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Chingachgook, he warned me about people like you. "Do not try to understand them" and "do not try to make them understand you. That is because they are a breed apart and make no sense."
--Nathaniel Poe (Hawkeye)

"They were mad, all mad. So obsessed with their own worlds that they had forgotten reality.”
--Lemuel Gulliver

"When I could no longer see land, I threw all my food overboard. I decided not to try and return home. I couldn't live with humans again."
--Lemuel Gulliver

"I don't trust him."
"Well, I don't trust anybody."
--Ellen Ripley and Dallas

"Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?"
--Ellen Ripley

"Oh, what fresh hell is this?"
--Frasier Crane

"Let us pray... for understanding... and for compassion."
"Let us do no such damn thing!"
--Q and Jean-Luc Picard

"Tell me, what is it you wish and I'll be gone."
"Just be gone, that will do nicely."
--Q and Jean-Luc Picard

"We do not wish to seem inhospitable but, gentlemen, you must leave."
"Yes, please leave us. The mere presence of beings like yourselves is intensely painful to us."
--Claymare and Ayelborne

"Imagine a world without religion."
--John Lennon and Richard Dawkins

Name: James
Gender: Male

Couples I Support: (A solo fan supporter) I of course support these pairings but I do so on my own. When it comes to fictional couples, I try to like actually ones but there are times when the writer or writers don't get it right. It would be nice to be a part of a couple fan base at some message board and talk about this stuff… but the couples I like don't have any and the ones that do… oh god… what a mess they are.

I see a lot of people say that there hardcore fans of a pairing, even to the point where they name themselves after their so-called favorite couple, have them as their main avatar... but they never live up to it. They say one thing on their bio's, but then they say the complete opposite in their story or picture... hypocrites. Only when another world/universe has been created do I like one of those character's being with someone else, but that always depends.

When some people create their own original character there only peruse is to be better than everyone else and easily get the girl or guy. Most of the time OC-s just come out of nowhere and they never seem to have any problems or flaws. Along with slashing (which is shit) shows how unoriginal some people are, who are bland with no skills whatsoever.

Then there are the ones where some people think that a goodhearted person can somehow be with a true evil person, the type of cruel characters that have killed or have even raped people. Others are the statutory rape/pedophile pairings and so on.

Frank/Maria (Punisher Comic Books/2004 Film) Frank Castle will never love any women ever again. He hasn't for over 30 or 40 some years and he never will. All that died the day his wife Maria and his two kids were killed. Even though the 2004-adaptation film was mostly inaccurate, it showed Frank and Maria’s love and marriage far better than the comics ever did.

There have been times when the Punisher has slept with a woman, but it's only been sex and nothing else. There was Elektra in 2003, the first time they ever met, she was killing off his targets before he even got there. She later told him that she simple does that when she gets bored and that the people he goes after deserves it. She's about to leave when Frank thinks
Thoughts: "Damaged goods, no doubt about it. Likes killing people. Completely insane. Never thought I’d meet anyone quite like her. About to take my life in my hands. Then again, I do that every day."
Dialog: "Wait. You want to have dinner tomorrow night?"

A few years later on the team Thunderbolts, they're at it again. What happen in issue #30, the writers pretty much ignored their canon personalities and history completely... so that issue should be ignored as well.
Frank and Others

Kathryn O'Brien in the Max Punisher, but it was because they had nothing better to do.

Issues later it's the same thing, but he makes it clear on what his thoughts are between them.

Jenny Cesare in the Max Punisher, but she had a very personal reason for that.

There have been a few others but they've been meaningless events in his life.

Snake Eyes/Scarlett (G.I. Joe Comic Book Marvel-IDW) The most in-love couple and the main couple in the main G.I. Joe comic book (the second being Flint/Lady Jaye), they've loved each other for years. It's been 32 years since June 2014 if you count issue #1 in June 1982.

It was Scarlett who was first attracted to Snake Eyes when G.I. Joe was being formed. Scarlett's first assignment was to train the new team in hand-to-hand combat. During the exercises, she met Snake Eyes. While she beat most of the team members, she recognized that Snake Eyes was a superior fighter despite the fact that he had allowed her to beat him, allowing her to keep her dignity and respect with the others. Scarlett was intrigued by his actions and wanted to know about him, and as a result, they became very close. They got to know each other even before the crash and Scarlett was the first person Snake Eyes ever opened up too. When the crash with the helicopter happen, Snake Eyes chose to stay and get Scarlett out even when his face was on fire. The fact that Scarlett still wanted to be with him after his face was burned and his voice gone… that’s love… real love.

To say that the two have been through a lot together since that day would be an understatement.
Cobra had captured Scarlett and Snake Eyes rescues her from Destro's Cobra stronghold in an issue with no words or dialog of any kind
Issue #21

3 years later, its Snake Eyes whose been captured by Cobra but both Scarlett and Storm Shadow go to rescue him in anther silent issue
G.I. Joe Year Book issue #3

Snake Eyes, Scarlett and the Blind Master go on a rescue mission to save Stalker, Snow Job and Quick Kick
Issues #63-67

At one point Snake wanted to get his face repaired, Scarlett said that he didn't have to but he wanted to, that she loved him just the way he was, but he wanted to be able to hold her hand and walk down the street and feel the sun shining down on his own face and not on a rubber mask
Issue #93

Snake Eyes has only spoke once since the crash, at that time Scarlett was in a coma when she was shot in the head by the Baroness
Issue #94

He shouted her name in issue #102

When she wakes up she shouts, "Where am I? …Where's Snake Eyes?" in issues #103-104

There reunited in issue #108

It's stated in issue 159 (2010) when it's learned that Zartan disguised himself as Snake Eyes, Duke says, "Snake Eyes would never leave Scarlett in a tight situation. I just verified it by getting past his defenses to slug him out. No way I could do that to the real Snakester."

The first page on issue #192 states
After the events of the past few months, Scarlett and Snake Eyes take a much-deserved vacation...

They don't appear in Issue #193, but it states at the beginning
While Snake Eyes and Scarlett get some well-deserved rest in the mountains

In Issue #198
As things heat up in Sierra Gordo, SCARLETT and SNAKE EYES race against the clock to save G.I. JOE's HQ, The Pit, from the sinister grip of COBRA.

Larry Hama (the creator of G.I. Joe) had been the only writer to have ever written them correctly.
Snake Eyes/Scarlett

Back Issue Ben: GI Joe: The Secret Origin of Snake Eyes

Blogbusters Star Corssed Lovers

Snake Eyes (V3) Custom Action Figure Art from G.I. JOE

But he hasn't done much else with them in the canon storyline, nothing important or memorable has happen since then. He's missed a lot of opportunities to do more with them, only in issue 192 in July of 2013 do we see any real interaction between them. But there's really nothing else I can list before or after that. Now I'm not asking for every issue to be about them, although I wouldn't mind a G.I. Joe title that just started them. It does show that there not needy, they don't always have to be near each other and worried 24/7 when one is off on a solo mission. They both have absolute confidences in each other. But there needs to be more loving scenes between them.

When G.I. Joe was under Image Comics and Devil's Due, he and a few others did do a few more romantic scenes with them... but non-canon titles pretty much become meaningless, especially if the characters are written too differently and if the canon storyline is still going on. There have been a few other writers who have written very touching scenes (small ones) with them in alternate realities such as Brandon Jerwa, Tim Seeley, Mike O'Sullivan and John Ney Reiber.

