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Hello, curious reader:

I go by the nick Kurtulmak because I'm an old school RPG gamer who happens to love underdogs, and there's no underdogs greater than kobolds. That love for underdogs is a big part of why Naruto is my favorite fandom.

I have a soft spot for Naruto fics with time travel, alternate genin teams, interesting genre (but not setting) shifts, and stories that start from canon and branch out somewhere wild in a wholly believable way. I'm not a fan of banishment fics or any other fics that revolve around the fan-made mustache-twirlingly evil and stupid village council (a plague upon our fandom!), fics in which Naruto loses his charming underdog status to become some sort of hardcore "manly" killer, harem fics, and any fic that bashes characters (including Sakura and Sasuke) in lieu of actually having to put effort into characterizing someone an author doesn't like. I loathe high school AU fics with a passion that is a little unseemly, I'll admit.

I also come from the school of "a more natural translation is better," so I'm not a fan of gratuitous Japanese in fics -- especially bad Japanese. ("Dobe/teme" abusers, I'm looking at you.) If it sounds corny in English, then you may be surprised that it probably sounded that way in Japanese too. :-)

I've noticed that Naruto fandom has developed an inevitable, towering mountain of fanon and commonly reused plot elements over the years, both good and bad. (Well, okay, it's mostly bad thanks to even the good ideas getting run into the ground over time.) As I've been reading fanfic, I've noticed a few common cliches that I thought I'd share out of both amusement and chagrin. And the best way to do that is tongue firmly in cheek!

In that spirit, I present...

The Naruto Fanfic Cliche Drinking Game

Rules: Pick a bottle of your favorite hard alcohol and a Naruto fic.
Follow the rules below. If you make it to the end of the fic alive and conscious, you win!
(For maximum fun pick one with over 1000 reviews.)

Alternate Rules: Go to the new updates list for Naruto and set it to Rating: All and Language: English.
Follow the rules below for each fic summary (not the fics themselves). If you make it through 200 summaries alive and conscious, you win!

Character Cliches: Naruto

- Take a shot if someone complains about Naruto wearing orange and tries to convince him to change.
- Take another shot if the person complaining uses some variation of the phrase "kill me orange."
- Take another shot if someone actually manages to get Naruto to change his outfit to something non-orange that the author thinks is more badass.
- Take another shot if the color of the outfit is specifically picked to hide blood stains.
- Take a shot if it's Naruto himself who decides to ditch the orange. Take a second shot if this is because he's stopped "pretending to be stupid."
- Take a shot if Naruto wears his orange jumpsuit because he was tricked into buying it, it was the only thing he could afford/find, or some other sad reason.
- Take another shot if the person who gave the jumpsuit to him did so in hopes that he'd get killed more easily.
- Take a shot for each item in Naruto's new wardrobe: longcoat, boots, fishnet/mesh, body armor, sunglasses, a mask, a hood/hoodie, a fox or flame motif, or an array of seals.
- Take a shot if any of Naruto's new outfit is meant to resemble or actually includes ANBU gear.
- Alternately to much of the above, take a shot if Naruto practically worships the color orange.

- Take a shot if someone accuses Naruto's ramen habit of stunting his growth. Bonus shot if he gave it up and is taller than in canon now.
- Take an additional shot if Naruto becomes the tallest member of his class before he graduates and joins his new team (or equivalent).

- Take a shot if, after growing up a bit, someone describes Naruto as "a golden god," "a golden Adonis," or something similar. Bonus shot if Ino's POV is involved.
- Take a shot if someone compares him to the sun or his eyes to the ocean.
- Take a shot if there's purple prose about how expressive Naruto's eyes are. Bonus shot if Hinata's POV is involved.

- Take a shot if someone calls Naruto a virtual clone of the Fourth Hokage.
- Take a shot if there are no blue-eyed blonds in a village the size of the Leaf except the Fourth Hokage and the Yamanaka clan.
- Take a shot if someone recognizes Naruto's lineage with a glance. Bonus shot if it's someone not from Leaf, or if it's someone who is but who dismisses the idea immediately.
- Take a shot if Rock ninjas see Naruto and go blood-frothing insane for the chance to kill him or panic and cower in terror because of his father.
- Take an additional shot if the Village Hidden in the Rocks takes military, economic, or diplomatic action against Leaf solely because of Naruto's existence.
- Take a shot if Naruto's father left Naruto an estate with a house full of scrolls that will make him more powerful. Bonus shot if the building has a blood seal on it.

- Take a shot if Naruto is great at stealth because he's been avoiding ANBU since he was a child.
- Take an additional shot if after painting the Hokage monument, he evades a squad of ANBU or something more fierce than the two nameless chunin from the anime.
- Take another shot if Naruto's skill at stealth is possible because the fox granted him super senses.
- Take another shot if the ability to wear orange while hiding from ANBU is mentioned.

