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I'm not one to advertise, if you haven't noticed by the fact that I don't have any favorite stories or aurthors listed here. I believe people are way to opinionized so I just don't say what I like and not like, save for pairings which are most peoples favorites. Anyways, I will say here that SSOTVDG is a good author with cool stories, but also with a lot of unfinished fiction and way too many spelling and grammar mistakes. Why am I saying this? I just became her new beta:) so hopefully, once I get through some of the stories and she posts them with all the edits, you guys can check her out!

I am now also a beta for the lovely, BlklightPixie26, and have beta's the story Seven Minutes, which is a nice and light Drarry story. If you're in the mood, check it out!

January... Ok. I swear, I feel like I've not only failed as an author but also as a beta. January, despite it being a usually busy month, I will do my best to crack down on all of my beta projects, which will probably make my two wonderful authors happy, and to make all my fans happy, I will do all I can to get a few ideas onto paper. I have a wonderful beta, SilkenRoseDreams, who is re-editing Living Nightmares and Dreams, and once she finishes that, I think I'll be able to write the last chapter or two. I also have a Naruto story that has been bugging me to write done and I'm actually pretty excited to write it and hopefully when I finish it, and possibly have a beta edit it, I'll post that up for you guys. Love you all! Thank you so much to those who have reviewed, favorited, added an alert to any of my stories. You guys are wonderful and I'm literally estatic everytime I get an email, notifying me of it!

I am pissed. Urgh! I am like the only one in my family who supports gay rights and after my dad almost caught me with yaoi manga/anime... He's about ready to cut off my supply by taking away the internet. If that happens, I will go insane. Last time it happened... lets just say, no one ever should get in the way of my yaoi. I mean seriously! I also take my medevil weapons very seriously and well... angry girl+medevil weapons=RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! cuz i don't just own medevil weapons... i know how to use them! Also, I'll pass some out to any willing to fight for yaoi with me:)

I just realized I spelt "Deserving" in "Deserving and Wanting" wrong. Special, huh? Genius Points to anyone who realized that! Go ahead and laugh too, we all make mistakes. Some more special than others:)

Question Time!

What do I look like? Um... Bright green and blue and purple hair with one brown eye and one grey eye. Yeah right. Nah, Reddish, goldish, brown hair, that came from natural Irish and Welsh red mixed with dark brow hair dye... Now I can't tell what color it is, but it's now more blond than brown. I got olive green eyes, which the ONLY other person I know of that has this color, is my dad. I've seen lighter, bluer, hazel-er but not the olive green that I have so it tends to creep some people out:) I'm about 5'6" and 140 lbs of bone and muscle, and brain. I may be small but I am not a weakling like some girls with toothpick limbs, I can actually take someone down and even take a punch without even flinching. Ask some of the dudes I know. I can take care of myself:)

Favorite food? Chocolate and cheesecake. I can live for years on just those alone. Along with a tall glass of whole milk.

Favorite movie? The Count of Monte Cristo. I love that tale of revenge. "Only the best fight scenes have rainbows in the background." My best friend said that when we were watching it at about 3 in the morning at her house. There really is a rainbow in the background of the last fight scene, and it is used to symbolize something, but I can't remember what exactly right at the moment.

Favorite color? The most over used question... Green. Apparently that's the favorite color of most serial killers, along with orange. My friends already say they can see me killing someone, or at least torturing them close to death with a big smile on my face. My teacher said that if this other guy were to meet his demise, I would be able to make it so that no one would suspect me... My teacher. Should I be concerned? My grandpa gave me a knife and my friend Pearly screamed out "Is he trying to kill us all?!" Maybe I should be concerned...

Favorite book? Don't bother. I've read way too many to count and have so many favorites that you could almost fill a whole book with the names. Same goes for manga. I've read all the yaoi on mangafox and animea in about a month. Way too many favorites...

Favorite song/band? It changes almost constantly, but I'm going through a Japanese VK phase and so far, my favorite bands are DaizyStripper (which I'll admit is more OK than VK), ViViD, AND-Eccentric Agent, and heidi. and the songs are Across the Border, 69-II, Suiren Jin (ViViD) Jack the Ripper, Hakubaikou, Anemone, Blackout, Bluff (AND) and I found V-Rock Disney and love Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by The Kiddie.

Future Life story? My family and best friend are known for creating stupid impossible random life stories based on random events. My life story is that I become an amazing author just out of highschool, make millions, ask my architect best friend to build me a mansion. There I'll live with my twenty cats and be the default babysitter for my sister's six kids. I'll visit Japan multiple times a year and will sit front row for my favorite VK bands then somehow get recruited by the CIA and while on a mission I'll won't be able to recognize my target because I didn't have a seventh grade yearbook and so I'll jump off a building and go splat. Lovely huh? Celina, my bestest best friend, came up with that last part about the CIA.

