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So sorry for my inactivity. Class has been brutal, and apparently I'm missing a lot more work then I thought. (or she forgot to check them off) -.- I need to do seven more activity things for hw. I had to do NINE in frigen total. I finished two already. UGH. But I also have to write about ten books, and then a few more things but then I'm good. This class is awful. So I'm going to take a while.


Hello everyone! as you may have noticed, I deleted a lot of my old fanfictions. I never had the time to going around and fixing them. They were also a huge distraction to me. I kept saying over and over again I wanted to fix them, but as soon as I opened up a word document and wanted to start writing, I got distracted with other stuff and closed it without saving them. I know how much you enjoyed some of them. But I didn't. I may rewrite them, I may not. Some stories may be the same as the previous ones, some may not. I thought it was time for a change though. I was also in middle school at the time, and had somewhat acceptable grammar. Though as I went back through the chapters, I noticed I wasn't even paying attention to my grammar and sentences and found my writing atrocious. I still kinda feel bummed about someone saying english is my "Second language" and my family did a horrible job "teaching me" as did my "english teachers." as if they're fanfics were any better. -.- I blocked them, but I couldn't delete their comment apparently. Though I wish fanfic would give you the option of deleting harsh comments. I'm also debating about changing my treasure planet character (alyssa) to melody. At first it was Elizabeth and Jim would call her Lizzy or Liz. But then it reminded me too much of my hateful ex roommate. Despite I was really nice to her, I gave them really good gifts, yet I never got anything back except drama, and snitching. So I'm going to remake my treasure planet stories, and add Alyssa into my Loki fanfics. Or I was inspired by a witch from a Game of Thrones called Melissandre.

But my goals on here is to try and better my fanfiction stories, while entertain my readers with excitement and thrills while I write.

Oh also I have a little wolf story coming up! The title was really hard to come up with considering I haven't written in a while. I need to rewatch the Treasure Planet movie again, as well as continue that vampire story.

Anyway that's all the updates!! Stay tuned for improvements on my stories!!!

A ittle bit about me

Name: You can call me Lyssa for short (my friends used to call me that through childhood) :)

Kinda confused about her sexual orientation; Likes to be called Tony now though~ My sexuality- I like to say bi-curious- but also I haven't been interested in a actual relationship for a while- so I dunno what that's called- but I'm having a hard time debating about that.

Sex: Female

Skin color: Fair/Ivory

Eye color: Light brown (can be hazel at times...or so people claim) When in the light can come off as yellow sometimes even

Hair color: Dark brown...almost black

Favorite color: Green...blue would have to be my second since I wear it so darn much!! XD

Age: ...none of your buisness :p hehe

Favorite Season: Spring (not too hot, not too warm) :)

Size: 5, 1 (5,0) Somewhere around that range ;

Weight: Eh...very small...At first I was 105 then I kinda dropped ; it's not that I starve myself! I've just been under a LOT of stress lately *mostly stressed socially*

Likes: Food, Sleep *with no distractions!* doing her artwork, hanging out with friends...especially her guy friend :3, spending time with the family :) Kingdom of Hearts games, Pokemon Go, Anime movies (good ones at least) listening to soundtracks/broadway musicals! Disney, MARVEL

Favorite super heroes: Ironman, Thor, Captain America.

Relationship status: Single but kinda has a crush on a few people... :o

Dislikes: People who talk bad about me...rumors, gossip, workloads of hw, stalkers, spiders, scorpions, being left alone, hard math, abusive people, trolls Liars, manipulators, hypocrites dramatic people who want people to feel sorry for them yet they treat others horribly. Homework. MOUNDS AND MOUNDS OF PAPERWORK, people who accuse you of something you didn't do or are. Relationships where bf's use you for sex and only that. Abusive bf's. Thunder and lightening. Heat wave lightening.

Favorite animal: Wolf, horses, humming birds

Loves: The holidays, doing art, family, good friends, being loved back, not being judged, Marvel, D.C, vacationing, animals, having good lasting meaningful friendships people who care about me, people who know me and what I love

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