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Hey everyone, I guess I should put some basic stuff about me up here so here it is:

So there's no real reason for you to know personal stuff like my age or name but I'll give you this: favorite stuff to do is gymnastics, reading, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and writing!

One of my favorite series is Private because its so addicting and Kate Brian's writing is insanely good! I mean everything she writes is perfect and it makes you think twice on who to trust, lol. If I ever write something half as good as hers I can die happy!

Another one of my all time favorites has to be Harry Potter! I absolutely love the series and movies, and I probably have an unhealthy obsession with Fred and George Weasely. Curse you J.K for killing off Fred (shakes fist angrily). R.I.P Fred!

Great Quotes from Harry Potter Fanficiton-

"I've seen the way everyone looks at me. Even Mum and Dad. Like for a moment, they think he's alive. And then they realize it's just me."

- George Wealsey in A Bit Unhealthy, by Anna Fugazzi

It won't work. It never works to just sit there and hate it. James knows this. Sometimes he feels like an idiot for knowing this, feels pretentious and wanky and over-mature and wishes he could just kick things and rage and yell and be a proper teenager; but he can't, because it just doesn't work.

- James Potter

Remus considers this. He considers Sirius, sprawled boneless across his lap, with his heather-wild hair tangled in Remus's fingers and that look of dopey contentment on his face; he considers Sirius' very poor analogies and his random grammar and his chronic verbal diarrhea and his tendency to trample mindlessly on delicate situations.

- Remus Lupin

"What did you get for your tenth birthday, a house?"

"That's not fair."

"I'm sorry. A third world country?"

"That was mum's first idea," Sirius mutters. "But then they decided on a sword which I really liked but I don't have it anymore because I went off to, you know, Hogwarts and got sorted into Gryffindor and ruined all their lives and oh, by the by, I hate them, pureblooded nutters."

- Sirius Black and Remus Lupin

I'm going to say yes now because I'm afraid of you. "Sounds like a good plan," Peter says. He gives her two thumbs up, very enthusiastically, and nearly trips over the chair trying to get out of it. He hopes his smile isn't as scary as it feels. "I like this plan, Professor McGonagall. Charms it is. No toast. Except on weekends with breakfast because that has nothing to do with career counseling and my future and just with my breakfast on weekends. I don't know what I'm talking about."

"That makes two of us," McGonagall says. "Good day."

- Peter Pettigrew and Professor McGonagall

"Finally," Sirius says dramatically, slamming the door and vaguely registering Remus' muffled yelp. "We're alone. We can't keep meeting like this, Professor. People will talk."

"Good afternoon, Mr. Black," McGonagall says at length. "I suppose this could not be put off forever."

"I would have brought flowers," Sirius goes on, "but I thought that what we have is greater than such trifles would indicate. And I forgot."

Narcissa gasps. No one calls her names. No one. Because the Black family has dignity which is to be upheld above all things--

"I'm going to scratch your face off!" she screams, and hurls herself at Carmina.

- Narcissa Black

"Yes," Sirius says solemnly. "One day you will get a growth at the end of one of your fingers, and it will grow and grow and then all of a sudden out will pop a little miniature Moony. Or maybe you will divide, like an amoeba."
"You are drunk," Remus says. "You are drunker than drunk. A moment ago you had a lampshade on your head."

- Remus Lupin and Sirius Black

The terrible thing about loss and grief, the really terrible thing, is that there is no unlimited store of it in the universe. No one person can exhaust it for any one reason on any one day. But the occasion for grief only ever calls for a few bereaved, while the rest of the world -- lost, miserable, hurting themselves -- have to pretend they're all right for the sake of those who really aren't.

- Remus Lupin

"Mustard never killed anyone," he mutters, but of course it's too late, and not as funny as if James had said it.
James would have said something else, probably. Sirius would have put a napkin in the sandwich and hid under the counter to watch the sparks fly. Remus would have brought the right sandwich.

- Peter Pettigrew

"Ah," James says. His voice cracks. "The whole Mword.
"It's good to say it aloud," says Lily, her mouth quirking a little. "Fear of a name increases fear of the thing

- James Potter and Lily Evans

James always did all the talking anyway, and Peter could just listen, and pretend like
he was in the middle of a fascinating conversation, when in reality he was more like the lone member of the
audience, watching a play about three very close friends.

- Peter Pettigrew

He falls to one knee, onto the hideous linoleum. He takes Lily's hand in both of his and gazes into her eyes,
which are merry and sad and hopeful all at once, and so green. "What," he says deliberately, "are you doing
Lily smiles, and this time it's bright and true.
"Changing my name, I guess," she says.

