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Author has written 7 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Rosario + Vampire, Naruto, and Sekirei.

My name is Ethan Hunt (no I'm not kidding), I am 27 years young.

As much as I am a writer, I am more of a reader. I check this website daily (sometimes multiple times a day) for new stories that peak my interest or updates to ones I already like. I'm not a great writer, but I hope that someday I will write awesome fanfic. I love the Full Metal Alchemist series and follow it pretty closely. I also will stick to either the manga or anime. I won't crossover and have Ling Yao meet Dante for example. Things like that don't fly with me, unless it is specifically stated that it is AU. Another thing that irks me is when the names are a little different, like Lan Fan is Ran Fan. Or Sun Seto is San Seto. Those may be the names from the original scripts, but it still bothers me as the names i know are from the animes and mangas.

Please direct all kinds of comments at me, yes, even the howlers of FanFiction, the flames. I, however, reserve the right to ignore and even delete flames that attack without proper cause and explination. I am no one's punching bag without proper cause.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if a part of a story doesn't get fully explained. I hope that I will continue to grow as a writer with your comments.


Current Works:

Dispair's Choice: Naruto

Naruto is a Jinchuuriki, a person with a demon sealed inside them. Can he overcome the fear and hate and be the savior they don't want? Kushina must let him go for him to grow and become a god among men. semi god-like Naru AU.

[Naruto/Sakura/Fem Kyu]

Forbidden Love: Rosario Vampire

Nothing is more tragic than a love gone un-pursued, especially when the laws of a governing body force it. Now two students will test those laws and the societies based off them. Combines elements from both anime and manga.


The Throne of Power: Naruto

AU. The ground is burned black, bodies lay decomposing from the eastern mainland of Waves to the deserts of Suna to the Mountains of Kumo. 9 individuals form The Thrown of Power to bring peace. Now, 500 later, they have a new member. Godlike/Immortal Naru

[Naruto/FemKyu/Mikoto/Kushina/OC] *Graphic Incest Warning*

Return of the Sage: Naruto

Naruto is betrayed in the worst possible way. As He and Jiraiya leave, he stumbles on a secret that is older than the Elemental Nations. Godlike Naruto

[Naru/Fem Kyu/Mei/OC/?]

Turbulent Tides: Naruto/Rosario Vampire

Lady Akasha is in a panic. Having received the Shinso blood, she is the heir of Lord Shinso. However, a jealous family pulls a very dirty trick. Shunned and nowhere to go, she runs to the human world. Immortal Naruto, super powerful Naruto



Finished Works:

FullMetal Sekirei: FullMetal Alchemist & Sekirei

What if Ed didn't go back to London? What if the Gate leads to a parallel reality? Ed has no idea what is in store for him!

[Ed/Miya] *Updating chapters*

There and Back Again, A Shinobi's Tale: Naruto
Naruto gets sent back in time and makes everything all hugs and smiles...not here. Naruto is content to just save his past self and leave it at that...or not. He comes up with a devilish plan to get back at the fox and it ends up backfiring.

[Naru/Fem Kyu] *Hurt/Comfort*


Possible Upcoming Works:

FullMetal Sekirei 2: FullMetal Alchemist & Sekirei - Sequel

Ed and Miya 2 years after they topple MBI. Now Ed has a chance to go home. But not all is as it seems. How will friends and family react to Ed's changes?


The Unknown Namikaze: Naruto

Minato uses a child to seal the Kyuubi, but someone switched the children and Naruto now has the Kyuubi. Taken away, his parents told he died, he now lives in Konoha. A undetectable genjutsu hides his heritage and adapts as he grows to match. Godlike Naruto

[Naruto/OC/maybe another]

Turbulent Tides: Icha Icha - Akasha: Naruto

Based off of the Turbulent Tides story. What if the Bloodriver Vampires hadn't shown up? What then? Epic length OneShot.


The Hokage's Betrayal: Naruto

Minato becomes the first ever Kage gone missing nin. During the attack, he abandons his post in fear of the Kyubi, leaving Kushina to deal with the natural disaster alone. She completes the sealing but something happens that she never expected.

