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Author has written 9 stories for Fairly OddParents, iCarly, and Danny Phantom.

When Timmy Met Lexi now has a TV Tropes page! Read it here.

Welcome to my profile! I figured it's about time that I add a little information about myself and my stories. I do have a name (and it's not Purpledino), but that's what you can call me for now. My first ever OC, Lexi Sanders, was first created in 2008. Though her name was the same, she was originally Timmy's magical, talking fairy dog. I changed her into a human about a year later, wanting Timmy to have a best friend who also had fairies. Before joining, or ever hearing of, FanFiction, I joined a website named Tikatok, which has since been changed and my account deleted. That was where I uploaded my first stories about Timmy, Lexi, and her fairies, sisters named Diamond and Emma. I revised the story when I joined FanFiction, resulting in my first story, "Timmy Meets Lexi." I added onto Lexi's fairies, adding Diamond's husband, Kyle, and their four kids, Eva, Annabella, Star, and Bean. At that point, Lexi had seven fairies! After uploading about fifteen or so chapters of "Timmy Meets Lexi," I decided that the story wasn't going anywhere, and made the choice to rewrite it. "When Timmy Met Lexi," my first finished story, was born! I then created Riley, Kaylee, and Connor Turner, knowing that I wanted the sequel to involve Timmy and Lexi's future children.

After the completion of "Out of Sight, into Mind," I began working on the long-awaited "One Last Wish," the story that is currently in-progress. I first uploaded the trailer, or preview, for the story in late 2010, having come up with the idea about a year earlier. After fiddling around with several ideas for it, I finally uploaded the first chapter, and I am now working on completing it.


Alexis "Lexi" Julia Sanders - Lexi is Timmy's best friend, who happens to have a fairy godparent and magical fairy hybrid powers. She received her godmother after the death of her older brother and the divorce of her parents. She and her mother moved to Dimmsdale when Lexi was in sixth grade, where she met Timmy and his fairies and unlocked her fairy magic. Lexi is a very sarcastic, brash girl who is great at sports but can be intimidating and hard to get along with. Appearance wise, she has long, straight blond hair, bright blue eyes (that represent her fairy magic), and wears a dark purple t-shirt over a blue tank top, black jeans, blue and black sneakers, a silver bracelet, and a purple and blue hair clip. Her powers include: Purple wind powers, temporary flight, ability to create earthquakes, possible transportation powers.

Riley Savannah Turner - Riley is the oldest daughter of Timmy and Lexi. She first appears in the sequel to WTML, "Out of Sight, into Mind." She is captured by the anti fairies and pixies, who think that she is Lexi, and her fairy magic was unlocked by Anti Cosmo while she was held captive. Riley is very quiet, can be on the shy side, and is very wary of confrontation, though she makes wonderful grades and is very kind. Her hair is shoulder-length, blond with natural brown streaks, her eyes are bright blue, and she usually wears a hot pink tank top, a blue jean skirt, white sandals, and a pink headband. Her powers include: Pink fire power, ability to change any object's color to pink, temporary flight, limited telekinesis.

Katherine "Kaylee" Anne Turner - Kaylee is the second daughter, and middle child, to Timmy and Lexi. She helped rescue Riley from Anti Fairy World, also discovering her hybrid magic. Kaylee is very outgoing and creative. She is a tomboy like her mother was, though she is much more cheerful and has a great sense of humor. Appearance wise, she has long brown hair, light blue eyes, and wears a green sports jersey, blue jeans, and orange and blue sneakers. Her powers include: Green Earth powers, slight animal communication, and temporary flight.

Connor Johnny Turner - Connor is the third, final, and only son to Timmy and Lexi. In "Out of Sight, into Mind," he was kidnapped and almost killed by the anti fairies and pixies, only to be saved by his family. Being only four years old, Connor's personality is very cheerful and bright. He loves adventures and dressing up in his favorite super hero costume. Appearance wise, he has thick brown hair, bright blue eyes, and wears a red shirt underneath brown overalls, along with black and white sneakers. Once Connor unlocks his hybrid magic, his powers will include: Blue water power, invisibility, and temporary flight.