- James Potter and Lily Evans

"But perhaps you're just reading into things," Remus suggests. "Have you ever thought of that?"
"Come on, Moony," Sirius says. "You know I can't read anymore."

- Sirius Black and Remus Lupin

The Shoebox Project, by ladyjaida and dorkofic

“My Dad says Snape was a good and honorable man,” Luna began before Ron interrupted.

“I thought your Dad said he was an arrogant arse!”

“My Dad says that Snape was a good and honorable man who also happens to be an arrogant arse,” Luna replied. “Good people aren’t always nice; and nice people aren’t always good,” she pointed out.

- Luna Lovegood and Ron Weasley in The Ideal Guardian by tracyboo

"Erm… listen… I should be going, too, I – I was trying to find somebody… Do I have a boil on the nose or something?"

Snape started at James' angry outburst. "No," he answered bluntly. "Why?"

"Because I don't really like being stared at like that!"

Snape narrowed his eyes. "Why are you so aggressive, Potter?" he asked, his voice soft and infuriatingly calm. "I was merely watching."

James crossed his arms and gaped at Snape, his eyes widened to their fullest extent, imitating Snape's intense staring. He let his gaze trail upon the patched robes, greasy hair and pallid face, until Snape started fidgeting uncomfortably.

"What's the matter?" asked James in mock concern. "Don't you like me watching?"

-James Potter and Severus Snape in Symphony for Quartet by Tinn Tam

Her touch was remarkably soothing. Bill wanted to tell her to step away, that he was fine now, but he didn't have the guts to give up those delicate butterfly caresses, and ended up closing his eyes instead. Soon her massaging went from simply rubbing his temples to running her fingers into his hair and kneading his scalp. Lightning bolts of enjoyment fired in Bill's limbic system, and it wasn't until he heard Fleur giggle that he realized he was whimpering happily.

"It 'as been a long time since you 'ave 'ad a woman do zis for you, oui?" Fleur asked, still giggling impishly.

Bill could already hear Fred and George laughing hysterically if they ever found out about this; Bill, the rugged Curse Breaker, falling prey to this woman's soft caresses. Charlie would say his animal magnetism had been staunched like a leaky dam in Holland. Even Ron would probably make a crack or two about the whole situation. His reputation as a debonair, chivalrous rake was teetering on a knife's edge right now.

- Bill Weasley and Fleur DeLacour in Lessons by mnemosyne23

It was almost nice; and the day that Snape was nice to a Gryffindor, especially a Gryffindor with the surname of Potter, was the day that Voldemort married a Muggle.

- Harry Potter in Sons of Reproach by Lyndotia

"Yeah, it was the ghoul." George agreed, winking at Harry. "I couldn't help but notice, though, that the ghoul suddenly had a much higher pitch than his normal baritone."

"Yes," Fred agreed. "And it was so rhythmic, too!"

"Of course. Must have suddenly developed a fondness for Ron as well. Kept saying his name, the ghoul did."

- Fred and George Weasley in The Ghoul in the Attic by Sunshydaisies

She looked really gorgeous eating mashed potatoes.

And he had these almost irresistible urges just to touch her face. Or her arm. Or a leg. Or all that hair. Or any part at all that was Hermione. But his focus was on that mouth of hers. That annoyingly snappish mouth. He'd never wanted to be a potato so bad in his entire life.

- Ron Weasley in Nothing Hurts Like Your Mouth by Echo

Pain sliced through his heart the way a spell had once sliced off his ear. There was no "we" anymore.

Sure there is, he could almost hear his brother say. Nothing separates twins. It's just that death has sadly limited my wit and charm to an audience of one.

- George and Fred Weasley in For Bitter or for Worse by Kerichi

"Hermione," Tonks said with false calm. "I realize that you didn't go through the Auror academy, and because of that I'm going to share something I learned there."

"Yes?" Hermione said meekly.

"When you have the bad guys surrounded," Tonks began. "You ask them to surrender. You do NOT scream 'What did you call me?' and blow up the building. You definitely shouldn't blow up the rubble, laugh, blow up the rubble of the rubble, laugh and yell 'Who's the bitch now?', ok?"

- Tonks and Hermoine Granger in The Hunt for Harry Potter by Rorscharch's Blot

I didn't originally plan to get involved with ritual sacrifices and world domination. I wanted a club with rummage sales and summer potlucks. With a name like Death Eaters, you'd think there would be SOME feasts, not just poisonings on the solstices. I won't complain though. Once I learned the Cruciatus Curse, there was no turning back. It was just too much fun.