[Naru/Fem(?) Kyu/Kushina] *Graphic Incest Warning*

Assassin's Duel: Rosario Vampire

The Aono and Shuzen houses compete for the title of top assassins of the world. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. However when an unlikely meeting of the two most promising assassins of each house meet, it upsets the entire balance.


Need help brainstorming creative assassination missions. Credit will be given*

Leaf to Vampire: Rosario Vampire/Naruto

ADOPTED FROM D-FireX. Akasha's eyes glanced down at the white strip. There were 2 pink lines. "I'm pregnant," she finally admitted to herself. "How could this happen?" she thought as the tears started sliding down her cheeks.



Favorite Parings:


Naruto/Fem Kyu (all-time favorite/Mei/ Yugito/Kushina

must be written well for other characters

Rosario Vampire


Air Gear







Most hated Parings:

Any Yoai (Gross) period

Any clearly male characters that magically turn female (fem Sasuke, fem Itachi, fem Jiriaya (yes I have seen this in a story), etc... Haku isn't bad because he looks like a girl in the first place)


Things common to most if not all of my stories:


This is the map that I use for all my Naruto stories. I have no idea where many of the side arc countries such as Snow/Spring country or Sky country is but this is the most complete map I've found that makes sense.

2. Biju chakra is called yoki.

3. Yoki is much thicker and more powerful than chakra. When a person or being has enough control of it, it can be solidified into any substance as long as the being/person has knowledge of what it is being turned into (i.e. anatomy for bodies, structure/texture for food, etc...)

4. Biju are called demons because they are from the Jubi, a creature of destruction so powerful that it is labeled a demon. They may still act with malice and hatred or not. Either way, they are categorized as demons.

5. Kishimoto's (the author of Naruto) views of the elements is crap. It makes no sense in science or common sense. Here is how I think it should go. Not everything needs to be strong or weak against something. There is no such thing as an absolute advantage. Nothing will win 100% of the time. Elements and how they react to each other are complex. The number beside each element is the strength advantage against that element out of 10. (Example: Water > Fire (8) Water has an advantage of 8 against fire)

A: Earth > Lightning (9) and Fire (4). In real life, electricity is neutralized once it makes contact with the earth. This is because electricity is a negative charge while the ground is positive. Once they touch, they negate each other. This is known as grounding. Fire also has the effect of making a Doton (Earth Release) jutsu stronger by hardening the mud/dirt.

B: Wind > Fire (7) and Earth (2). It is true that wind can make fires bigger but it requires far more fire than wind. Take blowing out a candle for an example. Wind can direct the fire anywhere he/she desires as well as snuff it out. For earth, wind can erode mountains and anything that sticks out. It is a slight advantage but an advantage none the less.

C: Lightning > Water (5) . Lightning electrifies the water, making it a hazard for anyone, even the users, to touching the water. However, it doesn't stop the water jutsu, therefore is only a medium advantage. Lighting also isn't effected by other jutsu except earth. It passes through air, fire, and water. It is a purely offensive element as it has no mass to it. It is the most offensive of my list.

D: Water > Fire (8) and Earth (6). The fire is obvious but earth not so much. Water can wear away mountains and make mud of dirt. Water has so much weight behind it that it can obliterate all but the strongest of Doton (Earth Release) techniques because it weakens at the same time as trying to smash.

E: Fire: While not strong against anything, fire is still useful because it is powerful. It's strength is more related to how much chakra is used in it and can overpower many of it's weakness (to this chart). Out of all the elements, this element has the most raw power. It can turn water to steam, melt earth, and overpower wind.

F: The amount of chakra one puts into the jutsu has a lot to do with which element wins. Like wind against water. Wind can separate the water while water can be too heavy and cohesive for wind to move/cut. It depends on the skill of the user and the chakra put into it.

This is my understanding of how things should go according to what I know and have observed. You may agree or disagree but this is my views. I'm open for debate about any of these so feel free to pm me if you disagree.



Challenge Title: The Hidden Namikaze

Series: Naruto

Main character: Naruto

Summery: On the night of the Kyuubi attack, Minato sealed the Kyuubi unintentionally into Naruto. Someone switched Naruto with the intended sacrifice. After the sealing, the same person or someone working for the antagonist informs Kushina and Minato that Naruto died.

