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Konnichiwa mina! Hajimimashite!

Welcome to the collaborated account of Zukuto Kachirikumei and Moruni Takanara. This is Zukuto speaking. You may call me Zu or Z or Zuku, which ever works for ya. You can refer to my sister as Runi (Runi: Hai, hai! Hajimemashite mina-san!), since that's usually what she goes by. We currently have two stories up; "Mind XxXx" and"I Love You, I Love You, I Love you, and I Hate You." This is just an outlet for us to share the silly ideas with those who can appreciate the humor of our absurd minds. That being said, most of our stories will likely be crack humor so if you're not into that suck! lol j/k... but seriously...just don't spam us with your hatred cause you'll be wasting your time. XP. We support 0 tolerance for flamers. Constructive criticism can be the most meaningful and helpful review, please be respectful.

Here's a little bit about us:

We are (though not blood related by any means) sisters who met about 4 years ago on this site in a Naruto RP thread. We have been close friends and kept in touch with each other all this time despite the demise of the forums we loved so much. We love Anime with a passion and share a similar sense of humor. We are most definitely Yaoi fans so don't be surprised to see some of that in our stories. ;p. ...okay..a lot of that in our stories XD.


Age: 26

Gender: Female

Height: 157cm

Zodiac: Virgo/snake

Blood-type: AB

Hobby: Drawing Anime

Special Talent: Defiling 'innocence.' ahahahaha... ne? Runi-chan? *grins* (Runi: Oh gawd don't remind me *eyeroll*)

Type of guy: Heh. I would say sweet, kind and thoughtful in personality. As far as looks go I tend to like either the cute, geekish, punk type or the what I like to call the sexy-girly-man haha. Well I like the goth/punk look too so hehe. Basically someone with a different style with the confidence to show it proudly.

Favorite food: Pocky~! And Unagi~!

Favorite Music: Alternative/Visual Kei

Favorite Sport: erm.. I was in gymnastics for most of my life so I guess that'd be it.

What you most want right now: To learn more Japanese TT

Future Dream: To become a Mangaka or concept artist for video games.

Fanfiction member since: June 12th 2007



Age: 20

Gender: Femme!

Height: ... nonya business fucker . ...

Zodiac: Leo/Cancer Cusp!/Pig

Blood-type: B!

Hobby: uhm... writing? Crack fics, yaoi fangirl, anime... being weird =3

Special Talent: Having the most amazing ideas for crack humor.

Type of guy: uhm... Sadistic, evil, and will submit to my will =3 okay, well... I also like the sweet smothering type I guess... I'm more Seme then Uke so yeah, I think I would prefer an Uke XD.

Favorite food: Anything with rice.

Favorite Music: Rock. I hate country, I'll tolerate it sometimes though...

Favorite Sport: ooooh hard one... yeah, too hard. (*coughcough* that's what he said...~Zu)

What you most want right now: To find what I need to find, and someone to clean my room thoroughly- or at least to help me _;; (Komoui pile! *jumps into mess of papers*~Zu)

Future Dream: To be Sky King... DATTEBAYO!

Fanfiction member since: December 24th 2006.


Current Story plans

1) A KazuAgi fic, depicting how a relationship could develop between the two and the resulting relationship issues and development. This story is now up and running! Go read it! Now! onegai~!

2) A short sequal to the above mentioned fic. It's a continuation but it will also stand alone as it's own story...kind of.

3) A stem off from the first mentioned fic, explaining how a certain other couple ended up together, can't tell you who it is yet ;p.

NEW STORY!! "I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, and I Hate You." - Go check it out! Read Review! Please! We love you! *In Sterio* Onegai~!

New Forum up for I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, and I Hate you:

-If you like and read our stories, please check it out!!

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