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My name is Candace I'm a Leo and was born in the year of the ox. I'm pretty quiet until someone gets to know me, I prefer to blend into the background rather than be the most popular. I keep a close group of friends and I'm happy with that. I'd do anything for my friends and family no matter what it was, I'm loyal to a fault and I'm quick to stand up for myself or anyone else I care about. I work full time doing data entry for beauty products, and love my job and the people I work with. It's great. When I'm not doing that I enjoy reading - or cross stitching, and have recently been designing my own cross stitch designs, my most recent two are of the 2003 Ninja turtles. I just finished the first after six months of hard work and have started on the second.

I also have every single TMNT movie on DVD and saw the CGI movie when it was released a couple times with my friends. I don't care if I am in my 20's I love the turtles. My family find my love for the turtles quite amusing since I never outgrew them - but I don't mind I will always love the turtles! I loved the 2003 TMNT series even better than the 1980's, though I still find the 1980's version quite funny. I go back and rewatch the 1980's version and find them even funnier than I did back when I was a kid because I actually understand what they are talking about now. Sometimes they seem very silly to me and that makes me laugh even harder, and a lot of the time I find the plots silly now, but that doesn't mean I don't love the characters anyway.

For me the 2003 series was what I feel the turtles should be, not so silly, not always concerned with pizza, but the down to earth heroes of the comic books. So I've collected those DVD's as well, and while I might have gotten them for when I have kids of my own, I still enjoy watching them myself. I find them funny and serious all at the same time. I love Michelangelo's sense of humor and how he's always trying to find a punch line or throw in a movie or TV reference whenever he thinks the timing is appropriate. I love Donatello's inventions and how subtle their vehicles are in the new series - it makes them more secret when they are out on the streets in a car that doesn't have ninja turtles or just turtles printed on the side. And Raphael and Leonardo have always been such amazing characters and I loved how serious and true to the comics they were in this series. I was very sad to see it end.

Anyway here's a little bit about me...

Favorite Color: Ocean blue

Favorite Music: Classic Rock - usually AC/DC or Metallica

Favorite TV Shows: Superntural, Master Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, 2003 TMNT, Wildfire

Favorite Domesticated Animal: I can't say because I love way too many. But need to be loyal to Priestly my Yorkie and I love the horse I ride Nikita.

Pets Living With Us: Priestly - Yorkshire Terrier and Jack - English Springer. Nikita - Black and white paint horse.

Favorite Books: Can't decide I've read way to many I love to read

Favorite Past Times: Reading, writing, playing with my dogs, cooking, cross stitching and horseback riding.

Favorite Turtle: I don't have a favorite I love them all the same for different reasons.

Favorite Wild Animal: That's another hard one as I love so many - but I'd say a tie between the wolf or the tiger.

Things I dislike: Rude people, animal abuse, people who kill for fur or fun.

Book I'm currently reading: None who has time to read these days? I certainly don't.

Favorite Movies: Hmm...I love a lot of movies I love the TMNT movies, Jurassic Park, Ten Inch Hero, My Bloody Valentine 3D...and way too many others to list here. I just love a good movie that can drag me away from real life for a while, and since I'm easily entertained that isn't hard to do.

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving, it's just a time I get to be with my family and be thankful for what I have been blessed with in this life.

Update 10/02/2014

Wow it's about time this thing was updated. Well I just finished the fourth in my romance series for the turtles, Leonardo's story will be the fourth story and I am currently working on that. Hopefully it will be posted next spring. That should give me enough time to get it written so my readers don't have to wait for weeks on end for an update.

Won 3rd place for best new author. Thanks for those who voted for me. http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z469/TMNT_FF_Awards_2011/New%20Author/newauthorthird2.png

My Stories:

Broken Spirits and Bodies: My first TMNT fanfic. A tag to Tales of Leo from the 2003 series, how each turtle handles seeing Leo in his condition and how they bring him back from the brink. Complete

Alone In The Darkness: Leo and his brothers face one of their biggest challenges yet when a fight leaves Leo with a permanent handicap. Complete

Blind Sight (Sequel to Alone in the Darkness): After a fight with the purple dragons leaves Raphael seriously injured and Donatello and Michelangelo missing Leonardo knows it is up to him to save his missing brothers. But will he be able to do so if he can't see? Leonardo isn't so sure. Will he let his disability stop him from saving his brothers or will he succeed in getting his brothers away from the purple dragons clutches before it is too late? Nominated best series for Stealthy Stories. Complete

I Believe in Santa Claus, Raphael: Raphael tries to get it into Michelangelo's head that there is no Santa Claus. But Michelangelo refuses to give up on the hope that he is still there. Sometimes faith can be enough. Complete.

Damaged: Post Cousin Sid. How do the turtles react upon seeing the damage on Leo's shell for the first time, and what is going on in Leo's head. Nominated best one shot and best drama for stealthy stories. Complete... Won 2nd place for best one shot -http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z469/TMNT_FF_Awards_2011/OneShot/oneshotsecond.png Won 2nd place for best drama http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z469/TMNT_FF_Awards_2011/Drama/dramasecond.png

A Very Mikey Christmas: Michelangelo finds the true meaning of Christmas when he sacrifices what he really wants for Christmas to help someone else who's need is greater than his own. Complete

Healing The Broken: First in a romance series. Raphael goes out after a fight with Leonardo and heads to the park, not knowing that it will change his life for good. Complete

Bring Him Home: Second in a romance series. Melinda has no idea that finding an unconscious turtle in an alley will change her life so dramatically. While realizing their brother is missing the others will stop at nothing until they bring Mikey home. Complete

Secrets of the Heart: Third in a romance series. A trip out to the country turns out to have more surprises than the turtles expected. In Progress.

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