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I'm Kate...
Let me tell u about myself...


- I am an insanely obsessed NCIS viewer
- I own every episode ever recorded
- I believe that Tim McGee is becoming increasingly hot... and more like Tony every episode
- I believe that Gibbs would win in a shoot out against Ziva... but a knife fight would be different
- I believe that Director Vance should change from toothpicks to flossing... much more hygenic
- If there was one thing I could watch... it would be Gibbs shooting Edward Cullen
- I believe that Tim & Abby (McAbby) are the best couple EVER

My Fave episodes are:
- Yankee White (cos that's wen my life increased tremendously)
- Sub Rosa (when Tim Mcgee, the best character premiered)

- Terminal Leave (S2E6)
- Forced Entry (S2E9)
- Caught on Tape (S2E15)
- Frame Up (S3E9)
- Escaped (S4E2) this is only because McGee has rediculously white teeth
- Driven (S4E9) sexual harrassment meeting :D
- Cover Story (S4E20)
- Dog Tags (S5E13)
- Murder 2.0 (S6E6)
- The Inside Man (S7E3)

I know there's A LOT of episodes there that are all equally my faves... except Chimera which is on a level completely of its own.

Also my fave quotes (theres a hell of a lot but if you're as bored as me, you will enjoy them)

Tony: So, riddle me this Badgirl. How does one wrangle an invite to dinner at your place?
Ziva: Why, feel a little left out, Tony?
Tony: I mean, McGee, I can understand. He's a good guest. I bet he brought a bottle of wine.
Ziva: And dessert.
Tony: Yeah, big surprise there. But Palmer? I've had more stimulating conversations with cats.

Tony: What are you looking for Kate?
Kate: Um the ladies room? (Gibbs and Tony look at Kate.)
Kate: Okay, the men's room.
Gibbs: There is no men's room.
Kate: Well then where am I supposed to go to the bathroom?
(Gibbs takes out a white plastic bag and gives it to her. Kate looks disgusted, decides she can wait. Finally gives up and snatches the bag from Gibbs.)
Kate: Damn it. Where?
Gibbs: Well, if you want some privacy, you can go down behind those boxes.
Kate: God, I miss Air Force One.

Tony: Rush hour. I mean its not like anyone is rushing anywhere and it always takes more than a hour. They should call it--
Gibbs: How about 'Sit there and shut up before I shoot you' hour.
Tony: I was thinking something shorter. [Tony starts slurping his drink, Gibbs grabs it and throws it out his window.] That's littering.
Gibbs: Fine me.

(Kate goes to sit down but finds McGee under her chair)
McGee: Ah, morning, Agent Todd.
Kate: McGee!
McGee: Yeah?
Kate: You have two seconds to tell me what you're doing down there.
McGee: I'm, ah, upgrading the computer network and, ah...
Kate: Time's up! (starts pulling him up by his ears)
McGee: Ah, ah, I wasn't looking, I swear, ow, ow, I wasn't looking, ow...
Gibbs: (walks in and stops in his tracks) Tony.
Tony: Yeah?
Gibbs: Did I just see what I thought I saw?
Tony: Out of respect for my co-workers, boss, I'd have to say yes you did, and it's very disturbing

McGee (trying to open the door): Boss, it's locked.
Gibbs: Well yeah, McGee, that's kind of the point of having doors.

Gibbs: (Smacks Tony on the head)
Tony: If I get Anthrax how bad will you feel?
Gibbs: Not as bad as you DiNozzo

Tony:"McGee and I watched the sunrise together. It was very Brokeback Mountain."
McGee: He had me at howdy."

Abby: You’re not listening to a word I’m saying. I’m pregnant, McGee. Twins. Haven’t told the father yet. It’s Gibbs. I know it’s wrong, but something about his silver hair just gets me all tingly inside
Tony: Excuse me for a second. I think I’m going to vomit
Abby: I’m joking, Tony. Except for the part about Gibbs’ hair. That is really hot. McGee is ignoring me again
Tony: Easily fixable
(Tony hits McGee)
McGee: What?! What’d I do?
Tony: Stop ignoring Abby. She’s sensitive

Abby: So what do you have for Gibbs?
McGee: Nothing. (sighs) Why is he on his way down here?
Gibbs: No. He's here.
Abby: And he's talking about himself in the third person. I like it

Tony: Hey, you missed a shot there, sidekick.
McGee: I am not your sidekick, Tony.
Tony: And yet, you are.
McGee: No, I am not, because you're not the boss.
Tony: When Gibbs isn't here, I'm the boss.
Gibbs: Gibbs is here.
Tony: Hey, Boss.

The next part is kinda jst my mindless rambling about stuff ive noticed about NCIS:
okay i'm done being fanatical now... *headslap* wait... now i'm done
I must say it really is a breath of fresh air when you watch an episode of NCIS and someone doesn't die before the title credits. Gibbs is the first person to ever make the name Leroy, or Jethro sound slightly normal. The fact that Ziva has never performed an interrogation without yelling, hurting someones feelings... or just plain killing them. I like NCIS so much that I made an episode using the sims 3 and movie maker. Oh, and I learnt how to speak using Marine Phonetics. Gulf India Bravo Bravo Sierra... lolz

If you want to contact me, or want some eps of NCIS... not that that's illegal or anything... just post something on my profile or wateva u can do on this site.

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