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Author has written 12 stories for Jane and the Dragon, House of Night, and Of Mice and Men.

I'm a human. Same old human that faces challenges, has fears, feelings, interests, and morals.

Interests: photography, reading, writing, drawing, life science, painting, card designing, digital art, Harry Potter series, glitter, sleeping, breathing, seashells, other misc. items that other people throw out, key chains, glass figurines, aluminum foil, singing, bubble wrap, shiny objects, rocks, flowers, tissue paper, yoyos, ribbon...

Things I like to do: sleep, write poems and short stories, take pictures, and play with yoyos.

Likes to write: short stories and poems. Likes to read: insanely long stories.

One very important thing you should know: Math is a sensationally serious weakness point.

Points in my life... so you wonder, why read? I mean you people probably don't even read the bio.

I once had a substitute teacher whose obsession was collecting stamps. He said he only had one copy of each stamp stuck onto an index card. One day after class, he gave me an index card with a stamp. I looked at him with unhindered curiosity, then he asked me, "How many different types of hummingbirds are there?" I stood there, trying to recall every time I had seen a hummingbird. He went onto say, "Well there are ruby throated hummingbirds, you've seen those, right? They're the ones with with ruby colored throats." I nod. So then he poses the question again, "How many different types of hummingbirds are there?" I don't answer. He looks at me, his gray eyes boring into mine. "There are OVER 300." My eyes widen. He turns to the desk and writes the words "Hum right along SILENTLY. Focus when you work." It was the last time I saw him. It's like he vanished into thin air after that. I still have my index card after so many years, he had said it was over 30 years old, I remember getting on the bus, taking out my pencil and writing that it was over 30 years old. He had a very mysterious demeanor, a cold hard gray stare as if you could freeze if you were in his line of sight. But he was very nice, funny.Someone like him could be called cold, uncaring, unfeeling, harsh. But what he gave up, for a student that he didn't even know, was sweet, thoughtful. I didn't understand when I was younger, the generosity of it. He was old, he spent most of his life collecting stamps, only having a copy of each. Why he would give them away, is a question for another day. I ask that you not judge by appearance. Appearance is nothing. "Look on the inside, not on the outside"

I had a teacher, who was full of snark. He was mean, paranoid (about you cheating tests) and had the harshest grading policy. He would say things that no one else could understand. His snark, was quite evident. "I said NOW!" and being paranoid, I mean really paranoid, like, "Roll up your sleves when you're taking the test!" why, you ask? He was afraid, that you'd write the answer on your arm, and cover it with your sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt. Of course, his grading policy on homework was miss one question on the homework, half credit. 4 pages of homework every night. But he taught me something, always, always look for the most ignored thing. Sometimes, that's what makes all the difference.

Updates are below...


Here's the plan:

1. Delete all stories that are being unread...or have very few readers. I'm sorry if you're just one of the very few readers, but due to my current mission on my spring cleaning, I feel like there's just too much... clutter here. Therefore, I'm going to be working on deleting and cleaning.

2. Reply to reviews. I realize that you probably don't even remember reviewing a story for me, but I will reply regardless, because I've thought it out...even if it took a really long time for me to think it all out.

3. Get back to writing. I never said when I'd get back to writing, but I do plan to complete every single story that I haven't deleted, and maybe go back to read reviews and add to it or edit it.

4. Does that cover it? I'm almost sure it does...

I'm well aware I've been absent much longer than I originally planned but some people have been reading my stories. it warms my heart to think that some people do- even if it was only a handful of people. They add me to their favorite author list, add my stories to their story alert, and/or add my story to their favorite list. I can fully understand that people are busy, but could one, maybe just one review a story? Why is asking for reviews like trying to pull teeth?

I'm not asking for reviews because I want them...no, let me rectify that statement, I do want them, but also because I can't really write in a stale environment. Not many people take it seriously when I say I've written 8 chapters of a book- and I abandoned it, given that there is no feedback. But you can help me, review, leave what you think can be improved, because that makes ALL the difference. :)

Critics...I realize that my writing skills are abysmal. I'm well aware that they are, but I don't mind the harsher side of the spectrum to hear what you have to say- and I don't mean rudely, but your criticism is welcome at any point.



I feel like writing a poem. Except I don't know what the poem is going to be about. It's like trying to figure out what to draw when you feel like drawing. Feeling very uninspired. Still on hiatus until further notice. Stories will NOT be abandoned. My muse will come back to me...hopefully sometime soon.


ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. please don't kill me. my plan? I don't know. Go back and rewrite all my incredibly sucky stories? I DON'T KNOW.


I've also failed to concern my readers for the story Leaving. It isn't that reviews don't make me happy (because they do) it's just that I'm finding it difficult to grasp the feeling of slipping away, the life just keeps slipping away, it gets farther and farther away from you, but the pain just gets stronger, and I can't exactly pin the feeling down. How to describe it. To make people feel. Some people have regarded they would like to see it in Stark's POV, and honestly? It's taking a whole lot of time trying to shape him into the right character. He's sweet, protective, and fierce all the same time. I just can't make him break down all at once...it seems a bit OCC, even though I've read the part where he saves Zoey...it's just..difficult. But that's just the challenge. So give me some more time, I'm working on it. I really am. Writer's Block has just decided to settle in for the year.

Some people have regarded they would like to know what happens next. In all honesty, I'm not able to tell you. Zoey could go back to Nyx, but I don't see how I would really finish the story if I left hanging on a cliffhanger. So whatever happens, I'll probably leave at an open ending...just to not disappoint too much, and you can write your own...and if you're like me, and dying to know how the author ended it...I'm telling you, I don't know.


I know...I know...I haven't written anything that I meant to get going on. And with all honesty, I'm not sure that I will continue writing with the continuing turmoil in my life. And I do mean writing in general. I'm not going to say I'm giving up on writing indefinitely, but it's something that I probably won't be doing for awhile.

To all those who are still hoping for me to continue my sacrifice by bananafreak97, I'm sorry to say I can't. I've read up to Tempted, and I just can't write anything else. The overall plot line boggles me, and math and time aren't my strongest subjects. I've searched for the author, I've searched for the original story, but I can't seem to find either one. ...uh...please don't kill me?

On the other hand, for my first, and most likely last story for "Of Mice and Men". Sorry dear readers, I know you've asked for another one, but I can't seem to spark up another story, especially with the request for Curley and his wife. I just don't quite see the connection they shared.

and...last but not least, Jane and the Dragon readers for my stories. I'd like to thank all of you for your reviewing and support at the beginning. And now that I look at my stories, they really were rubbish, but you managed to make me smile with those reviews, and constructive criticism. I'm sorry to say that once I'm done updating all those Jane and the Dragon stories I haven't finished, I won't be writing another one. Unless some sudden spark of inspiration explodes into my mind...which is highly unlikely. But highly unlikely isn't impossible!

...and please, whatever you do, do NOT go ranting to me. I'm sorry. I haven't been pushed through a lot this year. More than I thought I could handle, and just to write now, is like a chore. I hate doing it. So from now on, if I ever do go on publishing anything. I'll finish writing it.

Thank you for your time...for reading this, even if it doesn't concern you...


I will not be able to update any stories that I have written, I will be gone the next whole week and will not have an internet connection, meaning I will not be able to update. I will be writing and I will be publishing it when I get back. oh the hectic life. D: I am going to write a chapter 9 for my sacrifice that was started by bananafreak97, just might have to wait a little. Sorry.

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