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I haven't forgotten my open works, it's more or less life throwing expecting things at me that take priority over writing fanfiction. Life has been keeping me busy. I do intend to finish any uncompleted works. Just letting any readers know I haven't abandoned these stories.

Once I've completed a story they will also be posted over at:

This is to address an issue that has cropped up with fellow writers having their stories posted to sites without their permission. I alone will decide where I post my stories and even though I limit my use of OCs and can't think of why anyone would really wish to use them, respectfully ask my permission on the use of any OC I have created in any of my stories.

I remember watching Emergency on TV when I was really young and then a few years later when it was broadcasted in re-runs. It wasn’t until watching re-runs that I realized there was a Mike Stoker on the show or that there was a captain before Captain Stanley.

One of my favorite memories as a child is playing on the front porch of our house with my two sisters. We would play ‘Emergency’ with our Barbie dolls: Malibu Ken was Roy, Mod-Hair Ken (1) was Johnny, Mod-Hair Ken (2) was Captain Stanley and our brother’s GI Joe would be Chet. Sometimes Malibu Barbie would make a guest appearance as a femme fatal or she would be Nurse Dixie. BTW our femme fatals were nasty ladies who would always be in cahoots with the evil GI Chet and plot their nasty deeds against Roy and Johnny. Nurse Malibu Dixie was the only good female character in our stories. Some of our epic rescues involved rescuing my brother’s Johnny West figures from the giant tulips of our ‘canyon’ front garden.

I remember picking out my Malibu Ken doll because I thought he looked a lot like my favorite Emergency character Roy DeSoto (the Emergency 4 cartoon version). My twin and younger sister liked Johnny so they picked out the Mod-Hair Ken doll because he had dark hair. For those of you too young to remember or have not heard about the Mod-Hair Ken doll he came with additional hair pieces that you could stick to the doll, side burns (a nice set of lamb chops), beard, and mustache pieces. He was also the first Ken doll that I remember having ‘real’ hair instead of plastic hair. I recall swiping the Mod-Hair Ken hair pieces from my sisters’ dolls to give my Malibu Roy chest hair. I just had to make it realistic when Malibu Roy needed to take his shirt off for Nurse Malibu Dixie to do chest compressions.

My sisters would tease me for liking the not-so-cute paramedic. They were ga-ga over Mod-Hair Johnny and would always fight over who would play ‘Johnny’. It was normally our younger sister who got stuck playing GI Chet and Mod-Hair Captain Stanley. I even remember some of our babysitters being head over heels in love with Johnny. I would argue with them that Roy was the nicer paramedic.

I actually found Johnny could be mean at times and remember being horrified when he threatened to break Valerie’s kid’s arm in Details and how he manhandled the little brat. Even today I’m still shocked that they wrote something like that into the show. Probably because of that particular episode I have trouble envisioning Johnny as someone who would be good with children in the sense that I don’t think he would be very patient with them when they act up. I wanted Roy to smack him good for how he treated him in Crash. Bad Johnny for being mean to Roy ;-). I actually don’t think Johnny’s that bad and I do like the character.

Roy ended up being my favorite because he seemed to have more patience than Johnny and came across to me as the nicer of the two. My heart melted when he read the prayer for Sister Barbara in Saddled. I felt bad for him when that mean Dr. Sunderland yelled at him in Problem and thought he was so wonderful when he rescued both the boy and dog from the house fire. I thought he was cool because he seemed to want to give Karen Overstreet a chance (he was nice to her as well) in Indirect Method while the other guys weren’t too keen on her being at the station. I was ready to rip the hair out of the head of his secret admirer in The Professor (she undoubtedly was a nasty femme fatal :-{ ). I wanted to spoon feed him ice-cream when he got his tonsils out and kick evil Chet out of his room. I wanted to beat the tar out of the nasty nurse in The Nuisance for being mean and threatening to bath torture Roy, Johnny and Marco and stabbing Johnny with a needle.

I was going to marry Roy when I grew up. I thought it was rather smart of Roy to have everyone believing he had a wife named Joanne. After all she never did appear on the show (except in the pilot which I didn’t see until years later). I could never marry Officer Jim Reed because they actually showed Jean Reed on Adam-12 a few times plus she had a baby in one episode. Joanne wasn’t real and Roy made her up to keep the evil femme fatals away. I thought Johnny wasn’t so bright because he chased the femme fatals on the show. Roy was definitely smarter than Johnny in my eyes.

All three of us thought Chet was evil and I felt so sorry for Roy being stuck in a hospital room with him in the episode Syndrome. I couldn’t believe Rampart would be so mean to stick Roy in a room with him. Eventually we warmed up to Chet while watching reruns. I remember the three of us cheering him on when he was performing CPR on the little girl from the freeway wreck in the episode Promotion; we were so proud of him for saving the little girl. We thought it was incredibly sweet when he told the canary story to the little girl with her hand caught in the pool drain in Dinner Date. We laughed hysterically when the drummer in Body Language was rapping his drumsticks on Chet’s helmet. That’s one of my all time favorite scenes from the show. My brother yells out ‘Human Fly Shoes’ whenever Chet Kelly’s name is mentioned.

I pretty much grew up watching the show over and over again as a child and have all the DVDs.

I didn’t marry Malibu Roy as planned but I have been married to a nice guy for the last twenty years. He may not be the best looking (cute in his own way) but he is a good guy and wonderful father. We have two boys who are now teenagers. One of our boys is special needs. As a parent of a special needs child there are moments where you want to pull your hair out and then there are also wonderful moments that make all the hard work worth it. I know having this special child in my life has made me a better person.

He also has had a positive effect on those around him. He is integrated into the regular school system in our small town and his classmates treat very well. Many times while grocery shopping I have had one of his classmates come up and tell me how smart my son is (he’s not a savant but he does some savant tendencies in certain areas). It’s been made quite clear that his classmates view him as an important part of their group.

My two sisters are now nurses and my brother is married to one. I’m the odd ball who is not a nurse. We still pick on each other (all in good fun). My brother refers to his three older sisters as Evil, Eviler, and Evilest.

Any scenes in a story I write with children will most definitely be based on some of the stunts the four of us pulled as kids ourselves. I actually now know why our parents sent us to bed earlier than the other kids in the neighborhood – they needed a break. Of course, we never went to sleep right away, we would talk for hours on end and drive our parents crazy. This is one of the reasons why the three of us are very close sisters – all the talking at bedtime before falling asleep.

You’ll also see references to old movies and such because I have a love for them. If I don't know the answer to a movie trivia question then my twin does. My guilty pleasure happens to be crappy old horror films. Vincent Price is my favorite horror movie actor of all time. I have always loved his voice and maniacal laugh.

I collect Pigs and Arnold Ziffle is the coolest pig around.

For anyone that took the time to read all this-Congratulations you do have patience.

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