Weird things about me... 1)Well, to start... I found yaoi and mature fics in seventh grade when I was still an "innocent" little middle schooler. I was actually doing laps around everyone with my maturity. 2) I find all my good story plots and ideas and stuff while in the shower. 3) I cannot wash dishes without shoes on. OCD. 4) I have never had a nightmare, though I have had dreams where I commit suidice or die. This morning I had one where I choked to death and woke up coughing my lungs up. 5) I remember 90% of my dreams, which hardly ever make sense. My favorite being me and my friend Julian as fairies. He was so cute! 6) My own thoughts scare me more than any horror movie. 7) I am currently the owner of a sword, three knifes and a long bow, not a single one is fake. My family was crazy to give me those... 8) I talk with limited vocab and a nice stutter when I haven't fully thought something out but when I write, things come out clearly and no one really has much of a problem with my explanations, for the most part. 9) I am ambidextrous, to an extent. I write on paper with my right hand but write on everything else with my left. I hold forks and spoons in the right but knives and chopsticks in the left. I cannot open a door with my right hand at all so cardoors become a serious pain in the butt and I grab everything/pick up everything with my left and my right is pretty useless. 10) I walk on my toes and it actually hurts if I walk on my whole foot for too long. 11) I have an OCD about symetry. Things have to be equal on both sides, or it drives me crazy! I blame algebra. 12) I have always been stonger built and can pack a punch that moved a punching bag plus 200 pound weight, about three feet back. Don't get on my bad side. 13) I talk tough but hardly ever carry out a threat but have done it enough that people aren't sure I'm bluffing or not. That's all for now, I guess. Too much more and I might get stalkers... though I'm not on google at all other than under "Naturegal13" so maybe you guys won't be able to find me:)

Upcoming Fics! A short list on what I'm either currently thinking about, or even beginning to write! The titles and summeries are not exact since I change my mind almost constantly so just keep an eye out for that.

Second Chances and Teddy Bears?- Naruto and Sasuke. Short story about finding second chances to change a disasterous relationship that literally went down the hole. Where does the teddy bear come into play? Read and find out! (Geez I sound like a bad saleswoman!)

Buying Love- Scorpius and James. After the death of Harry and Ginny, the wizarding world starts to crumble. Most wizards are forced into the muggle world and some aren't so lucky. James has two siblings to care for and there's just one way he could get enough money. What happens when the son of his father's rival finds out about his occupation? Buy him, of course!

Image- Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke is the son of a major corporation. Thanks to his father, he has to work a year in each department to learn how the company works and the importance of each job, and is currently working in the advertising division. At a dinner party he meets a sharp mouthed blonde, who has never seen a day in his life. Naruto teaches Sasuke that image isn't everything, and that you don't need eyes to see something so incredible as love.

(No Current Name)-Harry and Draco. Harry has tried multiple times to end everything after that one night but somehow, fate seems to want to keep him around. What happens when he's forced to room with his enemy to help heal his mind and maybe strive to live, with new reason?

What if They Were in Preschool?-HP cast. Fic for my friend Pearl, who wanted a story written by me, where she didn't have to skip the Mature Content chapters. Hogwarts pre to high school. Each chapter would be drabbles of each year these collection of characters are together starting with preschool and ending with graduation. AU so no wizardy stuff. HPDM, RonHer, and other pairings that come to mind but no citrus fruit, only fluffiness and maybe a few sexy kisses:) (Pearl: cream kiss;) ...)

Things You Shouldn't Ask Your Dads- Draco, Harry and their son James and maybe Albus and Lily. James is growing up with TWO dads instead of one and has A LOT of questions... Just your everyday, average, curius, adorable kid, who has a head for questions and a big mouth to match. Just wait till he grows up a little and starts asking about... Gasp!... Girls and dating, and then later... who knows;)?

Favorite Pairings!
Harry Potter- DM/HP, James/Scorpius, Scorpius/Albus. Personally, I HATE Harry with anyone but Draco, with the exception of this one fic but that's only one out of the many that I've read.
Naruto- SasuNaru, Iruka/Kakashi. I don't mind Naruto to be the seme but I love Sasuke as the seme. Other pairings are case by case. ItaKisame, Gaara/Neji, and Kiba/Neji are about the best of the others but like I said, it's case by case basis.
FullMetal Alchemist- Ed/Roy. Roy has to be the seme. No argument.
Ouran High School Host Club-Twins and maybe TamaKyo, really just whatever is out there.
Koisuru Bokun- I think that should be obvious. Morinaga and Senpai, who's name keeps escaping me.
I think that's all really... Yep. That's all.

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