As for the rest…others have not even tried or have failed completely and that would include other G.I. Joe titles, all the animation series and films. That list of lazy writers who are nothing but hacks would include the people at Sunbow, Stephen Sommers, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Warren Ellis, Josh Blaylock, Andy Schmidt, Henry Gilroy, Eric Karten, Chuck Dixon and Karen Traviss.
G.I. Joe (Image/Devil's Due)

G.I. Joe: Front Line

G.I. Joe: Reloaded

G.I. Joe Vs the Transformers: The Art of War (Vol. 3)

Transformers: G.I. Joe


Snake Eyes/Scarlett (G.I. Joe: Renegades) This was really just a god-awful series, the only reason to watch it was for Snake Eyes and Scarlett. When it came to them in Renegades with what was said and shown
In episode Dreadnoks Rising, Duke says, "You put a lot of faith into that mystery man." and Scarlett replies, "He's earned it."

In episode Rage, Tunnel Rat says to Snake Eyes, Hey, your lady is in trouble, I'm guessing you know how to find her right?"

In episode Return of the Arashikage, Part 1 Jinx says to Scarlett, "You know you’re not like his other students. I've seen how he treats you… how he cares."

In episode Fire Fight, when Scarlett goes with Snake Eyes on a chopper motorcycle, Tunnel Rat says, "Ah, what can you do? Chicks dig the strong totally silent type." When Scarlett is hanging off a mountain lift, Baroness says to Snake Eyes, "Surrender Ninja, or your girlfriend flies away!"

In episode Knockoffs, Roadblock says, "You see, now that's what I'm talking about. Snake Eyes and Scarlett, they share bond, a connection." Zartan says to Scarlett, "Ninja's got guts, huh, too bad I have to splatter him all over the asphalt.” Scarlett replies, "My money’s on Snake Eyes." After Snake Eyes knocks out Zartan, Duke wants to know how he knew it was him, Snake Eyes puts his right fist on his chest and Scarlett says, "Heard the differences in your heartbeats.” Roadblock says, "Now that's really knowing someone."

In episode White Out, Storm Shadow shouts out to Snake Eyes, "and your woman will be the first to fall!"

At the end of episode The Anaconda Strain, Scarlett is remembering her father (who was deceased as far as she knew), Snake Eyes comforts her by putting his hand on her shoulder and she puts her hand on his.

In Cutting Edge, an episode that just stared Snake Eyes, Scarlett and Jinx, we once again see just how good they are when they work together.

Episode Revelations, Part 1 reveals that Snake Eyes met Scarlett's father and promised him to look after her. When they came under attack from Cobra, Snake Eyes face was burned when Mr. O'Hara’s lab exploded. Scarlett says, "All that time we spent together, you should have found a way to tell me the truth." But Scarlett can see that Snake Eyes blamed himself for what happen and why he didn't tell her (in his own way). She knows that nobody was going to make her father quit at what he was doing and she thanks Snake Eyes for helping him by gently touching his face, Snake Eyes then holds her hands.

In Episode Revelations, Part 2, when Snake Eyes is being forced inside in the MASS device, Mindbender says to Scarlett, "Oh, if only I had the right frequency, you wouldn't have to watch your boyfriend get turned inside out."
Snake Eyes/Scarlett

But unfortunately that wasn't much character or relationship development between them. None of that meant either one of them had deep feelings of love for each other since there was no definite answer to that. It was very slowly leading to a relationship but what little development there was, it wasn't memorable and it was very much rushed due to the fact that the show ended very quickly. The writers had their chance to already have them as a couple, like in the comic book… but like every other animated, CGI (expect for G1JOE2012), and the live action versions… they blew it, because there won't be a second season.

They wasted their time on a crappy A-Team plot, making the bad guys be an evil corporation, characters who look and act like teenagers, liquid monsters, someone (who's really a white guy) having liquid superpowers, others who are just completely unrecognizable, shoving idiotic jokes, arguments and one-liners down everyone's throat. G.I. Joe is suppose to be about the U.S. armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine) that became a Special Counter-Terrorist Unit Delta that fights Cobra (a terrorist organization) around the globe in the sea, air and land... not a small group of door-to-door problem solvers on the run and acting like "The Odd Couple" with bickering moments going on...

The fact that in the last episode, the original voice actor Michael Bell as Duke from the Sunbow series recounts his terrible dream where everyone was drawn horribly... that doesn't say a whole lot of what some of the writers, Hasbro or what The Hub thought of their own show.

Tigatron/Airazor (Beast Wars TV Show/Comic Books) They were the first, the perfect, the most believable, and the most in-love Beast Wars couple. These two Maximals were unlike the others, they were very nice, funny, calm and quiet for the most part, more in tune with their beast modes and nature than the others. During episodes
The Trigger, Part 1
The Trigger, Part 2
Airazor is able to see that Tigatron is a very a kind, generous and thoughtful person who even carried her on his back when she was injured.

In the next episode
Spider's Game
Airazor starts having deep feelings for Tigatron when she says
"Or sometimes you can be too alone."
"But it wouldn't hurt to visit us now and then would it?"

Obviously they both came to love each other, there was plenty of time for them to know and be with each other (off screen that is).
In episode
Coming of the Fuzors, Part 1
"That's what Airazor and I are going to find out. After you my lady."

In episode
Other Visits, Part 1
Referring to the planet and to Airazor, Tigatron says
"I'd forgotten what beauty this planet once offered."
They hold hands and are about to kiss each other, when there taken away by the alien beings and they reach out for each other and shout
"Wherever you go, my spark will find yours!"
"And mine… yours!"

They loved each other so much that when they were seen again in episode
Other Victories
Somewhere in deep space in some type of suspended animation, they're still holding hands. Even when they were just sparks they were still together holding hands.

They were brought back in the comic books where there relationship continued.
Transformers: Universe Wreckers
Beast Wars: Primeval Dawn
beast wars primeval dawn-pt2

Beast Wars Metals Manga
At one point in the Manga storyline, Airazor's spark became separated from her body and became host to a malevolent force. The evil Airazor did battle with Tigatron, who did not want to fight the robot he loved. With no other option, Tigatron gave the evil Airazor one of his katana’s and knelt down. As the evil Airazor struck him with the sword, the ''real'' Airazor's spark entered Tigatron's body. In cyber space, the two embraced and vowed never to be apart again. As their sparks merged, they became Tigerhawk. But the less said about this version... the better.

Before the Beast Wars took place, Tigatron was known as Unit 2 and Airazor was known as Wing Saber in
Dawn of Future's Past

The scene has them meeting for the very first time and it seemed to be predicting their future that they were going to be a couple even if they stayed as those bots.




Samanosuke/Kaede (Onimusha: Warlords-Blade Warriors) Before the events in Warlords, Samanosuke and Kaede knew each other for 4 years. During those years it's pretty obvious that the two of them developed a partnership, a friendship, trust, honor, respect and of course deep feelings.

In Blade Warriors Samanosuke says
"She is a trusted friend… no… she is much more than just a friend… I would trust her with my life."
"Kaede... it is you that gives me the strength to fight. It has always been so and always will."
The story has it that Samanosuke had to go away to protect himself from hurting the people he loved because of the new type of powers he was given. He was really talking about Kaede since she was really the only person who was very close in his life. He left because he would not be able to forgive himself if he had hurt or had killed her. He went away because he wanted to protect her. A sort of sacrifice you could say, and that’s really what real love is… sacrifice.

