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I love Yu-Gi-Oh. I like to write but I'm not good at it so feel free to critique me, but be warned: any flames will be pissed out. I have a soft spot for my two Yu-Gi-Oh OCs, Shiori and Zahra, who's stories are getting reworked right now. Oneshots are easy for me to write, as are drabbles, I'm horrible at long stories. In any case, you should know that I also have a sweet spot for the macabre and the occult, AKA creepy crap.

Some of my favorite shippings are: Rustshipping, Gemshipping, Bronzeshipping, Deathshipping, Bakushipping, Vexshipping, Tendershipping, Darkshipping, Casteshipping, Fearshipping, and Hikarishipping.

I've found some of the best YGO P WITH P on If ya want the links to 'em, PM me. But be warned, I'll send you about 15+

Uh, just a quick warning - if I'm writing a multi-chapter story, chances are that they will be deleted at the point at time that I stop liking them. :C

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"You've started a war." He hisses. Time stops. This is the crossroads. I could beg forgiveness, even now. But instead... I lift my eyes to meet his, and I taste two words on my tongue; two words, knives that will cut my bonds and set me free: "I know."
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