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Hello, it's me. My old account was "Miss Anonym", and I decided to change that unattractive and mysterious name into "Fourteen-Teller". Yeah, I did it on purpose. Mostly because I came back to this Captain Tsubasa fandom on my new form. Now, I can tell you guys that I'm almost in a good shape to write. A year (probably more) of inactivity made me realized my lacking in writing. So, with this new account name, I hope I can provide the better story (Fics), with a better writing style. hehehe.

So I came to a decision. That I really want to DELETE my previous fic(s) that I'm no longer interested in. The reasons are not only about "interest" or "not interest", but this is also important for me to do so, in order to avoid any confusion. I know that my previous fic(s) are always about the same, and I don't wanna make a repetition that will cause you to get bored, since I'm planning to provide you the new fic as I claimed to be a 'revision' or as improvement from the previous one. The other reason is that I'm really worried. By the time being, I realized that I have written an exaggeration fics. When I re-read my fic after a long time, I came to a conclusion that my fics are far from good, even almost 'mature' since I provided plenty of uncomfortable scenes, and now when I think of it, that was awful and absurd. So, my worry is: what if my fic(s) caused you guys some negative effects. I don't wanna that to happen.

So, along with this announcement, I ask your permission to delete some of my previous fic(s) within a month. Because I realized that in the development of my work of fiction, I'm not walking on my own. You are there, read my fics and gave me some impressive and constructive reviews, so that I can continue my fics. Then, if I decide to delete most of my fics, I also feel responsible to you guys.

I deeply apologize. Terribly sorry if my decision make you disappointed. I just want to show you my best, and I'll try to present my new fic better than I've ever made. Hehe. :)

A little about me:

You might be confused when you want to call me, since I didn't (or never) provide my real name. Hehe. From what I have received on your review, some of you called me Senpai or miss. Senpai is OK, but please don't call me miss. Hehehe. Since I'm female, you can call me kak, mbak, or even sista, because I know that I'm older than most of you. Hahaha. But, that's up to you guys, call me whatever you want!

FYI, I'm now on my early 20s. Did I told you that I'm older than you? Hahaha. I'm a college student, with focusing my study on matters related to health. It doesn't mean I'm a medical student. And I'm really not. But, thanks to my study, I liked everything related to medical science. So, when you found that I tried to provide some medically reasons on my fics, that makes sense. Hehe.

That's all from me.

Best regards,

Fourteen-Teller (not fortune teller. Hahaha) :)

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