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Previous pen-name: HypnoticMelody

Twitter: @AviationDrive

Female OC: Melody McCoy

MMPR: Purple Velociraptor Ranger. Zord: Velociraptor.

Samurai: Purple Samurai Ranger. Zord: Panther Element: Darkness

Changed the name from Melody Porter, but is still the same OC.

Riptide/Havoc (MMPR S2-?): Melody McCoy moves back to Angel Grove to learn that monster attacks and strange occurrences are a normal part of life. As her life gets turned upside down; riddled with bouts of memory loss, a case of mistaken identity, her father disappearing for hours at a time, and being shuffled in with the Power Rangers, she learns just how hard it is to keep up with the crazy city. Through street fights, school invasions, and the rise of unexplained "accidents", one false move can cause everything she built up to be swept away in the blink of an eye. Things may be calm on the surface, but in reality, everybody's struggling to stay afloat.

Havoc: Sequel to Riptide.

Battlefield/Battlecry (Samurai-Super Samurai): The Rangers have all come from different walks of life: one grew up learning the Samurai way, one was destined for the Olympics, one wanted to see what life had to offer her, one was a country girl, one had a laid back approach to life, one grew up learning the ins and outs of running a business, and one was smart and street wise; running away from the mess she had made in her old city. They all come together to create a balance between sticking to the Samurai way and adapting to modern times to try and drive the Nighloks out of Panorama City when word of their want to enslave the human race comes to light. When the Nighloks start to build their own command post in Panorama City, trapping humans inside and forcing them to work for them, the Rangers know things are getting drastic, fast. While trying to find their way past the impenetrable fortress in their own city, and sticking to the 'Samurai Way' despite living in the modern world, the Rangers take a page from the book of Samurai Rangers' of old and find that not only does the past really affect the present, but they learn the importance of giving it their all on the battlefield.

Battlecry: Sequel to Battlefield