Kaede was killed in 1582, before Oni 3 beings and in Oni: DoD (1597) Samanosuke (as Tenkai Nankobo) says
"We should put an end to this madness... for Kaede."
The fact that he was thinking about her after all that time showed that he still loved her.

Spock/Saavik (Star Trek III-IV/Books) From all accounts a romance between Spock and Saavik was planned from the start, but for some reason the plotline was dropped after Star Trek: III. At the beginning of Star Trek: IV Saavik stayed on Vulcan, the film's writers intended that this be because she was pregnant with Spock's child as a result of the pon farr in Star Trek: III, although no references to her pregnancy made it into the finished movie and it was never followed up, thereby placing this into a gray area in terms of canon. In one of the episodes of Star Trek: TNG it’s said that Spock was married but they don’t say to whom but Saavik would have been the only person Spock would have married.
In the novels
Vulcan's Heart
Vulcan's Soul
Which takes place some years after Star Trek: VI, an older Saavik marries Spock. In the Titan novel
Taking Wing
It is clearly stated that Spock and Saavik are married, as she sends greetings through Tuvok (but the ST books are non-canon).


Spock/Uhura (Star Trek: Alternate Reality Films/Comic Books/Video Game) Because of time-travel and the events that were changed before the 5-year mission even started, events leading up to it were of course altered (unless it was already an altered universe that just got changed even more). As Spock said in the film
"You are assuming that Nero knows how events are predicted to unfold - the contrary. Nero's very presence has altered the flow of history, beginning with the attack on the USS Kelvin, culminating in the events of today, thereby creating an entire new chain of incidents that cannot be anticipated by either party."
Uhura says
"An alternate reality..."
Spock answers
"Precisely. Whatever our lives might have been if the time continuum was disrupted - our destinies have changed."

In Star Trek: TNG episode Parallels, Data talked about quantum realities
"I believe the quantum fissure we discovered is a fixed point across the space-time continuum. A 'keyhole', which intersects many other quantum realities."
The counterpart Troi wants to know what they are and Data continues,
"For any event there is an infinite number of possible outcomes. Our choices determine which outcomes will follow. But there is a theory in quantum physics, that all possibilities that can happen, do happen in alternate quantum realities."
In the script of the 2009 Star Trek film, before being teased by his classmates, the young Spock is asked by the computer in the learning center on Vulcan: "What is the central assumption of Quantum Cosmology?" To which Spock replies: "Everything that can happen does happen in equal and parallel universes." It's said that in the final cut of the film, this can barely be heard... well, that's what they say.

During the film, Spock’s human emotion side of him was pushed to the very limit and Uhura very well saw that. Without Uhura and Sarek, Spock would have had nobody to be there for him. Spock’s father told him that he married his mother because he loved her, the Spock from the future told his younger self to put logic aside and do what feels right. It seems that their relationship has been going on for some time. The way Spock looked and talked when Uhura is demanding him to put her on the Enterprise. Using his own logic against him she easily convinces him she has earned her spot on the flagship through her own merit. Convinced, he makes the change with no further argument. From what was seen so far these two do have a few things in common with the way their characters were written and shown in the film, there strong, independent, intelligent, convenient, and very professional in there work.

According to the IDW comic books, Star Trek (IDW Ongoing) issue #18, Uhura is the one who makes the first move and asks Spock out to dinner when they were still at the Academy.

The second film has Uhura stating that there going through some problems, arguments and disagreements (the IDW comics shows and explains more about this).

Although one shouldn't depend on the comics to fill in the all gaps completely, not every writer IDW gets is able to write them or a story in general correctly. But getting back to Into Darkness, there able to deal with it, learn from it, move on and still love each other.
"Nyota, you mistake my choice not to feel as a reflection of my not caring, while I assure you it was precisely the opposite."

It's said that Spock and Uhura were put in an actual relationship by the filmmakers as a nod to early episodes highlighting her interest in him. Nichelle Nichols expressed in more than one occasion the opinion that the romance in the movie by JJ Abrams works because even in the original series there was hints of attraction between the characters but a relationship could have never been developed between them due to time where the show was originally made. In 2008 (before the movie by Abrams came out) she said that she always thought that Spock was the person Uhura was the closest to on the ship.

In an interview from 2009 she talks about the origins of her character and how she has created Uhura as a feminine version of Spock. She also confirms that Gene Roddenberry himself had intended to develop a relationship between the characters had the show gone past the third season:
"I decided then from the character that I read [Spock] that I wanted to be very much like that character but in a feminine way. And Gene said, and I was sharing this with George the other day, when I told him that I thought of Spock as my mentor. Because if you remember Uhura was the only one he was able to teach the Vulcan lyre too and he sang and spooffed on Spock. Now, you could have never had a love scene in 63 between Uhura and Spock but there were several hints and [back to Roddenberry] Gene was one in the kind of beginning to follow that and he wanted to do episodes if we had gone past the third year."

But if there had been more than just 3 seasons, if they weren't so focus on Kirk, Spock and Bones all the time, if there wasn't that level of racism in the 1960's with showing a white man and a black woman being together, if the network had some guts to that type of thing… then who knows, maybe we could have seen more of them together.

Chakotay/Seven of Nine (Star Trek: Voyager) Normally I would list reasons, episodes on what was said and done to explain why two people like them should be together. Rarely do I find someone who has already done that, but the link below gives those reasons.

T. Hawk/Julia (Super Street Fighter IV/Comic Books) Since SSF-IV, T. Hawk has been looking for Julia, his girlfriend, who was kidnapped and has been called Juli, one of Bison's brainwashed dolls.

One thing I've noticed is that some people will try to claim that she's his sister... even though he's a tan skin American Indian from Mexico and she's white who was born in Germany... or they'll say that he's her uncle, which still doesn't make any sense since there's no explanation to either. SSFIV doesn't even mention the word "sister" in the game, there was no mention of sister in Alpha 3 either. In fact "sister" and "uncle" are never stated in any SF game when it comes to them. Typos or incorrect info does happen, but I haven't seen any for these two.
Julia's Bio

In Super Street Fighter 4, T. Hawk's title is Got a Girlfriend

In Ibuki's win quote to T. Hawk in SSF4 Arcade Mode she says
"You're looking for your girlfriend? Is she cute? Have you been together long?"

Egon/Janine (The Real Ghostbusters/Comic Books) The series definitely had them as a couple and so did the comic book
The Real Ghostbusters (NOW Comics and Marvel UK)
Ghostbusters: Legion
The writers of both comics ignored what happen in GBII when Janine for some strange idiotic reason got together with that other character (I’m not even going to waste my time with his name) and I can’t thank them enough for doing that, although the cartoon characters were not exactly like their movie counterparts in every single way. But nevertheless, there was no soap opera love triangle crap going on. In Extreme Ghostbusters (terrible show) the relationship continues as well, although it could have been better written... much better.

But the writers really found a way to make the relationship work between them. It was good that they didn't get together right away, they took their time on that. But the whole thing about whether or not they would end up together went on for too long.


