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Author has written 5 stories for Death Note, and Pokémon.

I'm deeply sorry for not being able to update my stories at the moment. But I haven't forgotten about them and about you, my dear readers. To be honest, I've actually given much thought to my stories but I haven't been able to update any of them lately... Well... for a good while, actually...
But I hope my excuse for not being able to update my stories is good enough for you. You see... for the past few months my workload has been so huge that I simply have not had enough time for my dear beloved hobbies, such as writing fan fiction...
But I hope the next updates (once I get them done) are going to be huge success so that those of you who have been looking forward to them won't be disappointed. (:

~ CherrySugarCube

About the author behind the stories...

I'm deeply in love with writing and I wish my writing skills to improve. I read a lot - mostly in my native language, Finnish - but some stuff in English, too. I have a habit of reading everything I can possibly find concerning the series I like. It might sound weird but in my case if I become a fan of something, I just can't get enough of it.

I read mostly shonen and BL manga series. Some of my very favorite films and series are for example:

Death Note (manga, anime, books and live action films, don't like OVA that much...)
Fullmetal Alchemist (manga and FMA Brotherhood, don't like the first anime version at all...)
One Piece (both manga and anime and films)
Bleach (both manga and anime)
Kingdom Hearts (games and manga)
Hellsing (manga and the OVA series)
Pokémon (the original anime series)
Yotsuba&! (manga)
Hetalia (anime)
Gravitation (anime and the OVA series)
Studio Ghibli films
Disney animations (all the classic cartoons)
Tim Burton films
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (both manga and anime)
Harry Potter
(books and films)
The Lord of the Rings
(books and films)
(books, don't like the movie at all...)
Darren Shan
(books and the first film was fine, too)
Avatar - The Last Airbender (the animated series)

About my stories...

First of all I want to apologize for all the misspellings and grammar errors that I've possibly (and most likely) made with my stories. I emphasize the fact that English isn't my native language, it's just a foreign language I study. Finnish is my native language so please don't shoot me for the grammar errors and misspellings I've made with my English.

Destination Departure is completed. It's the very first fic that I've ever published here and I wanted it to be an epic, beautiful, melancholic love story between Matt and Mello but my writing skills have experience a major improvement after I wrote this fic so it's not really good in my opinion... But if you're interested, then please read the summary and the story itself to find out more about it.

A Beautiful Lie is a currently ongoing fic about the relationship between L and Light. I had hard time struggling with the name of it... But I used that name because I think the bond between L and Light is somehow very beautiful but yet it's pretty much based on lies. This fic follows the plot of the original series but I've added there some of my own details and plot twists. Please read the summary and the story itself to find out more.

High Temperatures is a one-shot dedicated to my dear friend. It tells about Matt's birthday from the time he lived at Wammy's House. Mello has come up with some plans for celebrating but everything doesn't go exactly as planned...

Matt is a one-shot dedicated to a good friend of mine. I didn't want it to be an ordinary, cute love story. I wanted to do something different for a change. That's why I decided to begin the story from the starting point that Matt and Mello don't get along and can't even stand each other. I think that's something different from what I've written about Matt and Mello so far and I wanted to see if it worked. Please read the summary and the story itself to find out more.

A Promise of Friendship is a currently ongoing story about James and Jessie's first meeting and what happens after that. It's a story different from the way everything happens in the original series but I tried to make the characters to be as similar as possible to the original characters. The names refer to the English version of Pokémon anime. This story I wanted to be a cute story of first love that is innocent and sincere, just a little deeper than friendship.

About upcoming stories...

Nothing new currently in progress but A Beautiful Lie and A Promise of Friendship will both be updated eventually. Destination Departure will be re-uploaded with a better layout and with all the grammar errors and misspellings that I can possibly spot corrected.

Greetings to everyone...

I hope you enjoy my stories, and thanks for the flattering reviews! (: Please, do not hesitate to post them. I'm glad to hear your opinions. (:

Yours faithfully
~ CherrySugarCube

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