The Dark Lord is the best leader I could hope for, especially now that he's not a half-snake fetus anymore. His name strikes fear into the hearts of teenaged boys everywhere. His goals of immortality, death to our enemies, and snake rescue adoption are really in line with my family values. He's there for me when I forget the incantation to the hex that makes people's eyeballs bleed, and he always makes me laugh. And I've never met a better dancer.

- Bellatrix Lestrange in Bellatrix's Recruitment Letter by Fantome

But I was faithful. I kept my mouth zipped about her dirty lil' secret. I didn't tell a single soul that my elder sister was inextricably entwined in the uncanny world of witches and wizards. Nor did I tell anyone that I was close to bursting with jealousy that she was picked to go there, and not me. I mean, why not me? I was born into the same family, I had fair chances too. But no, the beautiful and intelligent one had to have an inkling of magic in her blood, and before you know it, she's transforming teacups into stinky toads and the likes.

Weird, I know.

- Petunia Evans in These Green Eyes of Ours by Foreverplatz

She hates the way George Weasley cries. It's completely silent, tears spilling down his cheeks and glistening there accusingly, eyes closed tight as if he could open them and the world would tilt backwards on its axis and revert to the way things were before. His moments of anguish are stolen and furtive, chosen in the dead of night when he thinks she is sleeping or isn't watching. But she watches, and catches every repressed sob, every range of emotion that flickers across his face, more telling than any Sneakoscope. She wants him to yell out, shake his fists towards the heavens, or scream his throat bloody, or grab a chair and smash it through window, or take his wand and blast his room to smithereens; anything instead of just telling everyone he's good, he's great, he's fan-fucking-tastic, how about you?—but he doesn't. So she does it for him.

- Angelina Johnson in Everything He Isn't by Cassie Winchester

Severus once told him, in a rare and fleeting moment of candor, that exile is a state of mind, not a fact, or even a status. It’s the soul clinging to its past, like milk residue clings to a bottle that is otherwise empty. At the time, he hadn’t given a shit.

- Draco Malfoy in The March Potion by Frayach

A hundred names, to be joined by more, glitter in shining ink, like tiny, elegant chains of precious metal, woven through the rough tissue of her scars. Lavender Brown has tattooed a memorial into her ruin, made herself a living reminder. It's almost arrogant, but it's terribly beautiful.

It's too minuscule to discern in the photograph, but Charlie lays a rough, calloused hand on Lavender's back directly below a link in the chain that glitters in silver. He knows exactly where to find Fred Weasley.

- Dennis Creevey in Cauterize by Lady Altair

Sirius resisted the temptation to roll his eyes with extreme difficulty. His mother's order was directed to him, of course, not to beloved Regulus; yet the little git, as usual, had made obvious he obeyed much better and quicker than his older brother. Probably just to show what a better son he was. As if anybody needed reminding, when each and every one of the inhabitants of number twelve, Grimmauld Place, from his mother to the house-elf Kreacher, never missed an opportunity to point out the differences between good, loving Regulus and cheeky, restless and stubborn Sirius.

- Sirius Black in Symphony For Quartet by Tinn Tam

Do you want to play a game now?

Surely he must be just as bored as she was. The parchment came back quickly.

Please, Tonks, don't start asking me about my sex-life again.

She chuckled. I've known you for nine months, Lupin, she wrote, smirking. I'm pretty certain you don't have one.

The note came back almost immediately, and a little faster than she'd been expecting. It over-shot, and she had to scrabble in the dirt to retrieve it. It had only two words on it:

Pot. Kettle.

-Remus Lupin and Tonks in Under the Table by Lady Bracknell

Peter stood off to the side, futher than any of the other were. He watched his friends as they celebrated the birth of Harold James Potter. Although James and Lily were excited to be parents, it looked as if Sirius was even more excited to be a godfather. Sirius was even trying to make Lily jealous with the fact that Harry, as they called him, liked him better than her. It was starting to work.

Peter watched all of this behind pained eyes. He couldn't help but feel what he was doing was wrong. Now, more than ever. Yet, as powerful as the thought of betraying his friends was, he could just feel the Crutacious Curse beind cast upon him for betraying the Dark Lord. He hung his head in shame and for the first time, realized why he was a rat, in more ways than one.

- Peter "Wormtail" Pettigrew in Just the Two of Us by Chibik

"What if they get detention?"

