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Sequel to True Love~

Why Did I Fall in Love With You?

Thank you everyone!

I am a very bored person most of the time so I seek shows to entertain me. :D I’ve watched so many dramas; mostly Korean and Taiwanese ones. I’ve also watched many animes too! So if you’re bored and have nothing to watch, then let me suggest to you some of my favorites. ^^ I will also put a list of Kpop/Cpop music that I am obsessed with and that will be updated frequently :D.

The name of the drama will come first followed by a (K) indicating that it is a Korean drama or a (T) for Taiwanese. A score between 1 and10 based on my opinion will be given as well. 10 being outstanding! :)!

Remember! This is my opinions only! You have the right to not accept it.

1. You’re Beautiful (K)- 100! Absolutely love this drama. My all-time favorite! It’s the first one I’ve ever watched and it got me into Korean dramas!

2. Boys over Flowers (K) – 4. I really hated this drama. :( I know. You can completely object but I just thought that it was poorly directed and contained all the possible clichés ever. So sorry if you loved this. :(

3. Coffee Prince (K)- 9.5. The couple has amazing chemistry on screen! It was funny and very enjoyable!

4. Soulmate (K)- 9. I cracked up so much while watching this one. It was too funny. This drama was a real…episode turner? I only deducted a point because of the ending. All I have to say is that the ending was left much opened but otherwise I loved every character because they were all so unique! Definitely a must watch.

5. My Girl (K)- 8.5. It was funny and cute but it wasn’t memorable for me. But hey, the Hong Sisters are getting better at writing dramas!

6. Iljimae (K) (the one with Lee Jun Ki)- 9.5. Very funny, realistic, heart breaking, and excellent. Lee Jun Ki is cuuuuuuute!

7. Thank-You (K)- 9.5. Very good. I loved it because it was touching and sweet.

8. My Lovely Sam-Soon (K)- 8.5. It was funny and Sam-Soon is a hoot! :D The English was kind of awkward because of their accents. But hey, can’t blame em’ since English is their second language!

9. Personal Taste (K) – 8.5. I liked this but I felt that it had so much potential but it sucked that they didn’t live up to it. I liked Lee Min Ho in this one rather than him in BOF. XD

10. Autumn’s Concerto (T)- 10. Um.. Heart break much? A funny and cute tear jerker. A definite must watch!

11. Full House (K)- 8.5. Funny but not memorable. I fell in love with Rain’s facial expression. They’re just too funny for his own good!

12. The Case of Itaiwon Homicide (K movie) -8. I wasn’t a big fan of the English but nevertheless Jang Geun Suk pulls it off.

13. Success Story of a Bright Girl (K) – 8. Fantastic acting done by Jang Hyuk.

14. Baby and I (Korean movie) – 8.8. Jang Geun Suk is so young in this! I liked it :)

15. Down With Love (T) – 10. I freaking love this! Jerry Yan! Omg! The secondary lead characters annoy me. Ella is sooooooo lovable! I rewatched it a few times! Can’t get enough of Jerry! :D!!!!

16. Hello, My Sweetheart (T) – 9.5 Show Lou is freaking awesome in this. He pulls off the nerd look with finesse! Alright. I admit it. I cried a few times in this.

17. It started with a Kiss (T)- 7. I thought it was meh. The girl annoyed me.

18. Playful Kiss (K) – 9.5. I loved this far better than the Taiwan version. The girl is a bit annoying but it's k she makes it up by being funny and acting all cute :)

19. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (K)- 10. I. LOVE. THIS. DRAMA! It was hilarious and I had a blast watching it! Hong Sisters, I love you. :D!

20. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (K)- 9.5. Loved it! All the characters were so dang lovable you couldn’t decide whose side to be on!

21. Hana Kimi (T)- 8. It starts dragging but it was still funny and enjoyable. Ending was too open for me to fully love it though.

22. Cyrano Dating Agency (K movie) – 10. What can I say? Park Shin-Hye did a fantastic job. It was funny and romantic. I loved it.

23. We Got Married (K variety show) – 10! One word to describe it? HILARIOUS.

24. Mary Stayed Out All Night (K) - 6. I was sooo excited with the cast but after the 8th episode I began to see it as a drama with a lost cause. :'( I am disappointed. *sigh*

25. 49 Days(K)- 9I think I cried out at least 2.5 litters of tears. :'( It was soo sad. But I really enjoyed it!

