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Author has written 9 stories for Naruto.

UPDATED AS OF 11-2-15: Please read, important updates to all projects' status.

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Currently in the Posting Stage: None

Currently in the Writing Stage: Slytherin Harry Series, Life Moves On: Back to Life, Not Just Another Murder Mystery Story

Currently in the Planning Stage: Slytherin Harry series

Side Projects: Naruto/Harry Potter crossover

Not Just Another Murder Mystery Story: This story is completely planned out, and there are a few chapters written. However, I will not continue writing this story at the present time.

Life Moves On: Back to Life: Several chapters are up, but this fic is officially on hiatus for the time being.

Slytherin Harry Series: All the writing I do is towards this fic series. As of now, I have more than the usual 7 stories planned out. The working titles are as follows:

Slytherin Harry and the Secret of Hogwarts (Year One): Nearly completely written

Slytherin Harry and the Heir of Slytherin (Year Two)

Slytherin Harry and the Emerald Amulet (Year Three)

Slytherin Harry and the Tournament of Champions (Year Four)

Slytherin Harry and the Hall of Prophecies (Year Five)

Slytherin Harry and the Triad of Elders (Year Six)

Slytherin Harry and the Founder's Artifacts (Year Seven)

Slytherin Harry and the Compenium of Origins (Year Eight)

Slytherin Harry and the Three Ministers (Year Nine)

Slytherin Harry and the Statute of Secrecy (Year Ten)

As you can see, there's quite a lot to this series, and I sincerely hope that I am able to get it all out.

It's been almost a year since I've updated you on my status, so I'd like to just explain my situation.

Since I've started writing for FFN (years ago, at this point!), I've grown a lot as a writer and a person. Right now, I've graduated from college, and am in grad school, while working two jobs to pay off my loans. I'm an incredibly busy person, and because of how much work I do on a daily basis, writing started to become less of an outlet for me and more of a chore. That's why you'll notice that in recent years, I went from posting once a week to multiple times a month, to once every few months. Finishing Not Just Another Fake Boyfriend Story took a lot out of me, and the last four chapters took a total of two years to get posted. I sort of have an issue "finishing."

Another issue for me is that I love my stories, and they never really seem to "end" in my mind the way they end on the paper. For the NJAFBS world, I have an entire sequel, Not Just Another Murder Mystery Story, all planned out, and I've begun writing a bit (I'm about 4 chapters in). But not only do I know what happens to the characters throughout that story, I have a whole third story's worth of material in my mind for afterwards. I'd love it if the whole trilogy could see the light of day, but it takes so long for me to write that I don't know if it's realistically possible. I'm hoping to finish Murder Mystery Story one day, but even that's not a sure thing.

A second issue I have is that while I've spent the last few years writing, my style and skills have changed, and a lot of my earlier work doesn't reflect that. Love: Discovered is a disaster from both a plot standpoint and a writing standpoint. Life Move On I think has a much stronger plot, but even the writing on that is juvenile at best, and cringeworthy in some parts.

In the case of Love: Discovered, I flirted with the idea of rewriting the story, keeping some of the major plot points, but doing a complete redo on the writing, making it a more mature and sophisticated story. I was going to name the rewrite Discovering Love, and I even wrote the first two chapters. Unfortunately, I never really got attached to the plot, so I stopped working on it, and it's no longer going to be finished (unless something massive changes within me).

That same problem cropped up with Life Moves On, but there was a difference: I really liked the plot, and I had always had plans for sequels. At first, I was going to write the sequel and then go back and edit the original. Then, I realized that I needed to edit the original first. But when I started making edits, I began to cut whole minor plotlines, change character names (Shikamaru's daughter with Ino was named Temira, which is so close to Temari, so I changed it to Shikamira to fit more in line with her family). Then I started to plant the seeds of foreshadowing for the sequel. But then I realized the whole story was staring to change, which made me decide to just make the edit its own story.

That's the birth of Life Moves On: Back to Life. As you can see if you read both of them, the main elements from the first few chapters of the original are present in the new story, but there's a lot more stuff, and it hasn't even reached the main plotline of the story with over 10 chapters posted. That story is going to be a monster to finish, and I hope I get the chance to, but I only get the inspiration to work on it in spurts, partially because its such a big undertaking.

Even more of an undertaking is that I have ten (yes, TEN) stories set in that timeline. The sequel, under the working title Life Moves On 2: Secrets of the Rinnegan, the threequel, Life Moves On 2: Life, Love, and Family would be very close sequels to the story. Side stories, Life Moves On: Gaara's Story, Life Moves On: Sakura's Story, and Life Moves On: Ako's Story would occur before, during, and after the main trilogy, following side characters whose stories aren't explored very in depth. A story Life Moves On Origins: War and Peace would follow the canon from the Fourth Shinobi World War Arc, and explore divergences between how the war resolves in canon versus how it resolves in my LMO world. And then two other "sequels" to the main triology that would follow the end of the Fifth Shinobi World War and the establishment of the post-war society.

To put it simply, it's a mess. And in my mind, I have every single plot point and major battle, and character arc already written. But none of it is on the computer, so the chances are, it won't end up being posted.

At this point, I'm tired of pretending that I'll be able to finish all the stories I have trapped in my head. Instead, I've decided to only write when I feel inspired, and only to write what I enjoy writing.

FOR THIS REASON, I'm done working on Naruto stories for the time being. Instead, I'm going to be working on the Slytherin Harry series that I'd planned out a long time ago, but hadn't committed to writing. As of this message, I have nearly finished the first story, and will begin working on the second. I'm a little nervous that this series will present the same danger of the Life Moves On series, namely that I will get tired of it long before it's all posted. But I've had a blast writing the story, and I can't wait to get to the juicier parts of the series after the war begins.

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