"A little detention would be good for Potty and Weasel, Hermione. Break their spirits. Then they could be your slaves!"

"But what if they get expelled?"

"Then they can go live with Oafy," Draco tried to sooth her. "And be your little squib slaves."

"His name is Hagrid!" Hermione exclaimed, and ran off looking upset. Draco wasn't sure, but he figured eleven was too young to be having her time of the month already.

-Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger in If You've a Ready Mind by mistful

Severus Snape approached the Headmaster’s office with a certain amount of trepidation. Albus had been calling him into his office about once a week since summer started. He always had a ridiculous request that he somehow compelled Severus into doing. Severus had only been mildly irritated at being asked to play a friendly game of monopoly. Even the request for a written analysis of who he thought would win the latest round of Big Brother had been met with only a faint nervous tick on Snape’s part. Albus was his friend after all, and without him Severus would be in Azkaban today. But if he was asked to find another set of manacles, some cherries and an extra strong love potion, he was quitting today.

- Severus Snape in Not Another Snape is Harry's Father Story by Ariana Deralate

Seamus Finnigan felt something was fundamentally wrong here. Really wrong. Horribly, completely, world-turned-upside-down kind of wrong. Someone had come up with an off-the-wall scheme, and it hadn't been him.

Clearly this was a sign of the apocalypse.

"So what do you think?" Dean Thomas asked, grinning at him as he absently scrubbed his hands on his jeans. Not that this did much good. Dean looked as if he had rolled around in a vat of paint.

Seamus looked at him. Then he looked at the wall. Dean. Wall. Dean again. And, reluctantly, back to the wall.

"It's.. colorful," he said at last. Since he was in a tactful mood, he left out more appropriate words, such as "horrible", "ugly", and "please give me what you were smoking".

- Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas in Modern Art by Lisse

"You know," said Gellert conversationally. "Instead of ruling over the Muggles, maybe we should get rid of them altogether."

Albus looked up, aghast. "Pardon?" he asked, as if not hearing him quite right.

"I mean, there's no need for them is there? And there's always going to be some twat that would like to take over."

Albus looked shocked. "Gellert," he began. "There's no need for us to get rid of them!"

"Why not?" asked Gellert, looking surprised that Albus didn't agree with him.

"Because, once we have the Hallows, no one will dare oppose us," said Albus, without a trace of doubt in his voice.

"But how can you be so sure, Al? Just think about it – with no Muggles, there'll be no chance of a bloody rebellion!"

"You idiot," said Albus, looking at Gellert with narrowed eyes, trying to ignore the fact that Gellert had used 'Al' which Albus loved Gellert calling him. "If there are no Muggles, that means there'll be no Muggle-borns, rendering our race inevitably extinct!"

"No it won't!" retorted Gellert. "There'll still be half-bloods and pure-bloods!"

"Yes, of course, but there are hardly any pure-bloods left anyway, and in order to have a half-blood, you must have a Muggle-born first!"

"But it'll be fine now, won't it? We have loads of half-bloods, so there is no need for these 'people' called Muggles!"

Albus looked like he didn't want to agree with Gellert, but found himself nodding his head grimly. "It doesn't matter whether that's true or not, Gellert. The fact still remains that it is wrong to kill innocent people!"

"That didn't stop your father from trying to kill those Muggles!" roared Gellert.

- Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore in Rush by xXSiingYourHeartOutXx

The years in the hell called Azkaban had ruined her. She could try and pretend all she wanted, but deep inside she knew that she was not the same woman who had sneered, laughed, and treated the entire concept of imprisonment with a detached facade. Night after night of her imprisonment had been spent crying and screaming at an uncaring world. Bleakness and depression had marked her days, huddling in the icy chill of the Dementors' presence had become her home.

- Bellatrix Lestrange in Desecration by Nokomiss

Harry Potter DH Art-

(Draco Malfoy)

(Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley)

(Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Snape, and James Potter)

(Remus Lupin)

(Death Eaters)

(George Weasley)

(Fred Weasley)

(Bill Wealsey)

(Sirius Black)

(Greyback and Scabior)



(Bonnie Wright- Ginny Weasley)

My Cast for Pretty Little Liars-

Aria Montgomery- Jessica Lawndes

Emily Fields- Erin Chambers

Hanna Marin- Kayla Ewell

Spencer Hastings- Lauren Conrad

Alison (Ali) DiLaurentis- Annasophia Robbs

Mona Vanderwalden- Jessica Stam

Maya St. Germain- Antonia Thomas

Melissa Hastings- Rachel McAdams

















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