Diamond Glitter Sparkleshine - Diamond is Lexi's fairy godmother, who was assigned to her after the death of her brother and the divorce of her parents. She is very protective of Lexi and is always worried about her getting hurt. However, she is kind and loyal and a great friend. Appearance wise, she has wavy light blue hair, light blue eyes, and wears a pink sweater and white pants.

Astrono Rains - Astrono, or Astro, is the smartest fairy in the universe, and the fairy who controls weather alongside Mother Nature. He is also Lexi's mentor for her fairy magic. He first met Lexi when they were held captive together by the pixies. Astro is very wise and calm, though has the tendency to talk too much about a subject that interests him. He has turquoise hair and orange eyes that are hidden behind black glasses, and wears an orange shirt underneath a white lab coat, and white pants.

My Stories

When Timmy Met Lexi: Lexi Sanders is the new girl in school, and she's fiery, tough, and a tomboy. Oh yeah. And she has a fairy godparent. It doesn't take long for Timmy to discover her secret, and for her to discover his. But Lexi has another secret. One that even she doesn't know about. And when the pixies get involved, what could Timmy's new friendship lead to? (FOP)

And All is Revealed: Oneshot. Poof discovers that he is most certainly not an only child. (FOP)

An Ordinary Miracle: Oneshot. Life is getting increasingly difficult for Lexi Sanders. She has to juggle being friends with both Timmy and Tootie, which is harder than it looks when the former refuses to go near the latter. But one fateful school day, everything changes. (FOP)

One Last Wish (Teaser): Some godchildren don't get their memories wiped. And sometimes, those godchildren are out for revenge. (FOP)

iGot Replaced: When new girl Claire Thompson starts attending Ridgeway High School, she soon is introduced to Carly, Sam, Freddie, and the rest of the gang. And soon after, she and Sam become good friends. At first, this isn't a problem. They hang out sometimes, and usually include Carly and Freddie. But suddenly Sam is spending all of her time with Claire, and barely talks to Carly, her supposed best friend. And when Sam invites Claire to help out with iCarly, things get awkward. Is Carly getting...replaced? (iCarly)

Out of Sight, into Mind: The sequel to When Timmy Met Lexi. Riley Savannah Turner, the oldest daughter of Timmy and Lexi, is walking to school when she is mistaken for Lexi and kidnapped by the anti fairies and pixies. When they discover she is in fact the daughter of two of Fairy World's most famous godchilden, she is taken to Anti Fairy World to live with the anti fairies. Now it's up to her younger sister Kaylee to find her before her world is turned upside down.

One Last Wish: Thirty years ago, eight-year-old Morgana Dixon was not given enough Forget-icin when her fairy godparents were taken away from her. Now she is out for revenge, and has found the current godchild of her old fairy godparents: Timmy Tiberius Turner. Morgana Dixon will stop at nothing to get revenge on her godparents for abandoning her, even if that means she has to kill to get what she wants. And when Crocker gets involved in her plans to rip as many fairies away from their children as possible, this is one adventure that Timmy and Lexi will never forget.

Future Stories

The Trials and Tribulations of Fairy Magic: This series of short stories/oneshots revolves around Lexi's training sessions with her teacher and friend, Astrono Rains, as he helps her learn about and control her new hybrid magic. But while Lexi expects her lessons to be a breeze, Astro assumes that his new pupil will take her magic a lot more seriously.

A Saint in a Safe Place: AU - title in progress. Declan Turner is the son of Timmy and Tootie, and for as long as he can remember, his father has told him stories of adventure from when he was a child, of fighting anti fairies and pixies alongside a girl named Lexi Sanders. While Declan's twin sister Dakota chalked these stories up to fiction, Declan always knew that there was more to the story. And when he meets Haven Salinger, who has also grown up hearing these same stories, his life gets a lot more exciting.

Jealousy Burns - New boy Mason Bell has moved to Dimmsdale, and while Lexi is immediately smitten by his good looks and charming personality, Timmy thinks that the new kid is up to no good. But can he convince Lexi that his bad feelings go beyond just petty jealousy before it's too late?

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