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Author has written 4 stories for Game X-overs, Spyro the Dragon, Maple Story, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy XIII.

Look at me I'm modifying my profile!

Things I That I Think Are AWESOME!

1. Kingdom Hearts (KH FTW! XD)

2. Organization XIII (I am NOT a Fan girl. I'm a Freakin GUY! D: )

3. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Unleashed FTW!).

4. Mario (Sonic is higher than Mario XD)

5. Final Fanatasy (I WANT FFXIII!!!!! DX)

6. DRAGONZ!!! (I dunno, there is just something so frikin awesome about dragons :D)

7. Crack fiction (Try reading THIS without cracking up. . You will fail. XD)

8. Comedy Central Comedians (Dane Cook FTW! XD)


Oh right!!

Things I Absolutely Detest

1. People who take things WAY to literally (I used to be like this and will NEVER be like this AGAIN!)

2. Little kids shows (Wanna know a secret about Dora? SHE'S COCK EYED! AND EVERY CHARACTER IN THAT SHOW HAS BROWN EYES!!!)

3. People who act like total douche bags (In other words, trolls)

4. Annoying little brothers (Guess where THIS came from...)

I'm starting a new little thing with my stories. It's called Kingdom Bites: My version ;). For those of you who knows what this is, good for you. For those of you that don't, read the KH manga.

They are going to be based on my story Kingdom Hearts: Tangled Memories. They are going to be random and a little uncalled for. Some of my stuff will be taken for 2foxxie4u's AIM series. For example, a caffinated Xemnas driving evryone, and I mean EVERYONE, nuts; with it being Dasuke's fault. I might have little bits of AIM thrown in using foxxie's usernames for the Orgy.

I'll keep you guys updated.


Here's a little information about Dasuke...

Age: 17

Species: Halfling Dragon/Human

Appearence 1: As a human, he stands about 5'10" with hair that tends to fall to the middle of his back. His skin is slightly tanned but is still very light and the most outstanding feature are his silver eyes. He usually wears a black vest lined with silver at the part where it opens up. he tends to keep it open, yet he wears no undershirt. He is still quite, well, ripped from constant training. He wears silver pants that come down to his knees. On his back is usually a one handed sword held horizontal and with the handle to the left. His face usually shows a scowl to newcomers, but with friends he opens up and tends to smile a bit more. Except for Keith. Who tends to piss him off A LOT.

Appearence 2: As a dragon, Dasuke stands about 9' tall, is slender and is A LOT stronger than he looks. His scales shine a bright silver and he has a silver mane similar to his hair. It continues down his back and covers a line of ivory spines. His snout is more rectangular and two teeth tend to stick out on opposite side of his mouth from the top. Two curved ivory horns stick out from the top of his head and are about half a foot long, and two triangular flaps of scales form his ears. His arms show some sign of development and muscles are clearly seen. He is often time on his hind legs and his tail is...quite long. His underbelly is a pale white and is like a snakes. His wings have dark grey membranes and are HUGE compared to his body. His face is usually that of irritation, even around friends, as he is a bit more irritable as a dragon (Explaining why he was extremely pissed off when he switched bodies with Spyro in Kingdom Bites 4 XD. That one was fun to write.), yet is just as friendly.

Personal Quote: I'll never give in to the Darkness...Not now...NOT EVER!

Personality: Seems a bit distant at times (As mentioned in KHTM, Spyro finds him extremly cold and unfeeling.) however is actually quite easy to be friends with (Don't believe me? Read Kingdom Bites and you'll see what I mean) He is easily annoyed and will F*CK WITH YOUR MIND IF YOU REALLY PISS HIM OFF! DX Another thing about him is the fact that he can be, when he wants to be, very comforting, as seen in the 7th part of his story in TM. His inner child is propbably the strongest of the entire crew and if released, may cause mass destruction. I'm not joking ._.

Other Chari's opinion on him:

Sonic: The guy's alright. He's pretty nice and all, but he should open up more.

Tails: What Sonic said!

Amy: He should be a bit more passionate when it come to relationships.

Sora: I've seen what he's really like and he's a nice person.

Riku: He's very easy to get to know, but he keeps everything he knows to himself.

Kairi: It's almost like he's hiding something.

Xemnas: He's insane.

Xigbar: Same here. He knows excactly how to mess with everyone.

Xaldin: He cut my dreads once. NO ONE TOCHES MY HAIR! DX

Vexen: He is an intelectual and I respect him for that. Even if he does like to screw with me. *eye twiches*

Lexeaus: He never says a word too much.

Zexion: He knows too much...

Saix: DON'T MENTION HIM TO ME! *goes berserk*


Demyx: AGREED! =D

Luxord: He always ends up doing something I can bet on.

Marluxia: He calls me a gay fag...