26. Romantic Princess (T)- Just started this one too and it's good! Wu Chun and Calvin! ahhhh!

27. Life Special Investigation Team (K)- 9.8. Dang that was so good! It completely kept my interest! If you like mystery and crime; this is a must watch. :D

28. Sign (K)- 9.9 Pretty awesome, interesting, tons of angst. Wow...I cried like a baby at the end. :((((( It dragged a little. Just a little.

29. White Tower (K)- 7 It was a drama mostly about bribes and defending the protagonist who did wrong.

30. City Hall (K)- 8 I find this drama funny, witty, cute, and fast moving for a 20 episode drama. :D

31. Drunken to Love You (Love You) (T)- I FREAKING love Rainie! This drama is drop the bomb funny! Watch it on Viki! The comments are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY. It makes the drama even better!

32. City Hunter (K)- "Shitty Hunter" as the Koreans pronounced it xDD. This is one amazing drama. It appeals to your emotions! You're laughing and crying!

33. Lie to Me (K)- Just started so no comment yet :)

34. The Greatest Love (K)- I like it so far!

35. Running Man (Korean Variety)- LOL I laughed so hard at this show. It's too funny! I am completely addicted to it!

36. Goong (K)- 8 I enjoyed it even though it was a bit repetitive and dull/slow at some parts. Yul has very wet lips or he wears very shiny lip glass. Shin ftw!

37. Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors (K)- 9.5 some romance but not much ^^. I really really like this show because it was goooooooood and VERY intense with all the birth complications! I like medical terms so haha, medical dramas. :D. I wish there was there was more personal conflicts but that's okay because I cried a bunch. :p

38. Protect the Boss (K)- I love the main character! HE'S SO CHILD LIKE AND CUUTE. :D!

39. Pink Lipstick (K)- A drama about revenge! >:). 149 episodes long but half an hour each.

I’ve watched a lot more but I don’t remember lol or I lost interest in it. XD

Must Watch List:

1. Muscle Girl

2. Heartstrings

3. Hard to Say I Love You (J)

4. Can You Hear My Heart

5. Romance Town

6. Dream High

7. My Princess

8. Manny

9. Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang

10. Ripley

11. Love Keeps Going

12. Material Queen

13. Take Care of the Young Lady- JUNG IL WOO. ENOUGH SAID


15.Tree with Deep Roots

16. Flower Boy Ramen Shop

17. Brain


Vampire Knight (Season 1) and Vampire Guilty (Season 2)- 10. I am in love with Kaname! Zero can suck it. :) LOL. So good. I am going to rewatch this!

Naruto- 9. The fillers. :( Nuff said.

Bleach-9. Pretty interesting o.O

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan (Season 1)- 10. I freaking loved this anime!

Hakuouki Hekketsu-roku (Season 2) – 9. Although I love it, the ENDING. OMG. *Angry face!!!!*

Zombie Loan- 8. It was interesting but too bad they didn’t continue the anime *sigh*

Ghost Hunt- 10. It’s the most disturbing and scary anime I’ve ever seen. IT WAS SO GOOD! If anyone knows an even more scary anime, tell me!

Psychic Detective Yakumo- 10. Another good thriller. Kind of. Still loved it :D Totally waiting for the second season!

Blood +- 10. HAJI! This anime has a special place in my heart. A second season would be nice!

How come all the good shows don't have second seasons!! D:!!!

As you can see, I like action romantic animes. So if you know a good one, hook me up! :D


Cry Cry- T-ara


Goldfish-Crispi Crunch

Stranger- Baby Soul

Tick Tack- U-Kiss

How We Feel- Clazzi

Wish You Can Be Unhappy- San E

V- GP Basics

So Give Me A Smile- M Signal

Never Give Up- Bang Yong Guk & Zelo

Trouble Maker- Hyuna & Hyun Seung

Amurut- Hyun Seung

Time- Hyuna & Hyun Seung

The Words I Don't Want to Hear- Hyuna & Hyun Seung

Don't Cry- Agia

Dr. Feel Good- Rania

Christmas for All- Jellyfish Entertainment

Pop Pop Pop- Rania

Oh my Gosh- Seo In Young

Threads of Your Clothes- M Signal

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