1. Naruto must hidden by a genjutsu (like Tsunade's and is undetectable even to dojutsu and adapts to Naruto's changing body) so his heritage is hidden and has a different name and no clan name

2. Minato and Kushina must be alive, the details concerning how Minato lived through the sealing is up to the author. Kushina was not a container of the Kyuubi

3. Minato and Kushina must become aware of Naruto's existence sometime after the Chuunin Exams, when and how is up to author. Up to author if Naruto wishes to stay with them or not or take a clan name of his parent's

4. If Danzo is the perpetrator, Naruto will not be apart of Root and must be explained why not (author's choice for excuse)

5. Naruto will be treated worse by the village in this story. Minato is neglectful as is Naruto's sensei (team compositions and sensei are also author choice)

6. Whether the Kyuubi is active or dormant, male or female is up to author. Kyuubi can teach Naruto, but Naruto shouldn't be all powerful until after the Chuunin Exams

7. Naruto will remain loyal to Konoha at least until after Chuunin Exams

8. Open pairings, no specific pairing is preferential or unwanted. Can be harem but not mass harem (i.e. 4 or less). No yaoi (not into that shit)

Everything else is open for the author's imagination. If you take up this challenge, let me know the title and where it is posted. PM me if you have any questions or suggestions to alter challenge.


Challenge Name: The Yondaime's Sacrifice

Series: Naruto

Main character: Sasuke or Naruto (depending on whose point of view)

Summery: Mikoto becomes the Yondaime Hokage instead of Minato. Kyuubi gets sealed into Sasuke by Mikoto 5 years later. Sasuke gets kicked out of Uchiha clan by Fugaku, clan head and his father. Naruto, seeing the villagers beat up Sasuke one day, intervenes and brings Sasuke back to the Namikaze estate.

1. Minato takes over at Godaime Hokage instead of Sarutobi coming out of retirement

2. Kushina and Minato have Naruto and a twin brother and sister (names are up to writer)

3. Naruto is Itachi-like genius and is Anbu by 13 and is born the same year that Mikoto becomes Hokage (affinity and abilities are up to writer)

4. Uchiha massacre does happen, but only to those who were plotting, not the majority of the population. Itachi becomes clan head (whether he allows Sasuke back in is up to writer)

5. Explanation of why Mikoto is chosen over Minato is up to writer, but needs to be believable

6. Minato accepts Sasuke when Naruto shows up with Sasuke, but Kushina can go either way

7. Kushina was not the previous host of Kyuubi, Kyuubi can be either gender if in the story at all

8. Pairings are open for both Sasuke and Naruto as Naruto is older and dating the Jonin sensei is plausible now

Everything else is open for the author's imagination. If you take up this challenge, let me know the title and where it is posted. PM me if you have any questions or suggestions to alter challenge.


Random Ideas:

I have too many random ideas so here are a few of my less creative story ideas that i probably won't use. May add more later.

-Naruto is a civilian, still Jinchuuriki, but Akatsuki forces him to become a shinobi. Intense training, soul searching.

-Naruto lives in the world of Pain. Having completed the ultimate weapon of all nine Bijuu, can Naruto become strong enough to restore peace?

-Minato seals the Kyuubi inside himself and offers his soul as payment. Now in a permanent coma, the Kyuubi is safely locked away, but the seal isn’t perfect and it begins to break. Eventually the seal falters and Kyuubi takes over Minato’s body. Revenge Kyuubi


Turn offs in Fanfiction:

-When the story rehashes the exact scenes from the anime or manga. If I wanted to read that, I would watch/read the professional versions of it as they can do it much better since is has pictures! An addition to that is the story not being changed at all. Seriously, changing just one thing and making Naruto do and say nearly the exact same things in the exact same situations and circumstances as the manga/anime/movies or other FanFiction is boring to read! People read FanFiction to see people's imagination of how they would change the story, not to have the same plot line over and over again. Come up with your own stuff!

