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Hello people of Fan fiction that may or may not (but probably not) be reading this!!! I am ChocoLalaLandGirl, but you can call me Laughy Taffy! It's not much shorter, but I think it describes me better because a lot of the time I just randomly burst out into laughter. Btw, I don't plan to make this a long profile, so don't be expecting much.

I'm just a random little...Well, I think I'm a human? But I AM a girl! (As it says in my pen name.) Right now, my favorite TV show is Sonic X, but I also like a lot of other things, like TUFF Puppy, Teen Titans, Sonny with a Chance, The Suite Life On Deck, El Tigre, Invader Zim(sometime, depends on the episode), Avatar; the Last Airbender, and about 20 zillion more! (Too many to name them all.) I'm currently 15 and my birthday is Febuary 7th. Okay, I guess I should do some cattagories now... o,O

Naw, you guys don't care about my freakin PROFILE! In fact, probably no one's EVER gonna read this, so I won't bother. YOU GUYS ARE ON THIS WEBSITE FOR THE stories! Not to read my profile! But, if any one ever wants to know something about me, simply PM me and I'll answer any not-to-personal questions either directly to you or on my profile. Until I find someone who gives a half about it, I'm not wasting my there! Okay, love to everyone in the world! Byyyeeee! :)

Haha! I have tricked you again! for now I am making this profile longer! You wanna know why? Because I freakin CAN! Okay, so I have about 5 minutes for this, so if there's any mistakes, I'm sorry. But this is actually my secret account because my other account just kinda...yeah. But I made this one by accident and couldn't find out how to delete it, but now I use it for any stories I want to publish that I don't want my sissy to read because she's a total critique! (hav no idea if I spelled that right.) So I made this one and now I use it for SWAC because my sissy dusnt really appreciate that show and she hates the kinda writin style im using for those stories, so I just keep it a secret. ok, new plan; im gonna update this one paragraph at a time every time i get bored. so bye for now! :)

Yay! someone actually read my profile! Darn it! I knew what I was gonna write but then I forgot it! Okay, I'm just gonna tell u bout stuff...

Favorite Music: I like mild rock and stuff like that. I am a big fan of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, but not the Jonas Brothers. Honestly, I think the Jonas Brothers suck! Sorry fans, but that's my opinion. Pretty much all Disney stuff actually. My FAVORITE is currently ROCK! But I also LOVE Symphonic metal, some heavy metal, alternative, and some emo. Also, all the hot crap like Lady Gaga and Rihanan. You know, that stuff. But I'd still prefer rock over preppy stuff; the Fray rather than Ke$ha...Linkin Park over Eminem...That stuff. My current FAVORITE song is "Leave Out All the Rest" by Linkin Park. Other favs are "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie, "Seven Things" by Miley Cyrus, pretty much any Evenescents and more than half of Demi Lovato. I play the trumpet (I was first chair for three years in band and now I'm third in orchestra) and the piano (I've never taken lessons other than music class, but if you give me sheet music and a while to learn it, I can play it). I like to write my own songs a lot (words and music). I've made up songs ever since I was little, but I've only been able to do the music for a while now.

Favorite food: CHOOOOCOOOOLAAAATTTTE! (But I'm not fat; everyone says I'm too skinny.) All sweets, no nuts, and pretty much every fruit (especially strawberries). I'm good about eating vegetables too, but they're not my favorite. I won't eat white beans and never had because I think they're gross. I was a vegetarean for a while (about a year) but my doctor said it was too unhealthy because I kept losing weight and it got too extreme (I wasn't making up for enough of the protein and lost like 20 Ibs in a week). I eat meat now, but not fried chicken (it grosses me out that anyone can eat it) and I can't eat it if I look at it for just about any amount of time. That makes me sick. My tongue is a wimp, so I don't eat spicy food a lot and I don't like sauces on my food. Gravy, spegettii sauce, and soy sauce is about it. I don't even put ketchup on my french fries! Burgers, yes. Nothing else. That's why I don't like chinese food very much; I can always taste some sort of sauce on it. Mexican food is icky to me too. Nachos is about the extent of my Mexican food.

My appearance: I'm about 5'3'' and I'm usually a blond (don't believe what you hear, I'm a straight A student). I'm not sure what my eye color is; it's changing a lot, (naturally) but it's usually a horribly ugly greenish-brown (though I'm the only one who will admit out loud it's ugly. Everyone says my eyes are pretty, but I'm not sure if it's cause they think they are or because they don't want me to punch them). Also, about my hair usually being blond, that's because I've been known to die it exotic colors (blue and red and whatever else I can get) sometimes. I want to make it permanent (even if it's just a streak), but my mom always says no, though my dad's all for it! It's currently pink and has been for a few months now, though it has started to fade. I'm just about the pailest girl in Tennessee (that's where I live) even though I spend HOURS in the sun every summer. I'm originally from Florida and every time we go on vacation there, I spend 3 hours a day just trying to get a tan (not including all the time I spend in the sun for swimming and such) and still end up a light color! Stupid immunity to tan!

I have a bunch of little quirks, like hating the sound of the microwave beep, my sneezes sound like little squeals at a ver high pitch, I always have to have some repitition in my day, and I'm a lot more mature (in some ways) than most 15-year-old-girls. I always do all of my chores before anything else in my day, probably to make sure my mom doesn't try to since she has a lot of pain, and I'm always looking for part-time jobs, though I've never found any other than watching toddlers every other Sunday at my church.

I really am strongly a country girl (I don't see how anyone wouldn't be in my position), though I, regretably, live in the dreadful suburbs! *shudders* I like riding hourses, climbing trees (or anything for that matter), swimming (especially in lakes or rivers, given they are clean enough), and running. I'm actually really fast, but I've never been fast enough to catch the oppertunity for track or cross-country (excuse the pun). I'm also willing to try about anything (bungi jumping, rock climbing, and the dreaded front hand spring) and never give up until I'm good at it.

Personally, I consider myself very wierd, but I take it as a compliment! :3 Thanks self! I always have some sort of bold fashion statement (neon yellow shirt, bright knee socks, country vest/hat, etc.) and usually make my outfits stick to a certain theme. I'm not the kind of person to jump through hoops to impress others; some mild makeup on occassion and I don't try to stick with what other girls do. If I'm at a party and all the guys are trying to prove they can climb to the top of a pole, I'm the only girl to say step aside and do it with no hands. Or challenge other people to ice cream eating contests and take second place. Sometimes I might be the first person to start dancing in a crowded room, or lock arms with someone and make them start skipping with me when they look sad. Basically, I'm not afraid of what others think of me, so I go ahead and do what looks fun (granted there's nothing naughty involved).

I'm really close with my family and wish I could be closer with some friends, but I'm homeschooled so I don't see them often and if they won't text me back, I'm just stuck alone. I'm doing tenth grade right now, but finished about half of it last year and I plan on finishing it and eleventh this year if all goes according to plan. I plan on going to college and getting a degree, but I'm just kind of holding out and waiting to see where my future takes me, since I don't want to just say what job I want to have and than end up not liking it. I like to live in the moment and go with the flow, and that's much harder to do when you're worrying about how you're going to make a living someday. I have fith in my abilities, my families' support, and my holy father that I will make it just fine through whatever happens in my life.

I guess that's all I have to tell about myself for now, so goodbye readers (who are probably not there) and until I think of something else to jabber on about!

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I Will Fight for a Heart reviews
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I'M BACK! What is it like to have so much really fell EVERYTHING? How much of a burden could it be to hold onto it? I suck at titles and summary's no good either. Read first chapter to figure it out.
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