Currently on Hiatus as I need to schedule this around my life better)

Not for the kids - All the 'M' rated chapters in "Kiddy Corral" (I've started writing the series as 'T' rated so this may not really get updated that often)

General Information:

Lupa Rouge was kind enough to create a banner for me which I love and adore. I have been given permission to share it with you guys so here you go: http: // phantomlazar(.)tumblr(.)com/post/87344314771/kiddy-corral-by-wimsicalpan-john-wasnt-the-only

Let's discuss Charlotte Maria Dixon: Her birthday is 17th April 1982. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, is 3 years younger than Dean and 1 year older than Sam. She's also the same height as Dean. I won't go into much more about her history (spoilers) but there is a story arc taking place about her history.
(Here's a link to a picture of how I imagine her to look [https : // www . pinterest . com/pin/411938697138822467/] and here's a pretty cool polyvore set made by the wonderful nerdsdoitbetter: polyvore . com/cgi/set?id=186332124

The story starts out when Dean is eight, Charlotte is five and Sam is four. From there, I've written it so that we see snapshots of their lives. Imagine they do see each other between each chapter (unless mentioned otherwise), but nothing really happens during those times. It takes a little to get into because of this set up - meaning there's a lot of pre-series, child/teenager stuff (up until chapter 25) - but please try to keep going. After this it starts at season 1 and sometimes jumps back in time to capture glimpses of Charlotte's history pre- Kiddy Corral (if that makes sense).

Natalie Miller (She makes an appearance in chapter 7 of "The Kids aren't alright") has long black hair and brown eyes. She met Charlotte in 2005 whilst accidentally hunting the same Changeling. Since then they've stayed in contact. (For reference of her image uk . pinterest . com/pin/486177722244778952/) She was born 22nd August 1980.

If you do become confused as you read it, I apologise. It's been pointed out that it can be confusing but just look at the chapter title. Each chapter is labelled with a year and month (and part number if there's more than one entry for that month and year), along with a location, to show a timeline for the story. Look at the date that you're reading and that should help. Yes, there are time skips (anywhere from days to weeks to months) but again, read the date and month and you should be fine.

There is a large story arc (a couple of story arcs) taking place, even now I'm laying in the pieces for big reveals later on. I know that some people have guessed in their reviews and I welcome all guesses and assumptions. Because of this the story will become AU in some places (chapter 76 has just seen something happen differently to the series) so sometimes, things will appear earlier/later/different.

There is a sister fic called "Not for the kids" which is a collection of all M rated scenes/chapters in Kiddy Corral.

There is a tumblr: kiddycorral . tumblr . com where you can ask me anything you want and can see updates about this story and chapters. I've just started to get back into the swing of Tumblr, this side blog included, so there's not much at the moment but I plan to be more active on it.

Current stories:

Language Barriers (SGA):Linda Parsons isn't your average linguist having skills with guns and explosives. Atlantis was supposed to be a job where her only worry was whether or not she'd be going off world and surviving. She doesn't need flyboys making her days any worse. Not M/M (CURRENT HIATUS)

The Kids Aren't Alright (Supernatural): (A continuation of Kiddy Corral) Dean is back from hell. He's got questions. What brought him back? When did the fate of the world rest on their shoulders? What has Sam been doing? And what the hell is wrong with Charlotte? (Dean/OC and hint of Sam/OC different OC)

Not for the kids(Supernatural): All of the 'M' rated scenes and chapters from my fic 'Kiddy Corral' in one place. Want some hot steamy sex? You got it.

Stitches and Bullets (SGA): Beckett always was a little blind when he wasn’t busy being a Doctor. (Eventual Beckett/OC) (Current Hiatus)

Harper, meet Riley (Andromeda): Dylan always got the girls. Beka always got the guys. Even Rommie had more luck than him. But Harper? He got to look on with hope and desire. Until he’s drinking vodka spiked Sparky in a too costly bar on a backwards drift with an Earth girl. Eventual Harper/OC story. (BEING RE-WRITTEN AND WILL BE CALLED 'SPARKY AND VODKA)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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