Revan/Bastila (Star Wars: KOTOR I-II-Comic Books-Novel-The Old Republic) The male Revan of the light side. Rarely does a video game story show and have two characters getting to know each other on the journey they take. The time span in KOTOR-I shows Revan and Bastila getting to know each other seems to take place within weeks or a month or two due to the fact that Revan sleeps when you travel from planet to planet (as if a day has gone by) and that retraining him as a Jedi would have taken days or weeks to do. That's not a 100% realistic but it's better than other video games that try to have a romance story within a few minutes. When it comes to Revan's character, you get to choose what he says and how he acts, I always pick the dialog and the decision that was intelligent to what Bastila said, asked and did. Not the dialog where Revan acts like an idiotic comedian.

Within two years of the Jedi Civil War's conclusion, the two were married. His relationship with Bastila Shan had a significant effect on his personal views regarding love and attachment. In opposition to the Jedi Council and the orthodox way of the Jedi Order, Revan asserted that the Jedi could embrace love without being undermined by passion. He disregarded past Jedi who had been corrupted by the dark side through attachment, believing that they had been overwhelmed by the emotions that they were ill equipped to handle. But in the Council's eyes, love and passion were indivisible, and thus they would have none of his heresy. Although Revan refused to leave Bastila, he ultimately agreed to stop challenging the doctrine of the Jedi Order. In return for respecting the Order's traditions, Revan and Bastila were allowed to remain as its members, though in a low-profile capacity.

5 years later in KOTOR-II, HK-47 tells the Exile that Revan and Bastila were often intimate in the Cargo hold of the Ebon Hawk. In 3,954 BBY Bastila gave birth to Revan's son, Vaner Shan. She spent the rest of her life with her son, and their family grew in the following years. Bastila never saw Revan again. However, she was convinced that whatever threat Revan went to fight, he had defeated it because their family never had to deal with war like they did.

Unlike both his parents, he never joined the Jedi Order. Instead he became a politician in the Galactic Republic. He eventually married a woman named Emess, and together they had two children named Ressa and Bress Shan. He was said to greatly resemble his father at the time of the Jedi Civil War, having the same dark eyes, fair skin and shoulder length dark hair. Revan and Bastila’s family line eventually led to Satele Shan, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the post-Great Galactic War era and Satele’s secret son Theron Shan, a Republic spy.

Gambit/Sage (X-Men Comic Books-616) I don't see these two getting together any time soon, but based on when they first met in X-Treme X-Men, one could see something of a romantic nature in the relationship. Sage (Tessa Niles) obviously has the hots for him and unlike other women in his life, when they interacted, even if she disagreed with him, she didn't throw insults at him or threaten to beat or kill him. Sage is an intelligent, independent, skilled, tough, dangerous, classy, beautiful, sexy, and funny woman who knows what she wants. There’s none of that "Oh, I’m so confused" or "I need time to myself" crap with her.

They have similar backgrounds, such as they could share stories about how the X-Men abandoned them at various points only to accept people like
1.Mystique: Tried to kill Rogue, Nightcrawler, Gambit, an infant, and had a large hand in Banshee's death.
2.Sabertooth: Killed dozens of people, nearly killed Wolverine, Jean, Psylocke, Gambit their allies and so on.
3.Emma Frost: Mind controlled people like Jean (which caused the Phoenix to go Dark) and Storm (kidnapped her), and blew up an ice cream shop full of children.
4.Magneto: A huge death toll, tried to kill Wolverine, Cable, Gambit and so on.

The list of their crimes can go on and on, but they were allowed to join with open arms without even a slap on the wrist. Gambit was left to die in Antarctica, nobody questioned Rogue doing that and they didn't go searching for him and it only got mention years later in 2013 by only one person that it was wrong. Sage was left to spy on the Hellfire Club on her own at a young inexperience age… and it didn't turn out to well for her.

They had a difficult childhood (Sage was a child soldier) that changed thanks to a fortunate encounter with Xavier, Remy with Jean-Luc. Both of them tend to consider the team a family. A family for which they're ready to do anything in order to protect it (even if the cost is the mission), in X-Treme, Sage is usual calm when Storm is about to die and Bishop has to put her out cold in order to stop her from going to Storm’s side. Both of them have plenty of difficulty being accepted by the team for their shady past and the air of mystery that surround them. Both of them were used for the greater good by people who were supposed to love them first: Jean-Luc sacrificed Remy for the sake of peace between the Guilds, Charles used Sage as a spy in the Hellfire Club even if it was very risky for a very young girl. Both of them have a big guilty complex and sometimes they feel unworthy, but they don’t brood about it in a corner: they fight in order to make amends.

Sage often expressed in Claremont’s run a great interest in Gambit, she even kissed him two times (although she had ulterior motives in these occasion) and she said to appreciate his appearance a big deal. Despite the similarities they do of course have very different attitudes. Sage is more an introvert and logic kind of person. Remy is more an outgoing and "people" kind of guy. She doesn't talk a lot and she's always very professional, he uses words as one of his best ally and he jokes even in battle. I'm not saying that they should have a cheesy love relationship that doesn't go anywhere like what he had with Rogue (hell no!), but a relationship where they team-up, talk (real conversions) and give each other a good time whenever they need it.

“Better 'ting, you didn’t aim for my head.”
“Such a handsome head. Who could bear to spoil it?”

At one point Sage (disguised as Rogue) kisses Gambit in order to give his powers back (he had lost them of course). But before that, she say says
"Moments like this, Remy--and opportunities--they may never come again."

She pulls away for a second and describes the kiss as
And continues

She was clearly enjoying it.

Sage kisses Gambit again in order to give his eyesight back

She actually helped him when he never asked for it (twice) and she didn’t ask for anything in return. I could envision them being partners and lovers in superhero/crime as she plans the big missions and provides the logistical support and Gambit provides the wild card element for when the plan goes awry.

Even though they didn’t see each other for 5 or 6 years (Sage was trapped in the Crystal Palace during that time), she still flirts with him in AXM 60.
"Long time no see, hot stuff."

But nothing ever came of this.

When it comes to Gambit and... Rogue they haven't been a couple since 2006, hopefully it's officially over and it stays that way. Being left to die in Antarctica in 1997 should have been the end of it. The countless idiotic choice (mostly from Rogue) that have gone on from the 90s to now, it's gotten to the point where they've become completely unlikable as a couple. From 2011 to 2013 in the comic books is some of the worst out-of-character writing. It's unrecoverable to the point where they should never get back together in the comics. I rather not see Gambit be Rogue's obedient lapdog, act as if she didn't do anything wrong, and go right back to having a so-called relationship that never goes anywhere. He shouldn't waste another 29 years of his life on someone who not only never loved him in the first place, but someone who can't make up her mind on anything at all.

Believe it or not… Gambit has been the only one to remain faithful in their relationship, even when they were still together. It’s Rogue who has always been wondering about other men, from Joseph, Colossus, Campbell, Pulse, Magneto, at one point it looked as if she was going to be with Mimic, Havok and... Wonder Man??? Who the fuck knows with this bitch anymore, she is not right in the head. Only when they broke up did Gambit see other women. When they were together, other women were of course interested in him but he shot them down. From Storm, Belle, Ginny, and Foxx (who was Mystique).

Also, it doesn’t say a lot for Rogue as a character when she's finally able to touch anyone… she dumps Gambit… in XML #275, 2012, even though it happens off panel, Gambit is now just a friend to her, so she got over him pretty quickly and easily. There whole past doesn't mean anything to her anymore...