-Badly written or extremely bad grammar. Seriously, how difficult is it to type something in a text editor? Even if you don't have Microsoft Word, there are free text editors online! Also go over your story before you publish it! Google does not count as spell check!

-Plot lines that make no sense or have huge holes in them. Put a little effort in your story and plan ahead a little or get a Beta if you are too lazy to do it yourself.

-Extremely short chapters. It is not worth my time to read thirty 1,000 word chapters which are most likely riddled with syntax and grammatical errors! Most well written and good stories have 5,000 words per chapter. This also prevents the "Oh shit, I've got to update! Let me throw together something in five minutes and post it as real content!" If you can't take the time to write out longer chapters, then don't update as much.

-Universes that were never meant to be in the modern world (Naruto, Basilisk, etc...) being in the current or in future years. Naruto in high school? Seriously? I want to read how Naruto beats the shit out of someone using an awesome jutsu not how he gets a B on his English test!

-Abandoned ficts with one or two chapters. What the hell? You tempt us with a good concept and then, "I don't have the motivation for it anymore". If you can't get motivation to write material for something you just started then you didn't take enough time to plan it out or it wasn't that good of a plot line to base an entire story on.

-Stories with no concept of virtue or integrity when it comes to sex. Sure, professional authors don't usually portray an accurate picture of teenage hormones, but when you just have people having sex with each other and nobody has any kind of problem with it, I have huge issues with it. I was raised in a home where sex is something akin to sacredness. You only have sex, oral, anal, or even touching or seeing genitalia with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. I hate it when two people are on the verge of dating and then one person goes out and has sex just because and people don't have issues with it. If you like someone enough to want to marry them, have some virtue and some respect for that other person.

My views concerning sex are very conservative. I want to be the only person to see my future wife in total bliss. I want to be the only one to know her ticks. I want to be the only one who will ever have her. If I'm dating someone, is it too much to ask for her to have some integrity and respect me? If she can't, she's not the one. I can deal if it she isn't 'pure' before going out with me, but I'm going to be the only one once we are together.

Sex complicates relationships. If you don't respect it, it can ruin friendships, destroy marriages, and cause so much pain and suffering. Sex is something intimate and every time we have it with someone different, we give a part of ourselves away. If is ingrained into us to become attached to someone we have had sex with. It creates a deeper bond because you gave each other something. It is something that only should happen when you are sure that you can handle that deeper bond.

-When virginity is debatable! If you have any kind of sex, you aren't a virgin anymore. The second definition of virgin is: an absolutely chaste young woman. Chaste: innocent of unlawful sexual intercourse. Intercourse: physical sexual contact between individuals that involves the genitalia of at least one person.

Just because you haven't broken a hymen doesn't mean you are an innocent. Also, just because you have your hymen broken doesn't mean you aren't a virgin. Hymen tear all the time with women who do rigorous exorcise like gymnastics or people who are raped. Virginity is something you give away and cannot be taken. It is given to the first person who you have any kind of sex. If you are getting the carnal kind of pleasure from someone else (by choice), then your innocence is gone.

I know my views on sex are controversial, especially in this day and age when most have sex before leaving high school, but I feel very strongly about people who portray sex as just an activity with people who have no issues cheating. I believe that a relationship, causal or not, is something to be respected. I don't believe that people should have sex just because they are horny. We have minds for a reason: to be able to overcome our baser instincts and have some common sense and intelligence.*


Thanks to all my readers!!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Saviour of Magic by Colt01 reviews
An intelligent, well-trained Boy Who Lived comes to Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore is thrown for a loop. Watch as Harry figures out his destiny as a large threat looms over the horizon, unknown to the unsuspecting magical population. Would Harry Potter be willing to take on his role as the Saviour of Magic or would the world burn in his absence? Ravenclaw, darkish-grey Harry!
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 46 - Words: 294,360 - Reviews: 2634 - Favs: 4,237 - Follows: 5,461 - Updated: 12/9 - Published: 5/11 - Harry P., Daphne G.
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Rosario + Vampire - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 30 - Words: 371,609 - Reviews: 1906 - Favs: 1,824 - Follows: 1,555 - Updated: 8/5 - Published: 7/20/2009 - Tsukune A.
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