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ANNOUNCEMENT! We are extending the deadline for The Age of Eric contest! You will now have till the 15th of August to complete your stories and submit them to us. Good luck!

IMPORTANT NOTE! We figured out the problem with the e-mail was a typo we made with the address here on the profile. If you haven't heard back from us, we're incredibly sorry. Please e-mail us again at We apologize profusely on our hands and knees for this inconvenience.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by.

Welcome to The Age of Eric Contest! Sound familiar? Well, that’s cause it is. This is the SVM version of The Age of Edward Twilight Contest.

Who are we?
Your hosts for this lovely contest are as follows: Zigster, S Meadows, and Chicklette.

What is The Age of Eric contest all about?
First and foremost, it’s about Eric. Hence his name being in the title and all. But the inspiration for this contest came from the fact that Eric Northman and his gracious plenty have been roaming the planet for over a thousand years. A Thousand years filled with incredible time periods to explore and history to tell. Yet, in the fanfiction world, Eric has stayed mostly put in the 21st Century.

This needs to change.


Yesterday, even.

So, we created this one shot contest so we could finally read some fabulous stories about Eric throughout the ages. We’ll be starting in the 14th Century and ending in the 1920’s.

The Age of Eric Blog

This is our profile in prettier form. Complete with pictures of Eric in uniform and a list of films to help you get a visual on each time period. Please follow us for updates and more information on the contest as this shindig gets underway.

What do I do to participate?
It’s simple. First, you pick an era/time period (there's a list at the bottom of this page) to set your story in. Then you e-mail us at telling us your era/time period, and your FF name (if different from your e-mail address) so we can mark it off on our list. write. It’s easy as that.

When does the contest start?
The Age of Eric Contest will run from July 1st to the end of August.

We will start accepting entries on the 6th of July going through till the 15th of August.

Those are important dates! Mark them on your calendars.

Rules of the contest...

All entries must be between min 3,000 and max 12,000 words.

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE BETA’D. We’re using caps for a reason here, people.

All entries must be a one shot. You may expand the story after the contest has ended. (Which we encourage.)

All entries must be a new story.

If you’re writing M rated fiction, you must be 18 years or older. No exceptions.

We encourage AH and AU entries, not just canon and vamp. (All Human, Alternate Universe)

You may submit more than one story, but two is the limit.

You have to stick to the time period that you chose. If you wish to change your time period, please e-mail us so we can keep track of who’s writing what.

RESEARCH! Please. We’re looking for quality historical fiction. Please research you’re chosen time period as best you can.

Collaborations are allowed.

Please include in your summary that your one shot is for the Age of Eric contest.

Entries can be posted on, LiveJournal or The Writer’s Coffee Shop. FFnet entries will be archived in our C2, and any LJ or TWCS entries will be archived on our blog for easy access.

Please use some sensitivity and common sense when writing. Any story that we feel is inappropriate will be excluded from the contest. If you think your story needs a warning for some of the subject matter, please add a disclaimer. Gratuitous violence, rape, etc will not be tolerated.

All entries must include the following heading at the top of the story:

The Age of Eric Contest


Pen name:

Time Period:



Any story that does not adhere to our rules above will result in expulsion from our contest. Please note that Meads is standing next to me with a whip as I write this. We mean business, people.

How do I enter my story into the contest once it’s written?
Once you’ve completed writing your fabulous story, and have had it beta’d, please e-mail us the link to wherever you’ve posted the story, whether it be FFNet, TWCS or LJ, and a gdoc file of the story to for our records.

Why do I need to send in a gdoc file?
Each story will be read by the judges anonymously and will be shared via google docs. It makes it easier for us to strip the story of all author names and titles before sending the stories out to the judges, if they’ve already been sent to us in gdoc form. If you don’t use gmail, or are unaware of how to use google docs, then just send us a regular document file of the story. It’s all good.

All submissions must be e-mailed to us by 11:59PM on August 15th.

All entries should be e-mailed to

You will receive an e-mail from one of us once your submission has been screened and sent to the judges. If we feel your story needs tweaking, or there is an issue with content, we will be in contact with you about correcting the problem and resubmitting.

