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Author has written 8 stories for Saint Beast/セイント・ビースト, District 9, and Transformers/Beast Wars.

Greetings from the fabulous country of Denmark, where school is free and the weather sucky :D Heeh, but who cares about the weather when you can have delicious Rye Bread??! Yum! (Curse you, Oprah, for saying that it tastes like dirt! She lies, she liiiieees!!)




Got into Slash, Shonen-Ai, the whole shebang a couple of years ago. Been reading stuff for a long time, and decided recently to try out my own writing-skills. In English... 'DunDunDuuuhn'!


From Got Buttermilk With Love, have an A/N, darlings: In case some of you are wondering why I'm not updating as frequently as I used to, or why I'm not posting at an regular, even schedule. . . . . Well, I guess I should add to my profile that I'm a full-time student with a job on the side, so things will be rather hectic for me at times :) No, this does NOT mean I'm quitting writing anytime soon, never fear! (I have waaaay too many rapid plot-bunnies running amok in my mind to stop! They tend to keep me up at night when they're at their worst D8 ... ) - But writing and posting will mostly be in between stressful studying and partying and working; yup, sorry, RL takes top priority here ;) BUT I'm still here, reading and randomly chatting with ya'll, and should you feel the urge to throw me a message, go ahead ^_^ I heart you all, dear readers, lurkers, favers, alerters, and reviewers. Thnx for reading!



Current Fandoms:

Transformers: I swear, I didn't mean to get into this fandom! I really didn't D: But these vehicle-robots from outer space are stuck with another fangirl for the time being, so sorry! And to top that, she's slashing them up! *headdesk* (this fandom rocks, so hard!)

- Optimus/Starscream: OTP of love. There can never be enough of this, for reasons I can't possible ever dream of explaining. It's the world's screechiest Decepticon jet and SiC and the Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime (TM) ... yum!

Saint Beast: Yes, this I still consider a 'current fandom' even though my inspiration completely fails me when trying to write for it again. I am truthfully sorry, SB-readers, but my muse has abandoned me. Forever? I don't know, honestly. But I'll let my stories gather dust on the site, nonetheless, if only to remind myself where this crazy writing/self-discovering journey started :) I almost get nostalgic looking at them. They've given me so much.



Story-progress/WIP projects:

Neophytes: (Transformers) Currently on hold, as many might have noticed *brick'd* Ouch! Alright, sorry! But I'm truly struggling with the story atm. I made the mistake of an overzealous n00b and overwhelmed myself with all the small treads of minor and major plot-lines I wished to braid into the story by simply gluing all of them randomly onto each chapter, like a boss!, and believed that to be the way to write a good/interesting story. But instead I ended up confusing myself O_O Which direction must I go first? How can I investigate into /this/ story-arc without abandoning this other plot-clue? . . . And up to this date I'm still trying to clean up the mess I made by structuring and nursing the adorable turmoil that is 'Neophytes'. I plan on continuing some day, and whether or not I'll have to take it all down from the site for re-writing is still the question. For now, please know that I haven't given up yet!

Chapter 5: 10 percent complete. (see? That's something!?)



Reviews: I appreciate reviews in my stories, truly! Reviews are, mostly, the only way to motivate a fanfic-author (come on, there's no money involved, it should make sense :P ...) If you read my works please be a sweetheart and tell me what you thought of it. I won't beg you to... Well, okay, maybe a little - we'll see xD

I enjoy fandoms that offers interesting characters and/or fascinating universes. Mythology, real life-stuff, Sci-fi -- It's all yum to me :3

I hope to have fun here, learn my own writing-style and develop it, and I also know that there's some serious talent out here! I am looking forward to reading you guys' 'stuff' too!

BTW: I own nothiiiiiiing D'x

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