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I'm a girl who used to live in Arizona but I was born and half raised and now living in California. And if you don't like me then I'll just give you the happy finger (no it's not the middle, it's just a finger that has a smiley face on it). I have been called pshyco and crazy by my best friend Melissa. I'm an adventurous, spontaneous, wild, weird, awkward, zombie lovin', guitar lovin', wacko, lunatic, monkey huggin' chick. I don't believe in love for nothing. No one on the earth can encourage me to believe in love. I rarely get heartbroken anymore, although Melissa and me are kinda havin' a huge fight, so maybe in a few weeks we might not be friends anymore. I'll sing and write songs when I'm depressed or I just want to. You might think I'm emo because I like black and purple together. And if you mess with me, then I'll kick your .

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HOBBIES: I play my guitar, try to make songs, write stories/dialogues, listen to music, go on fanfiction, look for new songs, trying to do something crazy, ignoring my sisters, reading, thinking of something adventureous.

WHAT I LOOK LIKE: What's it to you? Are you some type of stalker who likes to know what someone looks like?

HATE: Miley Cyrus, PREPS!!!!!!! , people who judge others, people who mess with my friends, Creddie (no offence to creddie people I just don't like mushy couples) people who are jerks, people who say I'm weird cause I don't believe in love, people who boss me around (I'm talking about you mom and dad) I just hate a lot of things, my mom, my life, my ex friend Melissa,

LIKE: Music, guitars, writing, messing with my dogs, laying on the grass on a windy day, the rain , storms, snow, adventure, mysterious, love/hate relationships (I pick on boys I like because I try to hide my feelings and you don't have to believe in love to have a crush!)SEDDIE!, playing my guitar (I think about my guitar to much) sticking up for people, OCEAN!!!!!

One Thing I Would Love To Say To Creddie People: You may not get the person of your dreams but you might find someone better along the way. So don't waste your time chasing someone you think is the person of your dreams look at the person you wouldn't expect. (Don't know why I said this I was just really bored and it came in my head!)

You HAVE TO dance to McFly at night with your sister then make her eat at lot of cake and laugh when she pukes. Trust me it's a lot of freakin' fun!

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