Why he even stayed with her or with the X-Men has never made any sense. He didn't share Xavier's version, whenever something terrible happen to him, the X-Men were hardly ever there for him... even though he was there for them. He did care about Rogue but he should have gotten the message that she wanted nothing to do with him from the start and that she was never going to get her act together. Even in other timelines and alternate universes, Gambit falls for her, but as always, she either wants nothing to do with him, or if they do get together and he's killed... she gets over him pretty quickly to whoever is nearby. The Gambit/Rogue fans are stuck in the 90s and they just downplay this whole thing. They of course want them back together... what their basically saying is that they want Gambit to be a complete witless chump with no self-respect and have it that Rogue never faces any consequences for her actions.

Gambit himself said it best in Annual Gambit 1999
"No real friendships. No lasting Loves.”

Such writers like Marjorie Liu said it best as well
Marvel.com: "How does Gambit’s relationship with Rogue color his place among the X-Men?"

Marjorie Liu: "I wish it didn't! If this was real life, that relationship would be one of those bad running jokes that people tell each other around dinner, or when there's nothing else to talk about and so you go to the one topic that's only less boring than dull silence. Don't get me wrong, I used to be a fan of Gambit and Rogue, but the relationship doesn't do either of them any favors."

Although she's better at giving interviewers like this than she is at trying to write about his love life. She seems to have an obsession with boring characters who can't relate to each other and have no chemistry, but forces them into a friendship or a relationship regardless. Luckily that storyline ended.

Gordon/Alyx (Half-Life 2: Episode 1-2) These two have of course spent time together as a team, they’ve able to work together quite well and Alyx does care about Gordon. Alyx is a very nice, funny, caring, convenient, independent and a tough young woman. Gordon doesn’t say one word and we don’t know how he feels about anything, we don’t know what kind of attitude or personality he has. Although that’s because it’s to make the player feel more like they’re in the game.

Gordon is of course someone who’s out to do the right thing. If one had to judge on what we do with him and how other people (the good guys) act around him, Gordon is pretty much a simple man, a very nice and tough person, someone people look up to. So these two fix together very well.

Henry/Eileen (Silent Hill 4: The Room) I very much see a relationship between the two after the events of the Escape Ending. Henry was a perfect gentleman to Eileen and to everyone he met. They got along very well with each other due to the fact that he spoke very calmly to her, he was polite, and they never got mad or annoyed with each other. When your with each other, Eileen will express her concern for Henry. If he ceases to walk for a few moments (especially if he is breathing heavily), Eileen will ask, "Are you okay?"

If Henry is killed, Eileen will fall to her knees and reach her arm out towards Henry's body. He kept her save behind him the whole time when Joseph showed up. They were both very nice sweet people and the fact that Henry brings Eileen a bouquet of flowers in both the Escape and the Mother Ending shows that he cared, that they can have a future together. It's the beginning of a relationship.

Jen/Kira (The Dark Crystal) There's not that much I can say about these two. They were very nice, kind, gently, and strong Gelflings, they were perfect for each other. At the time when they were going to make a new film (I've heard that production on the film has been suspended indefinitely), it was said that they have been with each other for many, many years.


Blaze/Kei Nagase (Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War) Nagase showed growing feelings for Blaze throughout the game, the only man she is seen or hearing (what she says) to have feelings for. During mission White Noise when Nagase got shot down, she says that Blaze will come for her, not the Razgriz
"I'll be alright. I know Blaze will come for me."
"I've heard that engine sound before… Blaze is that you?"
When she is found she shouts out his name
When you meet the 8492nd squadron and saying "No" to getting away, Nagase says that it would be insane to do alone, Grimm then says
"Captain, she’s just worried about you…"
When Blaze comes back from the mission Solitaire, the rest of the group meets up with him and she says
"I knew you would make it back in one piece."
During the last mission Nagase says
"I vowed to myself that I would never lose another flight lead. So please, Blaze, let me fly with you just for a little longer.”

There was plenty of time for these two to get to know each other during the story and before the ending. Blaze is a young man but his face is never shown, he didn’t have a voice actor and we only saw the size of Blaze’s body twice and he was a thin man.

It's interesting to note that at the end of the game a woman (her face is not shown) is seen with a little child setting on her lap reading a red book outside (the same red book, "A Blue Dove for the Princess", that Nagase was seen writing in and reading earlier in the game). As the credits roll the child is seen running down the street with a toy airplane. The woman is later seen from behind with her arm around a man (we don't see the man’' face, just like we never saw Blaze’s face) with her child up on top of the man’s shoulders as they pass a broken torn wall to their left.

This pretty much shows that Nagase and Blaze got married and had a child and the fact that the man's face was not shown very much means that it was Blaze. The ending goes out of its way to show them since it was a happy ending to the story.

Alucard/Maria (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night-Nocturne of Recollection) It happened in one of the game's endings where Maria wanted to be with Alucard, which is the real and best ending. A year later after that ending their story continues in the audio drama called “Castlevania: Nocturne of Recollection”.

Joshua/Adon (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil-Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion/Comic Books) It was stated by his sister, Danielle, that Joshua spoke offend of Adon. Throughout Turok 3, Adon seeks to save Joshua and it was stated by the character Yvree at the end that "She loves him", to the point where Adon defied the Council of Voices in order to save Joshua. When it comes to describing Joshua’s personality, he only appeared in two games. Even though both the books and comic books were non-canon (they don't match the events in the games and they were pretty much ignored by the 3rd game), they were shown to have feelings for each other. In the comic book
Turok Online Exclusive
Joshua and Adon flirt with each other.

In the comic book magazine
Turok 2: Adon’s Curse
Most of their thoughts and conversation were about each other and they even kissed.

In the comic book
Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion
Part of Joshua's bio states
"Joshua found his thoughts lingering on the mysterious and beautiful Adon, the Speaker of Forever Light. In their conversation following the death of the Primagen, Joshua has come to feel a kinship with Adon, who is burdened by her own responsibilities to the Council of Voices, the Rulers of Galyanna and the keepers of history.”
Part of Adon's bio states
“Adon has developed a friendship with Joshua that has continued to deepen as the months have passed, and her growing feelings for this young Turok have left her longing for a life she fears she may never know.”

Even though he only had a few scenes, he actually had more lines and dialog in Turok 3 instead of just saying, "I am Turok!" in the 2nd game. But in both of those games, form what was shown, he's a very tough, noble, intelligent and a peaceful person. Adon is described as being a scholar, vizier, sorceress, a warrior and that was seen.


Raphael/Mona (TMNT 1987) The character Mona Lisa only appeared in one episode in the '87 TMNT cartoon show even though she went to the Turtle’s hideout in the sewers to be with Raphael. They should have brought her back to the show, it would have been nice to see another female character and to see their group grow with more characters. If Mona had been brought back in the 2003 series, her character would have needed to have been written very differently in order for her to have been matched up Raphael since his attitude and personality was not the same as the one from 1987.

Ryu/Chun-Li (Street Fighter Comic Books) They've been a couple in the Street Fighter comic books, they even got married at one point in one of the storylines. Different writers have of course written many of the Street Fighter comic books, just like with the animated film and the animated TV series, there characters were either written slightly or considerably differently and are based in different worlds.


Kage/Sarah (Virtua Fighter Anime) In the short anime series Kage-Maru and Sarah Bryant slowly develop feelings for each other. Although that's not what happen in the video game, but there’s barely a storyline going on in the games. In the anime series Sarah is a very sweet young woman and Kage is a mercenary Ninja, but deep down inside he’s of course a good guy with a conscience and a heart to the point where he seeks redemption. Because of the kindness he received from Sarah, Kage-Maru decided to fight for the things that are worth protecting, mainly Sarah. Throughout the series Kage-Maru shows a concern for her.

