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Hello everyone! Welcome to my Fanfic profile.

I am PinkyandtheBrainfan88 (in case you hadn't noticed), I'm an 18 year old writer of fanfiction stories as well other stories and poems. I'm an avid reader and watcher of films, TV series and ESPECIALLY cartoons (although some of you may know that I am a huge fan of ballets such as "The Rite of Spring" or "Le Sacre du Printemps".).

I am a big fan of:

1. Looney Tunes 2. The Rite of Spring/Le Sacre Du Printemps 3. Jane Eyre. 4. Pinky and the Brain, I've just started a movie script based on this series as well as another story. 5. Freakazoid. 6. MANY other TV series, films, cartoons, plays and more!

This is a list of things (unrelated to fanfiction) that I dislike most (not in any particular order):

1. Fascism. 2. Rascism. 3. Anti-feminism. 4. Horrible people who murder and rape. 5. People who think that their taste is the best and that other perfectly all right tastes shouldn't even EXIST.

This is a list of things (unrelated to fanfiction) that I like most (not in any particular order):

1.Zebras. 2. My family. 3. My friends. 4. Porridge. 5. Different types of music at the same time (I enjoy listening to Stravinsky, a classical composer, Greenday, a rock band, Rage Against the Machine, a metal/rap band, Hayley Westenra, a classical and folk singer and Michael Jackson).

My 4 favourite Pinky and the Brain episodes (in order):

1. But That's Not All, Folks!

2. Megalomaniacs Anonymous.

3. Of Mouse and Man.

4. The Pinky and the Brain Christmas Special.

My very favourite Pinky and the Brain quote (from "Megalomaniacs Anonymous"):

Pinky: Hello, Mr Cable Repairman, I am the friendly customer, won't you come in and have a snack?

Brain: Pinky, this is assertiveness training.

Pinky: Oh right, sorry Brain. (clears throat) Mr Cable Repairman, you MUST come in and have a snack!

Some reasons for why I love Pinky and the Brain:

1. The main characters are two lab mice, I love mice.

2. I love Brain because you can respect him for being intelligent and for (usually) trying to take over the world in a manner which does not hurt innocent people. I also love his sarcasm and his intelligence.

3. I love Pinky because he is nice, adorable, happy and silly. I also love his answers to "Are you pondering what I'm pondering" and all his "narfisms," such as "NARF!" "POIT!" and "ZORT"!

4. I love the humour in the series, it is not too slapsticky or stupid, yet there is not too much intelligent humour, it is balanced well with Pinky's insane, random humour.

5. I like some of the other characters and I love how humans are portrayed as stupid, unaware creatures. It makes us realize that we're not the only important creatures on this planet.

6. I like the animation in most of the episodes, it is quite well done, usually, and sometimes the backgrounds are very artistic.

7. I love the music and the random songs in some of the episodes, including "Brainstem," "Cheese Roll Call" and "Really Great Dictator."

8. I love how it references pop culture and celebrities, some of which and whom I was previously familiar with, but others which/whom I've discovered through the show.

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