Please DO NOT contact the judges at anytime! If you have questions, use our contest e-mail or PM one of us: the hosts.

There will be several rounds of pubic voting starting on the 10th of August to determine the top two fan favorites of all the entries. There will also be a Judges’ selection round of voting (for judges only) to determine their favorites. All winners names/titles will be posted to The Age of Eric blog and on The Sookieverse blog.

What do I get if I win?

First Prize - Public Vote: An autographed copy of CH’s Dead in The Family OR Your choice of a period film from our movie list. The first prize winner will also get an interview on The Sookieverse blog that will include a write up of the winning story.

Second Prize - Public Vote: An autographed copy of CH’s Dead in The Family OR Your choice of a period film from our movie list.

First Prize - Judge's vote: A choice of a period film from our movie list and a write up on The Sookieverse blog.

Second Prize - Judge's vote: A choice of a period film from our movie list.

All winners and Judges’ Picks will get a banner for their story.

Plus! Bragging rights for having an awesome story that we all enjoy and squee over.

Need a beta?
Don’t fret. SVM is a friendly fandom. There is a thread set up on The Sookieverse forum to aid you in all your beta needs.

Our Prestigious Judges!

Pimpage Material:

Avatar 1

Avatar 2


We would love it with all our hearts if you helped up pimp via twitter, blogs, anything really. :-)

Time Periods/Eras to choose from!

Each time period is linked back to a Wikipedia page about that era to help kick-start your research. The things listed beneath each main time period title are important people/events/defining aspects of that era.

Renaissance - Europe 14th - 16th Century


Leonardo Da Vinci


Black Death

Elizabethan Era - United Kingdom - 1558 - 1603

Queen Elizabeth I

English Renaissance


Restoration England - 1660 - 1685

Charles II

Oliver Cromwell (evil)

American Revolution - 1763 - 1789

Declaration of Independence

Boston Tea Party

Revolutionary War

The French Revolution - 1789 - 1799

Maire Antoinette

Louis XVI

The Palace of Versailles

Napoleonic Era - France/Europe 1799 - 1815

Napoleon I

Georgian Era - Europe 1714 - 1830

King George I, II, III, IV

Regency Era

Jane Austen

American Civil War - 1861 - 1865

Antebellum (pre war)

Gone With The Wind

Early Victorian

The Age of Enlightenment - Europe 18th Century

Industrial Revolution - Europe/United States 18th - 19th Century

Steam power

Gas lighting

Victorian Era - United Kingdom 1837 -1901

Gothic Revival

The Great Exhibition - Crystal Palace, London 1851

Exposition Universelle (Debut of the Effeil Tower 1889 - Paris)

Irish Famine


Jack the Ripper - London

Victorians - great site filled with info

Edwardian Era - United Kingdom 1901 - 1914

Art Nouveau

World War I

Titantic sinking... I’ll never let go, Jack.

Beatrix Potter

J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)

Romantic Era - early 1800's - 1900’s (Includes Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian Eras)

Artists of the time...




Lord Byron
Bronte Sisters
Edgar Allen Poe
Mary Shelley
Percy Shelley
Washington Irving


J.M.W. Turner
Eugene Delacroix
Theodore Gericault

The Gilded Age - America - late 1800’s to early 1900’s

John D. Rockefeller

Andrew Carnegie


The building of Ellis Island

Susan B. Anthony - Woman’s Sufferage

The Glory of the Old West

The Roraring Twenties - America 1920’s (Golden Twenties - London/Paris/Berlin)

Jazz Music - Harlem Renaissance


Art Deco

Nineteenth Amendment - Woman’s Right to Vote

Lost Generation - Paris

Ernest Hemingway
Gertrude Stein
F. Scott Fitzgerald





If you have ANY questions, please feel free to e-mail us at We will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Expelled from the Garden of Eden by tradermare reviews
How will Eric leave his mark on the Renaissance? A sample fic for the Age of Eric contest.
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