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Hello! Bounjour! Ciao! Ni Hao! Konnichiwa! Geia Sas! Hallo!

Nice to meet you! I'll pretty much be adding my own ideas. Not much of a Doujin Girl...^_^;;

Though I do want to be able to write a fanfic sometime in my life...^_^

About Me

Name: Teresa

Birthday: December 20th

Occupation: Student, Musician (amateur)

Location: Somewhere in this small world~

Interests: Music, Linguistics, Physics, Literature, World Studies


Native: Cantonese* (I rarely use Cantonese...I'm starting to forget it...),Mandarin Chinese ,English

Studying: Korean, Japanese , French, Some others...(I'm to lazy to post them...besides there not ones I'm studying very seriously...)

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