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Gender: Female

Age: I wont tell you my age, but I will say this. I'm young and in college so that leaves a small gap for one to figure my age.

Name: Animator10, but call me Ani for short. (Only if you want to)

Who am I: I'm a future Animator that's who. My goal is to go into Animation and one day work for a company like Pixar or Dream Works. I am an artist through and through. I think paint runs in my veins. Any form of art intrigues me to no end, and I've tried most of them. Music and drawing are my favorites. Life without music isn't a life at all. Of course I believe that if you do something enough then you are an artist. I've watched people do something simple like folding laundry and thought "they just made that into an art form." I'm also a drama kid, and no not like I go around screaming and crying because my boy friend left me. I'm in plays and musicals, mostly back stage. And if I don't update fast enough, it's usually because I'm busy with a musical.

Fav Books: Right now I'm in this Twilight phase. I've read all the books, a long ass time ago mind you, and ever since I went and saw Eclipse I've been writing twilight fanfics like no ones business. I also love just about an fictional novel there is. Harry Potter is another one. *Gasp* I know I know, I'm a Twilight fan and a Harry Potter fan. I also read a little manga, though not enough to get excited over. Manga was a long phase in my life that I'm over with.

RnR: Rewound and Revised was written for all those Bella Alice fans, including me. Alice is by far my favorite fictional character ever. I used to love Jacob, but now I see him as a whiney puppy. So Alice is my favorite of all time. Bella is okay, but she is the instigator to all this whining that is going on in the twilight books. Also, and this might peeve people off but I don't care, I think that Ashley Greene was the only person who looks like their character. The rest may act like them, but in my mind Bella and Edward all looked totally different. Well I take that back. Rose, Carlisle, and Jacob all looked right to me in the movies. Now back to the story. RnR is about what the twilight serious would be like if things were changed. I'm going to try to cover all the books in one story. Whether this story is going to be long or short, I have no idea at this moment. It's looking kinda lengthy. Alice is taking the place of Bella, with many differences. She is hated by her family, except her sister, and is driven to Forks. Alice still retains her usual character, but you must understand if she seems a bit depressed. I would to if my father hated me so. Then she meets Bella and everything gets shoved out of orbit. I wont say much more on the subject for fear of revealing something to you ahead of time.

Note: I will try to update as much as possible, but you have to understand that I am an extremely busy person. If I don't update it's not because I'm giving up. Keep reviewing this story, and I wont give up one you. Cuz everyone needs a little encouragement.

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Rewound and Revised by Animator10 reviews
What if Alice was the new girl to Forks, instead of Bella. And what if it wasn't a brooding Edward who fell in love with a human, but Bella. Read on to find out how things would have turned out if Twilight was Rewound and Revised. BelAlice fanfic.
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Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 48,460 - Reviews: 131 - Favs: 170 - Follows: 302 - Updated: 6/7/2012 - Published: 9/8/2010 - Alice, Bella