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Author has written 6 stories for Skins, A Single Man, and Velvet Goldmine.

By day, the author of these stories is a boring cubicle dweller. By night, she writes slash for fun and titillation.

A little over three years ago, after a viewing of the Todd Haynes film/love letter to glam rock, Velvet Goldmine, I felt compelled to fill out a scene which was sadly lacking in sex. It involves the two beautiful main characters, Brian (bi) (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Curt (straight) (played brilliantly by Ewan McGregor), after a hot and intense buildup featuring lots of exchanged glances, finally heading off to a bedroom to be alone together for the first time. So then ... what happens ? Even though we've just witnessed an orgy scene featuring a lot of writhing naked bodies (read: tits), are we allowed to watch Brian and Curt consummate their affair ? Ha !

It is moments like these, I believe, where the phenomenom of slash was born.

Hence, my story/saga - "The Erotic Adventures of Brian and Curt". Those boys are still my first fan fiction loves, and certainly Curt is probably my favorite movie character of all time.

Fast forward to Toronto, New Year's Day 2010, when I saw the film A Single Man, featuring a pink lipped young beauty of 18 or so, who possessed eyes so large they threatened to take up half his face. This turns out to be Nicholas Hoult. And so I was compelled to seek out Skins, and, despite it's many flaws, fell a little bit in love with it, and a lot in love with Tony and Maxxie (aka,“Taxxie)”, because, I mean, how can you not ?

At some point in all of this, I also wrote a, dare I say, lovely and romantic piece inspired by A Single Man featuring Hoult's character, the young student Kenny, told from the point of view of his professor, George, played by Colin Firth, which is also posted to this site.

If I may, here is my theory on why we female writers find the guy-on-guy thing so compelling: Two guys hooking up softens them to a degree. I'm not talking a crying on your shoulder type of softening, I mean simply that the hardest edges are maybe shaved off, and there is a certain beauty and openness to it, and an automatic reduction in the machismo factor, perhaps. (Obviously I'm talking, again, in the eyes and hearts of the people writing these stories and hooking these men up, not necessarily in real life.)

I think I can safely say that we women like our men to be 'male', but in a world of rape and torture and war and genocide – perpetrated, nearly always, by men, we crave them showing each other tenderness and affection, love, and passion. We prefer to see violence and aggression in the form of a yummy angry fuck or a barely-made-it-in-the-door, up-against-the-wall-and-rip-down-his-pants blowjob. And the beauty of it is, this desire for passion and tenderness between men may sound dull and cliché and “girly”, akin to a bad romance novel, but as (I hope) my stories show, and certainly dozens of others far better than mine ... it isn't necessarily so. I really enjoyed, for instance, writing Tony as who he is: a swaggering, overly confident prick. Just because he hooks up with Maxxie, it doesn't make him any less so. And by the same token, my Curt is very physical, rides a motorcycle, swears his ass off, and is a total 'top' in bed.

Anyway ... thank you, and happy reading ! Whenver you can, please leave feedback or a review - writers thrive on it !

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