At the end of the episodes you hear one of the characters (half the time it’s Akira who’s the funny guy of the group) talk about what’s going to happen next. When Kage-Maru starts to speak, Akira interrupts and says that Kage has a thing for Sarah… and he doesn’t know how to answer that.

(Italy dialog translation)
In episode 34, Kage saves Sarah from a huge falling steel axe.
Sarah: "Thank you, Kage-Maru.”
Kage: "Be careful! This place is full of traps.”
Sarah: "Once again...you saved my life...”
Kage: "And forever will it be this way, Sarah. I said it once, I have a mission to accomplish, that is to watch over you.”
Sarah: "Kage-Maru..."
She then notices that he's trigged a trap
Sarah: "You stepped on something weird! Watch out!”
Sarah saves Kage-Maru from another huge falling steel axe by pushing him out of the way. Landing on top of him, she smiles and says
Sarah: "Know what, Kage-Maru? I love to save you too!"
Even though he’s wearing his mask, Kage-Maru gives a small laugh, smiles and thanks her.
Kage: "Hehehe! Thank you."
Sarah: "We have to hurry up!"

The way their backgrounds were written and what they ended up doing in the storyline, we only got to see Kage’s personality as a mercenary Ninja and not really as the person that he was going to be or wanted to be after rescuing Sarah. The series was more focused on Akira, Pai, Jacky and somewhat on Sarah, so we only got to see a little bit of character development from Kage in the last few episodes of season 1 and 2. If we did see more of it… he would still be that silent Ninja, but a very nice and polite person (which he was, but there would have been more of it) and I can only see him opening up to Sarah since she touched him in a way that no one ever did. The series had them maturing in their own ways and who knows, we could have seen more of that if there had been a 3rd season.

As user MadameShi said, "These two are of course exceptionally skilled and noble fighters and are alike in more ways than one. They are people who have been raised along a certain line of following; in Kage’s case, he was the tenth-generation Shadow Warrior of the Hagakure, while Sarah initially grew up under the hawk-like care of her prodigiously rich parents, then went on to pursue Jacky's desired path in life, not her own and as the events in the anime indicated, they are both actually very selfless people, willing to make sacrifices for those they love."

As user Ligthingtooth said, "I wanted to make a video to the two heroes of the Virtua Fighter anime that stood out, at least to me it did. So it's a video to the bond between Kagemaru and Sarah. I picked this song since well in their own way they are each other's hero. Kagemaru spends most of the amine trying to keep Sarah safe and save her and yet… to me it really seemed like Sarah's kindness saved Kagemaru from how cold and distant he was. He only did the missions nothing more, but after meeting Sarah he seemed to get something to really fight for."


Scorpion/Wife (Mortal Kombat: Mythologies-Armageddon) We know that Scorpion had a wife and son and that they were killed by Quan Chi but we know nothing about them. In his non-canon Armageddon ending their resurrected. In the alternate world of MK9, we see what they looked like.

Sub-Zero/Sareena (Mortal Kombat: II-Armageddon) The younger Sub-Zero (canon MK world) has shown to be a very caring and generous character. Unlike in MK9 or Legacy, Kuai Liang from the canon world knew that Bi-Han was ruthless and he didn’t seek to avenge him.
"With his freezing powers enhanced by the medallion, he vowed to reform the Lin Kuei as a force for good."
--Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Bio
Despite Sareena being one of Quan Chi’s personal assassin demons and coming from the Netherealm, she's a good person. After attacking Quan Chi, she briefly met Bi-Han and she only expressed a desire to escape the Netherealm when she said
"Take me with you, I’ve waited an eternity to escape."

But they're meeting only lasted a few seconds. Kuai Liang offered Sareena asylum and she pledged her loyalty to him and the Lin Kuei. She helped fight off Noob and Smoke when they attacked him. When Quan Chi caught her, he demanded she provide them information about the Lin Kuei but Sareena refused, determined to remain loyal to Sub-Zero. But Quan Chi cast his dark sorcery upon her. She managed to break free of his hold over her after a battle with Taven.

In her non-canon Armageddon ending, she is left unconscious until Sub-Zero reaches the top of the pyramid and revives her. When someone defeats Blaze, they’re granted whatever he or she wants the most. So for Sareena, she wanted to be reunited with Sub-Zero and have the ability to freeze… it’s almost like she fully became a Lin Kuei member since she pledge loyalty to them.

Exile/Visas (Star War: KOTOR–II) The male Exile of the light side. I know and recognize that the Exile is female and not male. I know that these two didn’t happen. But like Revan and Bastila, these two were able to get too know and understand each other and these two were able to relate to each other. They complete each other.
"From the moment I heard your voice across the galaxy, I have longed for you—When I heard it, I loved you more than my own life. And I wanted you to be here with me, for as long as you will let me love you."

"Stay, and I want you see what I see when I gaze upon you. I want you to know why I cannot look at you, and why I am drawn to you."

From what was seen in the story, Visas has never had anyone to believe in, to show her the goodness inside of herself that Nihilus tried to erase, to remind her that she has worth, and feelings, and a soul. The Exile does these things for her, but she isn't just receiving, she is giving. She gives the Exile a chance to learn to see the universe in a new way, she gives him a cause to champion, a heart to strive for, and ultimately hope that if he has redeemed her, perhaps he can redeem himself.

Daylen/Morrigan (Dragon Age: Origins-Witch Hunt) My male Warden is a human Mage called Daylen Solona Amell (the name they picked for a male Mage). For this couple to work, it of course depends on how your male Warden acts, having a darker tone in personality and how you act towards others. Your able to act however you want, so I always go for being tough, stern, truthful and polite... but only those who deserve it. Throughout the game, there were many times that I didn’t want to solve everybody’s little problem. I’m with Morrigan when she says
"Oh, lovely. Shall we next begin rescuing little kittens from trees?”

Morrigan is tough, intelligent, independent, direct, skilled, dangerous, classy (in her own way), beautiful, sexy, and a funny woman who knows what she wants and she makes no apologies for it or for who she is. Even after you have sex with her, she has no desire on your independence or become a "train war hound". She has some of the best lines and she makes a good point about how she sees such things, like when it comes to the opposite sex and religion
"Men are always willing to believe two things about a woman; one, that she is weak, and two, that she finds him attractive."
"Is there any religion that does not thrive upon guilt like a glutton at his lunch? No? I though not."

You do need to have a backbone to take what else she says to you and others, but that's for those who are too sensitive to such things and should just probably stick with the religious zealot known as Leliana.

When it comes to giving gifts for her approval and her quests… there are only three things that she really wants. When Morrigan is part of your party and in a relationship, she shows disapproval when you show feelings for other women, so it's not like she doesn't care. Morrigan does state that she had no experience with love and being with someone, but she did say that she cared for him. She shows a level of emotion when you talk about her not coming into your tent, she wants you but she but doesn’t know how to handle it, and how she acts when you want her to stay.

In the mini game "Witch Hunt" you can choose to look for Morrigan and convince her for you to go with her and she says
"Then come my love. We will face the future together."

It's too bad but according to Dragon Age writer David Gaider, the story of the first game's Warden "is over".

