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I know I'm too old to be stuck in Buffy Land like this...well...I guess 24 isn't that old...but alas my friends hang their heads in shame when I go off on my Buffy rants. Love the show, hardcore fan here and I love writing this crap. Currently working on something that isn't so smut-a-licious, but for now it's on with the smut.

I try to finish my stories before posting them. That's why I have so few up. Have had a few requests for a sequel to Prophecy, I don't how that would go...I'm thinking about it though. I have a few in the works, trying to finish. It's tough to do..Working about 68 hrs a weeks. Being poor sucks, not going to do it anymore.

I love postive, or even contructive feedback. I know my spelling sucks, but I really try to check stuff over before I post. Honest. Anything to stroke my ego, not really, just don't know why I'm wasting my time.

Make sure you check out my favorite authors and stories section. I mean if you don't feel like reading the crap I write, maybe you would like some of these.