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Author has written 4 stories for Elder Scroll series, and Valkyria Chronicles.

Right, first things first. I'm a twenty-two year-old bloke from Essex, England, and that's all the casual observer is likely to get out of me about me personally. Now, onto the important stuff.

Current fics:

Black Shadows – Set about six months after the end of Blood and Steel in the same universe (all of my future TES fics will be in the TES BaS universe unless otherwise stated), this is essentially the Dark Brotherhood questline with some of my own originality hopefully stamped onto it. LucienxOC is highly unlikely. Characters from BaS are likely to make cameos.

Completed fics:

Futile Vengeance A oneshot semi-sequel to Blood and Steel in which a few loose ends from that fic are tied up. Mentioning more here would be a spoiler; it's highly recommended to read Blood and Steel before reading this.

Blood and SteelAn Oblivion fanfic, the first proper fic I wrote on this site. It involves a fairly large cast of main characters (including the Hero of Kvatch) involving the Main Quest, the Fighters Guild and parts of the Arena. I've also added a lot of my own originality to this, such as actually giving the Orcs a culture as opposed to the limited lore Bethesda has given them. Also note that I improved significantly in the course of writing it; thus, most of the early chapters now fall far short of the exacting high standards I set for myself, and as such are scheduled for updating and improving... when I get around to it, which will take quite some time given how many other projects I have to deal with.

A Glimpse of War – Strange as it seems, Valkyria Chronicles was actually my first calling when it came to fanfiction, but while my multi-chapter fic of that never saw the light of FF, this oneshot did. Given that I wrote it over two and a half years ago, the quality is shockingly bad, but I'll probably rewrite it when I get the time.

Planned fics:

Note: I'm horrendous with titles, so don't expect me to think up titles for fics I haven't even started writing yet. Also note that I only ever write one fic at a time.

The Iron Walls (working title) – A oneshot – it could turn out to be a very long oneshot – about the fall of Nova Orsinium sometime in the early Fourth Era. I've been wanting to write something like this ever since I'd heard of it, but it'll have to wait until my Dark Brotherhood fic is done; I like chronology in my writing.

Skyrim fic – Very far in the future for me, this one, but it'll be similar to Blood and Steel in that it'll feature a fairly large cast of characters going through the Main Quest. This won't be written for years yet, so don't expect many details. The Dragonborn will be, however, a male Nord. Seems most fitting to me.

Favourites lists: You might notice that both my lists are very short. That's because they're very exclusive; I save my highest standards for myself, but my standards for everyone else remain very high. Hence, if a fic is on my favourites list, then it's very good indeed, in my opinion, and the same goes for the authors; if they're on my favourite author's list, then they've written some very good stuff that I thoroughly recommend.

Reviews: I appreciate reviews immensely, as you'll be able to tell if you ever read one of my fics; I'll be reminding people to review in pretty much every single author's note. I myself see reviewing as common courtesy; if I read a chapter, I'll review it, no matter how much I like or dislike it, and I'll most likely review it in detail. Don't expect me to be nice or soft, however; I'll always be honest and I'll always be brutally critical. If your fic is crap, I'll tell you it's crap, then offer suggestions on how to improve. I see no reason to call a fic good if it's horrendous; I'd only be deceiving you into thinking that your pile of crap is actually decent, and then you wouldn't improve. Of course, telling you that your fic is crap without giving advice would be flaming, which I abhor.

Of course, I can't expect everyone to approach reviews the same way that I do, but given that I put a lot of effort into writing my chapters, it's not all that hard, in comparison, to spend less than five minutes writing a quick review of the chapter you've just read. Of course, I prefer detailed reviews that help me improve, but don't let that put you off; even just a sentence is enough to let me know you've read the chapter and appreciated it. Note that I reply to all reviews that I can (either by PM or by a comment in the next chapter's A/N), as it should really be a matter of common courtesy to reply. And, of course, if you review my fic I might take more notice of your fics, though note that I do have my preferences...

Preferred reading: My homophobia means I hate slash of any kind and I'll never read it. I also refuse to read anything with excessive/over-explicit sex scenes, songfics and almost all self-inserts. I don't like first-person fics either, though I'm not entirely opposed to reading them; they can be very good.

A short note on beta reading: I don't have a Beta Reader profile, which is because I will very rarely beta-read anything, having little enough time to write myself. I'm not entirely opposed to it, however, though don't expect me to beta-read an epic-length fic if you just pop up out of nowhere.

I believe that to be everything; if I've missed anything, it's probably not important anyway, and I'd rather get on with writing than wasting any more time writing about myself. As a parting note: if you do read any of my fics, don't forget to leave a review. It's much appreciated.

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