Shepard/Miranda (Mass Effect 2-3-Citadel) A lot of people said that Miranda was just casual sex but her scenes in ME2-3 and Citadel proved them wrong, it showed how vulnerable she was when she found love with Shepard and how scared she was at losing him. She was a frightened and vulnerable woman under that cold hard exterior and Shepard brought that side out and Kasumi noticed this as well and she says
"It's really weird to see Miranda smiling while she's working and it's all because of you. Be gentle with her Shepard."

Liara and Shepard talk about Miranda
"She's got her issues, but she trust me... and I care about her."
"She was so cold when I first met her, completely focus on her duty."
"I don't know it if she's lighten up that much."
"She has, believe me, you have no idea how much you've changed her. I hope the two of you find some happiness."

Although Liara and Shepard will get into a conversation about whoever he's with. It was very clear in Miranda's interactions with Shepard that she has stronger feelings for him beyond sexual attraction but she was unsure how to proceed.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to who the male Shepard should be with. The only person I can think of that's not right from him at all, whether you are a Paragon or a Renegade... is Ashley… her rude immature racist comments and her boring idiotic religious views that was seen in ME1 was more than enough reason to leave her to die. If Ashley didn't die, she then shows what a whiny bitch she is in ME2, she she atomically deems you a traitor and couldn’t accept the fact that Shepard had no choice but to work for Cerberus for a short time. That there are hard choices one has to make in life, you don’t want to do it but you have to. But Kaidan fails to see this as well and he just repeats what Ashley says nearly word for word.

In ME3, she still gets on your case about that
"I was like yeah, Ashley is the most useless piece of shit girlfriend in the entire galaxy, so don't ever romance Ashley."

If it comes down to where you have to fight her and she's killed by Garrus... before she dies she says that she hopes that the Reapers send you to hell… even if you're a Paragon, didn't do anything that Cerberus had done for years, or just you didn't do anything wrong at all… but the same can be said for Kaidan in that scene, except he wasn't a rude racist ass.

Glitch Bob/Hexadecimal (Reboot) Normally I don't go for a hero and a villain pairing, but only if the villain didn't really do anything terrible and has truly reformed. For all her craziness, Hex always had a thing for Bob and was actually very sweet and loving to him. Bob could always handle Hex, even during her bad days. Hex never seriously wanted to kill/delete Bob, if she did, Hex would have done so a long time ago. When they did fight, Bob always beat Hex with words instead of power or force. She wasn't evil, just a little psycho, and that was mainly Megabyte's fault, not hers. She was always affectionate where Bob was concerned and not just when he was the good-looking Bob (something Dot failed to do). Even when he was banged up, battle scarred and when he was half deleted.

He was really Hexadecimal's only real friend because unlike the other characters (expect Little Matrix) and other Guardians who believe that viruses should simply be deleted on sight, Bob theorized that viruses can be reprogrammed to live as Sprites and Hexadecimal was proof of that.

In episode Showdown
Bob fixes her mask even though she didn't ask him to, grateful for this she teleports him to where he needs go.
"How are you feeling?"
"For the first time... whole."
"Hex, could you--"
"For you Bob... anything."

In episode End Prog
With the System is about to restart, Bob insisted that Phong give Hex an Icon (or PID) to register her with the Principal Office so she would be backed up. Mainframe restarted and a viral scan disinfected all the Virals, but Hexadecimal (with the icon) remained intact, remarking that the scan merely tickled.

Bob and Hex (whether in virus or sprite format) had such great chemistry together. She was the only one in Mainframe that really greeted him warmly when he got back from the web… Dot just gave him a handshake and treated him the same.

In episode Daemon Rising
She helps Bob stop Daemon's attack. She then kisses him and reminds him of that "down time". When she becomes a Sprite, she asked Dot's permission if she could be with Bob.
"So, you and Bob are?"
"Just friends!"
"Ok, just checking. I've always had a little thing for Bob and I-I didn't want to get in way if you-"
"Were just friends."

But she didn't really need her permission at all. Hex wanted to become sisters (sis) but Dot was just an ungrateful bitch to her, she didn't give her a chance, even after she helped bring back her father using Nulls. Hex wastes no time and kisses Bob again (for a 3rd time) and makes it clearly that she wants him. She would have done so if not for the cliché moment of being interrupted.

Before she sacrificed herself to save him and everyone else she said
"Bob, I have always loved you."

When it comes to Bob's personality, at first Bob usually did things "on the fly", he was extremely casual and laid-back in the first two seasons and his first voice actor was better, he sounded relaxed. But later on he when they got someone else, he started acting too nervous and unsure, even about simple things. They pretty much changed him into Peter Parker or the Christopher Reeve version of Clark Kent. But there was one time when he got very upset at Dot over a difference of opinion and refused to speak or be anywhere near her for several seconds. He's matured since then, but this seems like the kind of thing that would make the relationship a little frosty from then on. I would have expected Bob to get mad at some point during the movie because he had good reason to be.

Hexadecimal was tough, ruthless (when she needed to be), confident, independent, intelligent, sophisticated, funny and sexy. She was a woman who knew what she wanted (like Bob) and went after it. When she became one of the good guys, she was still all of those things, but then she became more friendly and loving and more than anything, she wanted to be with Bob. Before she left, she gave Little Matrix (Enzo II) the power to bring forward the dormant sprite code in the nulls which eventually allowed Enzo(s) and Dot to be reunited with their father, Welman Matrix, who was nullified in the twin city, who's experiment accidentally created Hexadecimal in the first place.

In short, she gave him limited power over the nulls. She should have been the main female protagonist in Reboot, she had everything that makes someone a interesting main character in a series.

Dot (the twit) really became a superficial bitch when she and everyone else ditched Glitch Bob because of his appearance, his new form reminded her of the negative times of Mainframe and after asking him to marry her, she leaves him when a better looking version came along.

In episode My Two Bob's
To saying that there just friends, then asking him to marry her, then dumping him… this should have gotten Dot deleted from the system completely. But it doesn't end there… to hold the wedding when he's in a coma, and then not even go see him (to possibly say goodbye) after Turbo warns them that Bob is likely going to die… Dot almost makes the bad guys look good. Then Bob crashes the wedding, almost dead, on his feet and she's pretty much says that she doesn't want him anymore, everybody can see how weak and ill he is, but they could care less if he dies/deleted. The only person to believe in him at the wedding or before hand was Enzo, and AndrAIa … but neither of them did anything to help him.

I can only imagine what Hexadecimal would have done if she had seen Glitch Bob being treated like that.

Lucas/Carla (Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy) Their personalities and attitudes matched and had a few things in common. There good people who want to do the right thing, so they make a good pairing but there should have been far more scenes of them working and talking together in order to really build up their relationship to show to the player and not have it happen off screen.

Although they did spend some time together, but sadly it wasn't seen. According to the timeline in Chapters, after level
The Pact where Lucas explains himself and what's going on to Carla, that takes place on 02/01 (February 1).
Lucas spends a month at Carla's apartment because the date on level Where Is Jade is 02/27 (February 27).

Leon/Claire (Resident Evil 2-Degeneration/Books) In RE2 I thought it was going to happen. It would have made more sense if it did. Even though they only had a few scenes, the two actually had far more chemistry. The writer of the Resident Evil novels, S.D. Perry, saw this as well in
Resident Evil: Underworld
Leon is the strong, nice, quiet, understanding, trusting, loving, sweet, sometimes serious and sometimes funny young man. Claire is the strong, sometimes independent, caring, loving, sweet and funny young woman.

