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Author has written 3 stories for Teen Titans, Ranma, Danny Phantom, and Oh My Goddess!.

Current Status (Oct 12): That's it. It's official. I have my little writing bug back. As I write this my entire body is screaming at me to start writing a story. It's an... interesting... sensation.

Unfortunatly, I have a slight problem. My laptop, which has my rough drafts for my next chapters, is out of comision; so, I've got to write brand new fics. It's good, because I'm writing, and the more I feed the bug the bigger it gets, but bad because it might die out. So... um... yeah.


What/Who I Need (Oct 12):
I need two helpers. I need somebody that knows the Sailor Moon time line and the characters pretty well, 'cause whenever I try to read it my mind melts due to the pure sugar. Seriously, I can't even read three random pages on that thing! Preferable somebody that's good with dialog, as well, because, once again, I can't read that silly manga. Bonus for knowing Ranma 1/2, because it's going to be for crossovers.

I have a plan for a Ranma 1/2 and a My Little Pony crossover. It's better then it sounds. Therefor, I need somebody that can help me with the Pony's dialogs and Pinky Pie's songs. Extra knowledge of the universe to help me with random small stuff is a plus.

Hey-oh! My name is Shy Shay! And I have recently learned that reviews are the only thing on this planet more addictive then crack. So feed me! FEED MY ADDICTION!!! ...I'll also probably update faster if you do.

Currently, I have three published stories:

#1: The Help You Want And The Help You Need.
It is a Danny Phantom and Teen Titan crossover, with a Danny and Raven romance. It contains:
Fight scenes between Robin and Danny
Epic in mind battles
More powerful enemies
And much much more!

After some thinking (right before I go to bed, usually) I have a rather good idea on what's gonna happen and when; for one, I vow that I'll go through every episode of Teen Titans on my quest to finish this story, in addition to another season somewhere in their for Danny. I'm debating whether to put it after Robin's or BB's... but regardless, it'll be there.

#2: Eternal Moments.

A Nabiki/Ranma romance, written using only the moments that their perceptions shift slightly. Experamental. Very small chapters.

NOTE: This updates slowly, with small chapters. I actually don't recomend that you read it, really. At least not until it's done.

#3: Realm of Chaos

Ranma is AWESOME, so awesome, in fact, that he denied his very death and gained a power equal, perhaps even greater then, Kami-sama's. Watch as he uses (and perhaps abuses) his new position as one of the three All-Powerfull!

I have a few idea's for stories... so here they are, in breif. If anybody really wants to see one made, PM me, okay? I'll take your suggestion into acount.

One, once I play Disgaea 1 & 2, is planned to be a major crossover. Ranma X Disgaea, Oh My Goddess, Naruto and Bleach. Possibly Sailer Moon, too. The battle with Saffron ended in mutual distruction, and Ranma is just too awesome (Okay, fine, spiritually strong) for only one 'second life' to get it. So (at least) Heaven, Hell, two seperate Shinigami's (Naruto and Bleach), and the Spirit of The Overlords (or something like that) split him up. It'll have several fics for each seperate 'Ranma' and one that covers when he is split.

As a referance, Goku used to be one person but was split into Warrior and Hero, Goku and Almaz.

There is also one for a Pokemon one, in which a human... turns into a pokemon! But it's hilarious. It's in a new region with new characters, and it looks at just why pokemon are willing to obey a person who beats them up and inprisons them. It also has some gender-bending stuff.

I actually have two in mind with the Sailor Senshi. The first of which involves Ranma just plain confusing Pluto. No, he's not a Chaos Nexus, and no, he doesn't mess up the Time Gates. ...Well, he does, but not in a way that impedes their function. It's complicated. Anyway, it'll be showing how Ranma reacts at diffrent majoy story points to being Sailor Moon, and Pluto's reactions to it. The ending is EPIC. At least with what I have in mind, that is.

The second involves, basically, Ranma taking Beryl's place. The hows and why are not to be revealed yet, but it's going to be interesting. There might be a sequel detailing some extra stuff that I'm not going to write about in the story, but still.

There is one in which there is a group of T.V. reporters, traveling through alternate dimensions interviewing different Ranma's! Seriously, it'd be funny.

My current writing style is more of a sontaneous style. I don't really have an in-depth plan so much as a rough outline. My writing style as actually gone through several apparently spontaneous transformations. My first style was I would just stare at the screen for a while, and then write non stop. Then I would just write non stop. Now it's kind of a combination. I am still getting used to it, so I'm not entirely sure how my writing style will progress from now on. With any (good) luck, I will continue to improve, giving you better and better stories!

On Writing:

I generally find that there are two types of storys from the wrighters perspective. Stories you want to write, and stories that want to be written. Now, whether this is true or not for other writers, I don't have a clue, but it seems to be true to me. Stories that you want to write can be pretty regular; you can update them when you get the creative energy and, as long as you don't abandon it and can fight past the walls every story reaches, it can keep going until it's done. The Help you Wand and The Help you Need is a story I want to write. I can update it pretty regularly... as long as I get off my butt and write.

Then there are stories that want to be written. Now, don't get me wrong, stories that you want to wright can be great. They can be amazing. They can be fantastic. But stories that want to be written are... well, they're all that and more.

No, I don't know why, but for some reason, for me, when stories want to be written... they're just better I can normally write. It's strange, but wonderful. Unfortunatly, stories that want to be written tend to run on their own energy, based off of your own. This means that it can go longer, faster, but it's really hard to start up again once you run out of juice. My Realm of Chaos is a story that wants to be written; I came up with the idea and it was bugging me nonstop for about a month so in the end I just wrote it, and, at least according to my reviews, it is wonderful and amazing and actually unique. Which is great! Unfortunatly, it's really hard to write when it doesn't want to be written. It's still just as good, I think, but it's just really tough to write at times.

One thing of note: The writing bug. Or whatever the more popular name for it is. I find that Writers, Artists, and other creative types, when they had too much free time, or have been reading good but not great stories/art and thinking about they can improve them, and possibly other triggers that I don't know about, get a kind of Writers bug.

It's a good thing!

Basically, it means that you really want to do whatever it is you do for creativity. To get rid of it temporarily, all you have to do is bend to it's whims. That has the bonus of keeping it alive. If you want it gone, then just don't do whatever it is you want it to do. And, above all, don't just get distracted by random stuff. That is a sure-fire bug killer, and a sure-fire mind killer, as well. WRITE!!!

Future goals:

I want to be a Video Game Developer. More specifically, a programmer or a writer. That said, I wouldn't mind writing comics, or even writing a book if it got me money. I like money. Money is good.

So, therefor, if there is any Video Game / Comic Book / Book talent scouts that read and like my stories, feel free to shoot me a PM! Not like that's ever going to happen, but hey, this is supposed to be my profile, so I can do what I want! HAHAHA!


So... yeah. I actually a couple ideas in mind for Video Games, Comic Books and regular Books that I think are really neat and would love to at least have a hand in creating. I am actually currently learning about programing in a Comunity Colleage, the location of which shall remain a secrete for the fairly obvious reasons of it being none of your business.

-Shy Shay

Read you later!

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