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Author has written 9 stories for Charlie Bone, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Oliver!, Glee, and Portal.

High low ( I know that's not very funny it's just something I do) I liked of for a long time and one day decided to create an account this inspired my friends to do so aswell (am I not great? ((and modest)) and the 2 friends who i inspired happen to be FANTASIC writers ( they have written a book and it's great ((and i'm not just saying that cause they're my friends)) They are it's.not.unusual and In The Loft so read there stuff!!!!!!!!!Read it!!!...READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also I AM AN IDIOT!!! y? because I at one point in chappie 1 of my charlie bone spoof I WROTE LYSANDER WHEN I MENT TANCRED WHYYYYY!!!!!!!*dies of shame and wakes up cause she got school tomorow :D* right I currently LOVE THE CHARLIE BONE SERIES!!! like obbsesively... very obbesivey... CAUSE IT RULES!!! ESPECIALY ASA PIKE!!! :) :) :) :)... ok weirdness over. FOR NOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!*scary music*


Drop your weapons... or I'll kill him with this deadly Jelly Baby."

"Kill him then."


"Kill him then."

"... I don't take orders from anyone *eats Jelly Baby* Take me to your leader."- Doctor who, fourth doctor (not sure of the eppie) HOW AWESOME IS TOM BAKER! and ya know his daughter and david tenant are parteners and have a baby, HOW CUTE IS THAT??!!!!

TEAMS!!!(if you agree copy it to your profile)

charlie bone-team olivia/team Asa _

Harry potter-team Luna

doctor who- team rory _

Glee: Team Klaine, and Brittanna _

wicked- team Elphaba

merlin- team merlin/team gwaine/ Team Morgana (cant choose between them) YES TEAM MORGANA team ,good morgana, not evil killy morgana

sound of music-team Gretel

AND NOW FOR A SURVAY (I can not spell BTW) A GLEE ONE :D (I shall probably end up with more)

1) Who is your favorite character? Why?

Kurt/ sam (yeh I REALLY LIKE SAM and he diserves more stuff.) WHY YO ASK!? Well he's awesome sweet and haas great fasion sense. He eminates a sorta cute not sure what's going onyness

2) Who is your least favorite character? Why?

Terry also sebastian. ok if it's just glee kids then... erm... er... I don't know erm... I REALLY CAN CHOOSE! maybe finn

3) What is your favorite pairing?

I must agree with imo in Klaine and Brittana but SAMCESDES AH ALSO ASIAN FUSION

4) What is your least favorite pairing?

ok least fav gonna go with Mr Schu and Terry and also emma and ken

5) Do you have a secret pairing that other people might not understand?


6) What is your favorite Glee song?

hmmm I'm gonna go with singing in the rain/umberella or young girl/don't stand so close to me or rumour has it/ someone like you or the ever loved don't stop beliveing

7) What is your least favorite Glee song?

Touty mouth. *shudders* god Santana what were you thinking.

8) What is your favorite Glee performance?

Misery, smooth criminal and kurts turn I love the fact they can afford kurt in giant lights

9) What is your least favorite Glee performance?

Sugar's first ... she scare me

10) What is your favorite Glee episode?

Grilled cheeseus my first and Fav

11) What is your least favorite Glee episode?

probably blame it on the alcahol (I CAN NOT SPEEEEEEEEEEEEELL)

12) You’re the new kid at McKinley. Who are you most likely to become friends with?

Tina, Kurt, Sam, Mercades

13) You decide to audition for the Glee Club. What song do you sing?

Joy division by the wombats

14) Most of the Gleeks are doubling up. What other extracurricular activity are you involved in?

Anything artsy, like an art club :D or a photo club

15) Jacob Ben Israel has written a scathing review of your performance on his online blog! What do you do?

I’d write my own blog of awesome so that no one reads his anyway TAKE THAT JBI!

16) Sue Sylvester has dragged you by your ear to Principal Figgins’ office. Why?


17) April Rhodes has returned to McKinley! What terrible lesson does she teach you?

That I would look better with straight hair, I STRAIGHTENED IT!? I ALMOST KILLED MMY FRIZ! I LOVE MY FRIZ!!!

18) Mr. Schuester is struggling to think of songs for the Glee Club to perform. What do you suggest to him?

I write sins not tragities by Panic! At the disco (or anthing by them) or ANYTHING FROM BILLY ELLIOT COME ON MR SCHU!!!

19) Sue Sylvester has chosen you to be one of “Sue’s Kids”. What derogatory name does she call you by?

Queen Liz 1, let’s face it she’d go for the fact I’m british and gingerish

20) You eat some bad Chinese food before you go to bed and have a Glee related nightmare. What happens in it?

Well I was at glee rehersals when suddenly Kurt walking onto a shadow screamed and all that was left of him was skeleton AND THEN THE VASHTA NERADA SPREAD AND WE ALL DIED AND THEN I WOKE UP!

21) After a few months of being in the Glee Club, you form a crush on a certain someone. Who is this someone?

Sam *blink blink, giggle* or maybe puck if samcedes are a part of this equasion

22) It’s been 20 years since the Glee kids have graduated. What is (the character of your choice) doing?

Well Rachel is performing in a production of Billy Elliot she plays Mrs Wilkinson, Kurt and Blaines Son Plays Micel in his summer holiday :D

23) Mr. Schuester gives the Glee kids the task of another mash-up. What two songs do you use?

You’ll be in my heart from tarzan and no way out from brother bear *cries*

24) You think that’s hard? Try... that’s hard!


25) You catch Sue Sylvester trying to sabotage the Glee Club. What is she doing?

She’s slipping something in our drinks to destroy our voices just before Rejonals >:(

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Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, than weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it copy this on to your profile


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