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Author has written 4 stories for Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ.


It's about time for me to inform readers why I haven't been updating for a while. The foremost reason is I found another writer in KnB's section that used my personally-stitched-together words in her story.

Guess I'll disclose the name and ID since I could hardly care about the consequences anymore.

Authoress: Me Lokey (ID : 4807168)

Story: Steps to love (ID : 9418554) - Chapter 2

Words: bequeathed cold

I might be paranoid but again, dear readers, humor me and try to find those two words in any other written piece then tell me about it. I believe I have said this before, that I'm particularly picky and sensitive with word choices in writing. By ignoring this little fact and wishfully thought that I wouldn't notice the deed is very naive of her.


I will continue writing Emperor's Proposal but I'm not going to post any chapter before she finished writing her stories. I know you all will hate me for this. But really, there's only so much I could take and I sincerely apologize for being a disappointment to the readers out there.

About me:

- Could be blunt at times.

- A greenhorn in writing.

- English is neither my native nor my secondary language.

- Slow update. No beta.

Current Obsession : Kuroko no Basuke

Current Muse:

- Pixiv Contest

- Resonance (Will be rewritten)

- Emperor's Proposal (Chapter VIII)

Sole Interest: Akashi x Kuroko


- Valentine Fever

- Yearning Heart

- Resonance

- Emperor's Proposal


Thank you very much for all the continuous support!

Stay awesome, both anon and non-anon readers!


I found a copycat in authoress disguise after I posted the second chapter on March 5, 2013. Just because she altered my phrase a bit, used the same words I specifically chose for my first two chapters and suddenly changed her writing style from simplistic short sentences to detailed descriptive paragraphs, it does not mean I did not notice her small changes which were oblivious to readers. It was way too coincidental to find all these signals in one chapter of hers within a few days after I put up mine.

- Choosing words while writing.

- Recognizing one's style and tone.

- Identifying absurdly abrupt change in character's portrayals.

I am sensitive to those aspects listed above, especially if I admire that person's writing.

It was a wicked move.

You know who you are.

My response: You should not have abandoned your writing style which is supposedly a pride an author holds high. Such an act from someone whom I thought to be a promising writer truly disappointed me.

Why did I write a story with a gender-bent character?

I love characters for their personalities and quirks.

If the paradox of having OoC characters while keeping their genders intact is justified but not gender-bent one, allow me to ask this:

"In the end, what is it that made you love certain characters?"

Arts, in the form of characters' appearances, is merely eye-candy.

For me, it is always the life I find in each that lures me to explore further.

Why boys' love stories, you ask?

I'm a person who believe in creativity and artistic values regardless of forms and restrictions.

Personal Recommendations :

Cruising for Love: Magnificent character's portrayals. Well-paced romantic development and hot scenes are its lethal weapon.

Heart Hacking: Simply hilarious. OoC-syndrome identified but not necessarily a hindrance to a wonderful read.

Moon Drop: Contains a handful description of exquisite Japanese cuisines, banters with underlying messages and bittersweet personal struggles.

Zaibatsu: This story left me hanging with eternal frustration. Perverted but intriguingly piqued my interest.

Complication: Complicated indeed. Warm yet heart-wrenching at moments. Flaws are inevitable.

The Demilitarized Zone: Awesome plot, dark theme replaced early humor as the plot thickened.

Checkmate: Compilation of passion, doubts, betrayal, sacrifice and decision. Humongous length. Could be frustrating at times.

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