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Author has written 2 stories for Transformers/Beast Wars.

Last updated: 6/22/11 - because there's a week left until the third Transformers movie, the sole reason I came back to and if I weren't staying at my dad's house in Arizona, I'd have probably updated by now, but as I don't have access to my files, I'll have to wait until I get back home, which will be after I see aforementioned Transformers movie, and will probably be re-obsessed with it. =D!

Hmmm. Might as well write something here. I'm female. I'm 23 years old. I used to have pink and black hair, but it grew out and now it's brown. =3 Cool story, right?

I've been writing for...oh god, over a decade. I feel very old admitting that :/ I completed my first story in eight grade at 214 pages. No, you can't see it. Those documents are sealed, thank you very much. For a while I gave up writing fanfics (I've written fanfics for: Dark Angel, Animorphs, Inuyasha, Trigun, Buffy tVS, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry Potter) until one fateful day sometime early July that all changed. Oh yes, how it changed. Yeah, went to see the Transformers movie...came out with a mass load of plot bunnies. I've got a total of three Transformers fanfics, but two were to: hold off them plot bunnies, unleash my inner Mary-Sue, and written in first person. Hoyeah. Its doubtful I'll ever submit those, seeing how they're made solely for my entertainment.

Anyway, so I've been writing this bad boy (referring to Dreams of Peace) off and on since August (of '07), and have (as of this moment) 141 pages written so far. Yep. Then one day, got the insane urge (haha and writer's block) to upload it to, where I'd been floating around as a silent reader (Gomen nasai), and here I am.

What I write: Right now, it seems like a bit of everything. I like to add a sense of mystery to my stories (usually by not letting the readers know more than the main characters) but I also like writing humor, action, and cute fluffy moments too. Oh and sometimes I go for a little angst, only when needed. Huh, government conspiracies are fun to mix in too!

And when I’m not writing, I’m usually drawing the many characters I have ideas for. Or I'm playing video games such as the Metal Gear Solid series, the Mass Effect series, the Left 4 Dead games...and yes I like games other than shooters (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts (1 and 2 only though :/ hand held, non-continuations of the story are sort of making me mad) for example). Oblivion also rules. I look forward to Mass Effect 3 (March 6th!) and Skyrim (11/11/11!) Squeee!

Ugh, sick of writing about myself now—especially because a great majority of that was me talking about how much of a nerd I am o.o;! Might add more later. Thanks to anybody that reads my work, I appreciate every one of you—even the silent readers. Oh, but goodness, reviewers are more than appreciated—they’re LOVED! Oh yeah, looooved! –Clears throat– Anyway. Yeah... Toodles!

Pretty much, check my deviantArt gallery (which is linked as my homepage) to see more updated stuff. Dunno if anything related to my fanfiction is in there right now, but they'll get there eventually, and a little shameless promotion never hurt anybody. XD

Feel free to harass me there =D I like being stalked. o.O; Creeeepy. I know.

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