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Author has written 4 stories for Neopets, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Final Fantasy X.

Sup? The name's LaDude111.

Age:That's classified...Or is it???? Young enough to not be looked at funny when I say i'm obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog.


Currently playing: Tales of the Abyss.

Regarding my DON series. Now that I have my own computer, updating my stories will be easier. I will update as much as I can.

Sincerly, LaDude.

Favorite characters:

Sonic favorite characters.

Sonic the hedgehog. He's a speedy blue talking hedgehog. What's not to like?

Shadow the hedgehog. He's Sonic's emo alter-ego sweet!

Miles "Tails" Prower. Two tails, hello!

Knuckles the echinda. He has spiked fists. Where I come from, thats considered cool!

Sonic least favorite characters.

Amy Rose. Can you say STALKER?! IMO I don't want to hurt any Amy fans.

Cream the Rabbit. THAT VOICE!!!!

Big the Cat. So...DUMB!

Chris Thorndyke. He's taking Tails' roles. Darn you, 4kids!!!!

Eggman Nega. There's a difference between nuts and beyond help...

Princess Elise. Need I say more?

Once again IMO. I really don't mean to hurt any fan's feelings.

Favorite qoutes.

1"It's no use!" Silver. Sonic 06.

2"SHUT UP TAILS!" Sonic. Sonic the movie.

3"Get a load of this!" Eggman. Sonic adventure.

4"You little!" Eggman. Sonic unleashed.

5"Dead meat, it's dark in here! SO SCARED!" Qwark. R&C Tools of destruction.

6"I get bumped on the head all the time!" Goofy. KH 2.

7"You're just jealous, cause you wish I was as cool as you!" Me.

8"You and what whiny army?" My sister.

9"Dance, water, dance!" Demyx. KH 2.

10"And in the morning...I'm making waffles!" Donkey. Shrek.

11"TAILS! It flies. I get it!" Knuckles. Sonic riders.

12"Find the computer room!" Vector. Shadow the hedgehog.

13"DO A BARREL ROLL!" Peppy Hare. Star fox 64.

14"Do you like oranges?" Roger. Star ocean 3 fanfic.

15"The whips on this planet hurt, too!" Cliff. Star ocean 3.

16"Afraid to come up here, and get me, Big boy?" Sparx. Legend of Spyro a new biggining.

17"Goodbye, freaky turtle thing, goodbye!" Sparx. Legend of Spyro eternal night.

18"Got it MEMORISED!?" Axel. KH 2.

19"So you really do remember me, this time? I'm so FLATTERED!" Axel. KH 2.

20"BURN BABY!!" Axel KH 2

21"I'm sorry about the ice cream!" Donald Duck. KH 2.

22"I didn't touch nothin'!" Goofy. KH 2.

23"LAWRENCE!!!" Nefarious. R&C 3.

Favorite exchanges:

"I have been waiting for you, for a long time." "I'm sorry. We we're distracted by riddles of DOOM!" The Chronicler and Sparx. The legend of Spyro eternal night.

"What is it this time, Nefarious? Still trying to turn everyone into robots? Or is it good ol' galactic domination?" "Part of me wants to let you live, long enough to find out. The other...REALLY wants to kill you! You know, for old time's sake." Ratchet and Nefarious. R&C a crack in time.

"No one could feel all that at the same time. They would explode!" "Just because you have the emotinal range of a teaspoon." Ron and Hermione. Harry Potter OOTP.

"Something is telling me it's not a good idea to go further" "What's that thing, common sense?" My friend and I

Other favorites.

Movies:The Harry Potter series.

The Narnia series.

The Lion King.

Music:Reliant K. Crush 40. Fireflight. Soundtracks.

Games:Kingdom Hears series.

Final Fantasy series.

Rachet and Clank series.

Sonic The Hedgehog series.

Books: Harry Potter series. Percy Jackson Series. The red pyramid. The Bible. Narnia.