Larxene: He's insane, demented and knows exactly how to drive everyone nuts. I consider him a friend.

Roxas: ...He's okay I guess.

Xion: He scares me in so many ways.

Spyro: He's insane, demented, and I don't think he likes me.

Cynder: He's an odd one alright.

Aile: He is a good person. Plus he knows how to help relieve stress, and how to mess with Vent.

Vent: The guys nuts.

Ashe: So true.

Gray: ...He's a little scary

Ansem: YOU FORGOT ME! Anyways, I do think that he will make an interesting one indeed.

Vanitas: Why am I doing this. *Sigh* I think he is completely insane and maybe a bit psychotic.

Ven: Because you lost a bet to me? =) But yeah, the guy's crazy.

Terra: He may know what he's doing but he tends to use his powers for pranking. =|

Aqua: ...I honestly have NO idea what to say about him.

As you can see, everyone agrees that Suki is, in fact, insane in some way.

Some people didn't want to do this. =( And Vanitas needs to stop betting with Ven. XD

Everything has changed. Allow me to Explain:

1) It's no longer just one story. Now there are going to be at least two TM Epics.

I. Kingdom Hearts: Tangled Memories - A new hero named Dasuke has been chosen to fight along side some old heros as the Organization, heart of all Worlds and everyone is put in danger.

i. Kingdom Hearts: Tangled Memories Travels - The heros travel across different worlds, searching for the true key to plan to bring the universe to its knees.

ii. Kingdom Hearts :Tangled Memories Sacrifices - The end is near, and with the Worlds on the verge of destruction, the heros face their enemies and solve the Mystertry of Model W and Ragnorak

II. Kingdom Hearts: Neo Organization XIII - A year has passed since the new hero gave himself for the fate of another world. Now, a new Organization is attempting to topple the old and to create their own World Order.

2) The themes have changed for the general theme of the story.

I. Opening) Hikari Planitb Remix - Kingdom Hearts

I. Closing) Freesia - Megaman Zero 4

II. Passion - Kingdom Hearts 2 (Both Versions)

Note: TM may be broken up into several parts and I'm putting up a sneak peak to Neo Organization!

In all honesty, this expanded WAY more than I ever intended. I guess I have Megaman Zero Collection to blame for that. *sweatdrop*

Random shiz happens randomly. Thus this was born.

Truth Or Dare! - Want to torture your favorite characters? This is definately for you!

Kingdom Bites - Just random shorts that come to mind when I write. I don't know where they come from, and usually, and you rabid fangurlz stay back, Spyro ends up being physically harmed in some way, shape or form. By Dasuke. Usually (All the time!)

Character breakdown of TM...

Dasuke: The newest hero in the group, his friends mean more than his own life. Being the second strongest and fastest, he hits hard and fast. Skill specialty: Light and Dark Attacks.

Spyro: Hero of the Dragon Realms, he represents the unbreakable connection that love creates. He easily has the most strength of the four heros Skill Specialty: Fire, Ice and Thunder magics; Edge attacks like Stun Edge

Aile: Chosen by Model X and given Model Z, she hopes to keep the promise she made. Her skills are unique to her own, and are her strongest point. Skill Specialty: ZX attacks

Sonic: The blue blur himself, he wants to solve the mystery of the missing Chaos Emeralds. He is without a doubt the fastest of the group. Skill Specialty: Aero magic; Attacks like Strike Raid; Attacks like quick blitz

Okay, this just popped into my head randomly. Blame SRZG.

What if, besides Sonic and his crew, the TM characters were in SRZG?


Type: Speed

Gear: Skate gear - Dragon kicks

Quotes: Before race - "I'll show you what real speed is" Stunt land - "Too easy!" Stunt fail - "Damn..." Zero Gravity prep. - "My turn!" Launch - "Bring it!" Rebound - "Hmph!" Win - "Didn't I tell you?"


Type: Flying

Gear: Air ride - Magic glider

Quotes: Before race - "Let's have some fun!" Stunt land - "Cool!" Stunt fail - "Aw, no!" ZG prep - "This is it..." ZG launch - "Alright!" Rebound - "YAHOO!" Win - "That was tight!"


Type: Power

Gear: Board gear - Lightning rage

Quotes: Before race - "Get in my way and you'll be sorry" Stunt land - "Yeah!" Stunt fail - "No..." ZG prep - "Bring it on!" ZG launch - "Hiya!" Rebound - "Yeah!" Win - "Glad you took heed."

Spyro ( :D )

Type: Power

Gear: Cycle gear - Fury motor

Quotes: Before race - "I'm not going down now!" Stunt land - "Nailed it!" Stunt fail - "Shoot!" ZG Prep - "Here I come..." ZG Launch - "Out of my way!" Rebound - "All RIGHT!" Win - "I never intend to loose"

This will get larger.

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