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Hello everyone, I'm a long time reader, but a new writer. My current story, "Seven Deadly Sins" is my attempt at this whole writing fascination that I have. It involves action and suspence mixed, keeping the writers quesing as to what's going on with the newly arrived organization, and their identies. At least that's what I hope to accomplish. I'm still not entirely sure how this site works with all the little parts now that I'm a member, but I'm trying. I'm not quite sure what to add so I'll try again later.

Oh, I also wanted to address the Full Metal Alchemist part of the crossover. Please note that the connection to Full Metal Alchemist is completely abysmal, and if you have no knowledge of what FMA is, it will not detract from your understanding of the story. Though I do suggest that you give the anime a try; it is an excellent show. I merely put the FMA crossover in the description because my story does use a single idea from that anime. Those of you that have seen the show will likely be able to identify it instantly.

Another small note, please don't judge the story on the first chapter as it is merely an opening. I personally feel that its a poor opening, but it is still important. It introduces the story in all the ways it needs to; its just a little slow since it was my first chapter. I've tried to sharpen my skills and improve the quality of my other chapters.

Even though I've just started writing, I do believe I understand what it takes to be a great writer, and why I still have a long way to go before I can even consider myself close to that title. To be a great writer, you must be able to draw a comprehensible picture for the reader. You must be able to understand that the amazing thoughts in your head can be extremely difficult to convey to the reader. Knowing how to translate your thoughts into the ancient language of story telling is something that only the truly great can do well. Giving people an amazing summary is how you draw people into your story. Controlling the emotions of the reader through your words is how you keep them.

While I believe I can do all those things with practice, I firmly believe my weak point is updating. Updating your stories is just as important as writing a comprehensive story. Too often have I seen authors call themselves "One of the Best" even though they hardly ever update. While it may be true that the quality of their stories is off the scale; what does that matter if it takes them a year to update. Guiding the readers emotions cannot be done if they go too long without an update. Small tidbits of your story get forgotten, mysteries get lost in translation, twists become confusing, newly introduced characters seem boring as old characters become dull. In order to recapture the emotional ride of your story, readers sometimes have to reread your story, and the story still loses its flavor. Not everyone wants to reread a story, and the few that do, usually are not too pleased about it. I do, However, understand that life often gets in the way of writing. But please, don't let time stretch the distance between updates too much on you. For the sake of your readers, Update!

One of the only authors that I believe truly deserves the title of "Great" is Lord Of The Land Of Fire. He has the ability to weave an easily understandable picture, while having a complex plot that draws people in and keeps them hooked. Not only that, but he updates at a level that is above the calling of the masses. Truly a great writer.

Therefore, I must work hard to avoid this achilles heel of writers, and maybe someday, I'll be as great of a writer as the likes of Lord Of The Land Of Fire.

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