My OCs

Jeffory Knights Age: currently 13. Gender: Male. Species: Kyrii. Color: Red. Eye color: Electric blue. Job type: Swordsman. Homeworld: Neopia. Voice actor: Jesse McCartney, Roxas, Kingdom Hearts.

Jeffory wears a blue tee shirt, with a picture of a soccerball on the front. Blue jean shorts. And blue and grey sneakers. Jeffory's fur is light red, while his hair is dark red. His hair is also spiky and messy. Jeffory has electric blue eyes. Jeffory is very brave, and has a strong sense of justice. He can also be very bitter, though and is known to hold grudges. Jeffory is generally quiet, but can be very playfull, when he wants to be He is also very sarcastic. Jeffory gets attacthed to people easily. He is also very nervous around pretty girls.

Billius Drake Kass: Age: 50+. Gender: Male. Species: Eyrie. Job type: Swordsman. Homeworld: Neopia. Voice actor: Dan Green. Mephiles the dark in Sonic 06. THAT LAUGH! That Dan Green has talent.

Kass wears a grey jumpsuit that is covered with armor. On the chest area there is a mark that looks like two red eyes surrounded by shadows. He also wears metal boots. His feathers are black. His eyes are bright red. Kass is truly warped. He loves to see people suffer, and would kill a random passerby without a second thought. He is also kind of insane...He wants nothing more than power. And lots of it.

Jack Mason Age: 13. Gender: Male. Species: Mynci. Color: Blue. Eye color: bright green. Job type: Gunner. Homeworld: Neopia. Voice actor: James Arnold Taylor. Tidus FFX.

Jack wears a white shirt, with red short sleeves. The shirt is layered with blue sleeves underneath the red. He wears dark blue baggy jeans, light blue and gray sneakers, and his sleeves have odd symbols on them. Jack has blue fur, while the fur on his face is pale yellow. He has a messy tuft of fur on his head, and bright green eyes. His tail is long, and seems to have a mind of it's own. Jack is hyperactive, playful, and loud. But can be very serious. He doesn't like pretty boys, he says that "if you're a dude, you might as well act like one!" but this may be used to cover up the fact that he is jealous of them. He cares deeply for his friends, and will do anything for them. He thinks of himself as a ladie's man. He has a crush on Kendra.

Hunter Tagari Age: 13. Gender: Male. Species: Kougra. Color: Red. Eye color: Black. Job type: Martial artist. Homeworld: Neopia. Voice Actor: Shia Lebeouf. Sam Witwicky Transformers.

Hunter wears a black tee shirt, blue jeans, and a family crest Bangle, both of his clothing peices are desighned to fit his build. Hunter has red fur, with blue stripes, he, like Jack, has a messy tuft of fur on the top of his head. His tail is very strong, as he uses it for daily life. Hunter comes from a famous rich lineage, but he doesn't like being famous. He prefers to hang out in his garage, and tinker with random objects, a mechanic in a way. He is also very nerdy, often saying intelligent things, that he has to use " non nerd speak" with people around him. He is good friends with Jack, but they argue alot, and sometimes, beat the crap out of each other. He is a impressive airship pilot.

Kendra Mayer Age 14. Gender: Female. Species: Flotsam. Color: Green. Eye color: Rust-colored. Job type: Mage. Homeworld: Neopia. Voice actor: Tara Strong. Rikku FFX.

Kendra wears a white shirt, with a black skirt, with an odd silver belt with a blue orb in the center. She wears bracelets, and often is wearing eye shadow. She also has wavy black hair, and floats above the ground. Kendra is a rare Magic User, and can also use telekinesis, fairly well. Kendra, being a Magic User, is scared to let anyone, but her friends and family know about her powers, as she fears people will mistreat, and hunt her. Although, she will expose herself as a Mage, to protect the ones she cares about. She may worry about her looks alot, but she is by no means vain. She will selflessly fight for innocent people, and her friends. She also uses her telekinesis to hover above the ground for easy movement. She dreams of one day uniting Magic Users, and regular Neopians together like in the old days. She seems to have feelings for Jack.

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