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Author has written 7 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, and Earthbound.

Hello Im Nesspwns (Because Ness Pwns)

I not used to doing things like this so go easy on me.

Im kinda shy so i wont leave much reviews

Favorite Game Series


2.Megaman X

3.Legend of Zelda


Favorite Games


2.Megaman X


4.Earthbound zero

5. Megaman X3

Favorite charecters

1.Ness and X, (cant decide)



4.Luigi (Weegee rocks.)



7.Bass.EXE (Bad frekean ass)

I'll fight any one in brawl I will wip any one (Execpt PKLOVEOMEGA)

Favorite sayings EVER

"Where is that bitch?" Theseus in Theseuslives stories. (Must read to know what i mean)

"Last one out is a Claven" Cheers

"Okay" Ness

Danm, theres no way out. Megaman X at the end of X3

My OCs

in order of apperance


He is from Earthbound: Orgins


PK fire adept

is cruel (of course)

looks like Geno and Vati cross

Loves Halo: 3 ODST

Knows a bit of Necromancery

Hates the cold

Hate Ness, Lucas, and PK

Brought forth Lav-Tomb


10 facts

Hes from Earthbound: Orgins (made up game)

He is the ancestor of Ness, Ninten, and Lucas

He is a bersreker.

Hates Volaria

Wields an Ice sword called Korri Ettude

Is always wearing an armour of somekind.

Is afraid of lightning

Serious natured

His signature move is PK Shotgun

Friends with Ness, but does not like Lucas (see:cowardice)


The Mother equivalent of King Dondongo

Huge fire lizard

loves Cheetos

Volaria's pet

PK killed it too many times to count (Was undead most of the time)

(Only five for him)

Daniel (ME)

Half dragon, half demigod

Special Pk is PK Nova, and Pk Judgement and PK Beserk

Wields Gungir, The legendary spear

LOVES Sunkist pop

He is an Undead slaying paladin (see Adventure Quest)

Helps Ness fight Giygas again

Looks after Lucas like an older brother

Very oblivious sometimes

Goodnatured and gullible like most palladins

Does not talk sbout the past.

Ness pwns!

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Remeber the Fallen reviews
A bit of Earthbound at the begining. Ness didn't kill Giygas in the War. He came back for vengance and plans to take the Smashers with Ness. Can Ness finish off Giygas before he kills all of the Smashers?
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A hilarious story that i decided to make. Rated M for lanquage and for futer chapters
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Ness is better than Lucas reviews
Why Ness is better than Lucas
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Just dicided to make one
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Story about Ness and wondering about his family.
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