What Leon says to Claire in Degeneration proves that, he’s more open with her when she was feeling depressed.
"We just ended up making things worse.”
Leon reminds her who the true villains are
"That’' not true. The villains here are the ones who use the virus. But worst then them, are the ones who made it. Seven years ago, our lives were changed forever. By the virus from Umbrella Corp. Umbrella collapsed… but their viral legacy continues to spread. I'm gonna scrub this virus from the face of the earth.”
She looks up at him as Leon he tells her that she wasn’t wrong in the choice she made.
"You chose the role of rescuer rather than fighter, like me. You chose a path that your brother and I couldn't follow. You weren't wrong.”
And she thanks him
"Leon, thank you."

This whole thing with Leon and Ada and Claire and Steve is like they're trying to have that whole thing of opposites attracting and trying to have characters falling in love in a matter of seconds or hours. Well opposites don’t attract, they "attack" and that's what happened to Leon. Look how much Leon and Claire have in common. And this whole thing with Leon… and Ashley doesn’t make any sense at all and the fact that he blew her off shows that's not going to happen. Then there are RE pairings that some people base on nothing like… Leon and Angela and Claire and Wesker (sick fucks)… just like Leon and Ashley only dumbass fucks are into that.

Ada has nothing in common with Leon. She already had a boyfriend, John, and she really didn't care that he died, she got over him pretty quickly. She just left Leon when he got shot, used him twice to retrieve a sample of the G-virus and the Las Plagas. She withheld the truth from him up until her "death", she still didn't tell him the truth in RE4 and openly admits that he's an asset in one of her reports and she just leaves him at the end, she does the same thing in RE: Damnation. Sure, Leon can take care of himself…but just to leave him there just so she can get the virus. Collecting dangerous virus samples for an unknown company... those actions can cost many lives later on. She’s untrusting, uncaring and she’s the type of character who lies so many times you can never ever be sure if she’s telling the truth or not. You’ll never know when she’ll backstab you.

What happens in RE2 and in RE4 is proof of all of that. Leon is none of these things. These two couldn't be any more different. Leon is the type of person who wants to do the right thing and that’s shown in RE2, RE4 and in RE: Degeneration where he says I'm going to scrub this virus from the face of the earth, it's the same thing with Claire. She's a member of Terra Save, an organization that handles search and rescue at chemical and biological attacks. Ada is not that type of person at all, she doesn’t think of others, she thinks of only herself. You have to recognize that a character like Leon doesn’t work with a character like Ada. Whatever Leon and Ada had… it wasn't love, it wasn't a friendship or even a partnership. How can you even have a partnership with someone when there’s no trust at all??

Leon and Claire are fully able to trust each other and that was shown in RE: Degeneration. The short team-up and scenes between them… well unlike Leon and Ada there was no miss trust and no lying. Leon and Claire didn’t get into a physical fight where they hold a gun or a knife threatening to kill each other. Leon didn’t act like some stupid immature jackass punk; Claire wasn’t a bitch and wasn’t going to backstab Leon. A Leon and Ada team-up is a crappy one, it’s a team-up that’s in chaos. Now with Leon and Claire… everything works. When two people come together and they have that have much in common and are right for each other… a L/C team-up is one that works very well. Although like I said, it was a short team-up, but a team-up that worked far better.

Now even when I heard and saw that Leon and Claire were going to be in Resident Evil Degeneration, I didn’t think for one moment that it was going to be “the story” to getting Leon and Claire “together”, nor did I think they were going to have a real team-up. I didn’t buy the whole “Reunion of Fate” as if that meant they were going to fall in love during the film’s timeline, which took place in one day. There are some very good scenes between Leon and Claire in the film, what they said to each other and the looks they exchange show that there very well could be something more between them and the fact that nothing was forced between them was better and more realistic.

In RE2 Leon and Ada were only with each other for only a few hours or minutes at the most and 6 years go by of these two of not seeing or hearing from each other at all. In RE4 they are once again with each other for a short time, 7 years go by of these two not seeing or hearing from each other again until 2011, but she just leaves him to fight for himself again… 2 years later in 2013 and it’s the same thing… and that’s supposed to be some type of love relationship between these two??? Give me a fucking break. It’s the same thing between Leon and Angela and Claire and Steve, it’s not believable one bit and the fact that he tried to take advantage of her when she was asleep showed what a sick little fuck he was.

As for the rest
1. Leon blew off Ashley at the end.
2. What Leon said to Hannigan, at first I thought he was just making a joke but story of my life is based on Ada??? Talk about an idiotic line that made no sense.
3. He hardly gave any attention to Angela and paid more to Claire.
4. Nothing happened between him and Manuela, just an awaked scene.
5. Helena was just a bitch and an idiot. Talk about your priorities being mixed up, she doesn't know a damn thing about Leon, even though she tries to act as if she does. Leon risks everything for Helena despite her treating him like shit… he fights to get her name cleared. Even though she's the reason he was forced to kill the President, who was Leon's close personal friend, she participated in the events of Tall Oaks which lead to the deaths of 70,000 innocent people. She should be in jail for life or put on death roll.

Now if Leon and Claire did end up together in RE2 or in Degeneration during that same time-span… it would have had two people who are more right for each other but I would still criticizes it for it happening way too fast. I don’t care how well written it is or how anyone puts it, you don’t fall in love with a person within a few seconds or minutes of knowing a person. When you love someone that means you nearly know everything about them, if not everything, who they are, where them came from, what there like, what they do, what they like or don’t like, what they believe or don’t believe in, what their past was like for them like their childhood and so on. Nearly every movie, book, comic book, and video game critic has criticized stuff like that as being not believable at all. Love... real love happens in years... not within hours, minutes, or seconds.

If anyone is going to use that love at first sight excuse… well I don’t believe in that. Because how can you love someone when you know next to nothing about him or her at all. If you think about it……… people who do that are basing that they love this person based on looks alone. But because Leon and Claire have much in common… over time they would come to love each other.

The people who make the Resident Evil games say they want to make as many RE games as there are James Bond films. If that’s the case then they shouldn't have rush the relationships with the characters in the games. They could or should have taken their time with that. But the writers of the RE games are just truly terribly at writing romance. There really never should have been romance going on in any RE game. Not with a storyline that’s trying to have events going on that only last a few hours or minutes. The answer to this would be to write about this stuff in books or in graphic novels, that way they can have plenty of time to have character background, character development, love and see what happens in-between the storylines of the games. Stories that of course that take place within weeks or months and not within only one day or a few hours. The people behind the games maybe good a telling a horror story with some good game play… but they are just horrible at trying to write a love story.

Now having said all that, I know and understand that the world of Resident Evil is not the real world, it’s fiction, it’s a type of fantasy world, not everything is going to happen the way it does in the real world... but not everything in a story can be complete fiction on all levels. There can be too much fantasy, to the point where it gets ridiculous.

I'm not expecting them to get together and if it doesn’t happen... it's not going to be a shock at all.

Hmmm... it's strange how we become so passionate and feel very strongly about made-up fictional characters that are not real, to the point where we’ll get into heated arguments. This list is for anyone looking for the facts on these couples that describes their history, personalities, scenes, lines, dialog, with links to pictures and videos. There's no head-canon or OC crap here. If anyone agrees with what I've said, feel free to copy and paste in a discussion or argument... I can't stop anyone from doing so anyway.

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