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Hello, I am back. I am officially re-opening this account. I haven't been here in forever, and I apologize for that. However, I doubt I will write about my personal life right now. Let's just say my life has gone down hill more than I expected... and now writing helps me feel better than before.

Hello, everyone! I am Alicethepurplefrog, nice to meet ya! Someday, I plan to work at Pixar. I love everything they've done, especially Toy Story. I plan on writing Toy Story Fics for now. So yeah, now some random crap about me:

Name: I'm actually Kelsey, but I hate that name, it's boring.

Age: I'm just going to say junior.

I stole this from Caralina100:

Height: around 5'3

Weight: 120, but the last time I checked was in November.

Birthday: July 23

Birthplace: Some hospital. I don't know the name.

Current location: I'm just gonna say Colorado.

School: Hell.

Righty or lefty: Lefty and PROUD!

Hair colour: Dark brown, and almost black due to my half-japaneseness.

Eye colour: Brown as well.

Any pets?: Once upon a time I did.

If so what are they?: He was a hampster. But he died in 2005. Now I have three pet rocks, Zeus, Iris and Apollo. (Don't ask why I named them after Mythical gods. It's a loooong story.)

Favorite relitave: Anyone but my dad. (Very, very, looong story.)

Whats your heritage?: Half Japanese, and the other half is a giant mix of about every single country in Europe.

Friends: AJ, Bonnie, Niki, Katelyn, Elly, Evan, Jordan, Tera, Brittany, Rachel, Mae, McKayla, John... and many I've never met on the internet.

-How many do you have?: Lots and lots!

-Love them all?: Yupperoos.

-Any you wish to be close to?: Well, according to last Halloween, I'm married to Katelyn, Bonnie, AJ, Rachel, Elly, a girl I met on DA and Ellie's dog, Snowball. (Long story)

-Oldest?: Tera, since she's my sister.

-Newest?: Probably Rachel, Evan and Jordan.

Shorts or pants?: DAISY DUKES, BIKINIS ON TOP!!!

Shoes or bare foot?: Barefoot! (I prefer just socks out of both of them.)

Book or movies?: If the movie is based off the book, then book. Otherwise, I like movies.

Night or day?: Night time. The only time I get to write my stories.

Dark or light?: Depends on my mood.

Mountians or beach?: The beach, baby. I plan on living in a place that actually has one sometime.

Snow or sun?: I don't mind either if they're not too extreme.

Pepsi or coke?: I choose you, Sprite!

Guys or girls?: You mean romance? Doesn't matter, even though I'm in a pretend marriage with 6 girls and one dog.

Swim or surf?: Swim! It's the only sport I can tolerate. Too bad you can only do it in the summer...

Color: Sky blue or turquoise... basically any shade of blue I like.

Number: 9001. 10 points to whoever gets this reference.

Holiday: Halloween, probably. VIVA LES BON BONS!

Season?: I like them all.

Movie?: TOY STORY! (all 3 of them), The Lorax, The King's Speech, Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Sweeney Todd, Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, Mean Girls, Despicable Me, The Other Guys, How to Train Your Dragon, Anything by Pixar, Slumdog Millionaire, Spirited Away and many, many, more.

Book?: Night, Loser, Briar Rose, The Misfits, All of the Harry Potters, All of the Series of Unfortunate Events (except 13, which was crap.), and Bread and Rosa was pretty good, too.

Food?: PAASSSTTAAAA!!!! And I like Japanese food too.

Drink?: Favorite drink? Either Chocolate shake or those awesome lemonade slushies with a shot of cherry juice that they sell at Disneyland.

TV shows: 30 Rock, South Park, Futurama, Family Guy, The Office, an array of anime...

Songs?: I have a huge variety.

Band?: Ah geez, I like songs more than bands, but I guess Green Day, Three Days Grace or Katy Perry.

Comedian?: I love Stephen Colbert, as well as people from SNL and I love Conan O' Brian. COCO! COCO! COCO!

Computer game?: HAPPY WHEELS

Video game?: Epic Mickey, Mario games, Resident Evil, Pokemon...

Shirt?: I'm always wearing a weird T-shirt of some kind. (Unless it's winter, than it's sweaters.)

Pants?: I'm really getting into Jeggings, but otherwise just jeans.

Animal?: I like Pandas the best.

Cookie?: Chocolate chip, for sure!

Want to go to college?: CAL ARTS!!!!!!

What do you want to be when you grow up?: Pixar Animator, or a story boarder/writer at Pixar.

Want to get married?: I don't really want to. It just complicates things.

Have kids?: Not really, but if I did, I would adopt.

What would there names be?: Unless they already had a name, I like Bianca or Alice for girls, and Klaus or Liam for boys.

How many?: One or two at most.

Where do you want to live?: In California, or in Canada. (Because both of those have Pixars.)

How do you want to die?: Old and in my sleep.

Piercings?: It's too dumb for me.

Tattoos?: Maybe someday, but unlikely.

Smoke?: My grandpa died from it, so no.

Drink?: I can't even stand the smell.

Do drugs?: I know people who have, so I know to stay away from that.

Skinny dip?: Nah.

Greatest fear?: A fear of not getting my dreams. (I.e., Pixar) AND SPIDERS!! O.O

Chocolate or vanilla?: CHOCOLATE!!!! CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Scars?: One on my knee, which I've had for forever and no one knows where I got it... and one on my shin that's been there over two years when my sister snapped me with a rubber band too hard.

Ever eaten sushi?: I love sushi.

Eaten a whole pack of oreos?: I hate oreos... -_-

Been on stage?: For orchestra recitals, I was in the musical last year but... not really too much since.

Danced in the rain?: It's a great way to piss off your mom. :)

Kissed someone of the same sex?: Yes. No regrets.

Weirdiest dream?: Well... there was the time Lincoln came back in time and told me to kill Jesus or else he wouldn't free the slaves... and there was the time that Mickey Mouse killed Edward Cullen on top of the Sleeping Beauty castle... and that other time where I found out Cinderella was a serial killer, and my friend Brianna had to save me from her by riding on a shooting star...

Saddest dream?: My dreams are so weird that they're laughable, and I don't think I've had a sad dream.

Like thunderstorms?: I like the rain more. The thunder just keeps me up at night.

Political: Democrat. I would appreciate it if you didn't judge me or my stories for this.

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Singing, Watching random crap on youtube, anime,

Random Facts: I pretty much know every single line in Toy Story 3, Forrest Gump, Toy Story 1, Monsters Inc and Toy Story 2 is getting there. I am the biggest fan of Tom Hanks, and I seriously wish to meet him. I'm a total Disney nerd. I've been to Disney World 2 times, Disney Land at least 10. And I'm not sick of it yet, just so you know. I dislike Twilight and love Harry Potter, like most people I know. I consider myself a hipster in joking. I own way too many coloring books. If you're curious to see my art, I am on Deviantart, but my name is Michichick. But be warned, I am an anime fan, and I do have some... weird stuff. I'm a high schooler, who lives in a little desolate place you may know as Colorado. I want tor live in California because the ocean is amazing or Canada because there's more freedom there.

Religious views: I am an atheist. I wanted to get this out. This is my belief, and I will not judge you if you are Christian, Jewish, Buddist, Muslim, etc. I just really hope that you won't judge me. I promise I will not let that come out in my stories. Nothing bothers me more than making a character from a disney movie that doesn't have any specific religion someone who is obsessed and preaching about it. In my stories, it will just be the characters, and I will try as hard as I can to make them as realistic as I can.

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