- Take a shot if Naruto has been physically abused as a child.
- Take another shot if these attempts included serious attempts to kill him.
- Take another shot if he was a regular at the hospital because of this abuse. Bonus shot if he hates hospitals because of this or if he has his own room.
- Take another shot if Naruto was aware of his healing powers because of this abuse, and take another shot if he was aware of the fox as a result.
- Take two shots if Naruto attempted suicide as a child.
- Finish the bottle if Naruto found out the hard way that the fox makes him effectively immortal in the fic.
- Take two shots if Naruto was sexually abused or exploited as a child.
- Take a shot if Naruto was attacked by drunken mobs.
- Take another shot if corrupt ANBU let any of the above happen.
- Conversely, take a shot if Naruto was defended as a child by Kakashi, Anko, or Yuugao as ANBU and recognizes them later without the masks as a result.
- Take a shot if Naruto was kicked out to the streets and left homeless at some point during his childhood.
- Take another shot if this went on for multiple years without the Hokage doing something about it or even noticing it.

- Take a shot for each character that bursts into tears, curses their own stupidity, or gets mad at their parents upon learning of Naruto's extra tragic past.
- Take a bonus shot if the revelation happens in Ichiraku Ramen.
- Take a shot if Naruto is openly called a "demon" by villagers in public, despite there being ... I dunno... a law or something about it.
- Alternately, take a shot if someone calls Naruto a "demon," and is immediately, casually executed in public or in the council's chambers.
- Take an additional shot for each person past the first who is executed for the same mistake in the same scene.
- Take a shot if a girl that defends or hooks up with Naruto is referred to as "the demon's whore" by villagers.

- Take a shot if Leaf Village has a yearly festival celebrating the defeat of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox.
- Take a shot if -- unlike every other situation in which someone gives Naruto grief -- Naruto decides to cower and avoid confrontation on that day.
- Take a shot if this is because Naruto was attacked by rowdy and drunken crowds or had his house vandalized on this day.
- Take another shot if this was a yearly event, and the Third never really did anything effective to protect him from it.
- Take a shot if the event that marks the change from the canon storyline is an attack against Naruto on this day.
- Take a shot if Naruto has never once celebrated his own birthday before because of the festival and its hostilities.

- Take a shot if Naruto lives in abject poverty. Bonus shot if he lacks some basic service (like hot water) and/or uses scavenged or substandard goods.
- Take another shot if this is because the "orphan's fund" that supports him doesn't give him all his money.
- Take another shot if Naruto eats ramen because it's all he can afford or because it's hard for shopkeepers to tamper with or let spoil before selling to him.
- Take a shot if he can only shop at a handful of places without being violently attacked and/or gets cheated at the ones he can go to.
- Take another shot if the reason he loves Ichiraku Ramen is because it was one of the only shops that let him eat there. Bonus shot if this is why he likes ramen at all.
- Take another shot if, after years of this treatment he meets an OC shop owner during the fic who mysteriously never had an issue with Naruto and is super-helpful.
- Bonus shot if the one nice shop is owned by the family of Tenten or one of the other genin or if the shop owner was a friend of the Fourth.
- Take a shot if Naruto is only allowed into a store because an adult ninja (e.g. Kakashi, Anko) threatens violence against the owner.
- Alternately, take a shot if he goes into a store with a friend who has to stand up for a suddenly meek Naruto. Bonus shot if the friend can't/won't shop there again.

- Take a shot if Naruto's cheerful, determined, underdog attitude is described as a "mask" for his "true" cold, dark, and/or arrogant personality.
- Take a shot if Naruto actually looks down at his fellow genin because he's skilled on a level far beyond them all.
- Take a shot if Naruto has no sympathy for Sasuke over the Uchiha massacre because Naruto has suffered so much more, and Sasuke just wouldn't understand.
- Add a splash of bitters to your shots for the rest of the chapter if Naruto actually tells someone that they just couldn't understand him.
- Take a shot each time the author bashes Sasuke and praises Naruto for acting in the exact same way.
- Take a shot if Naruto resorts to lethal force at earliest opportunity and is remorseless or satisfied with all of his kills.
- Take an additional shot if the new, more badass Naruto kills off characters he befriends in canon.
- Alternately, take a shot if Naruto makes all the same friends despite being an emotionally constipated jerkass.

- Take a shot if Naruto is immune to poison because of the Nine-Tails. Make it a double if he's immune to alcohol, unlike you, you poor, unfortunate soul.
- Take a shot if only Naruto's transformation technique produces physical changes.
- Bonus shot if this is a special "kitsune" power. Alternately, take a bonus shot if Naruto accidentally invented the technique due to Academy teacher sabotage.
- Take a shot if Naruto purrs if you stroke his whisker marks or if they are some sort of otherwise very sensitive/sensual spot for him.

- Take a shot if Naruto develops or obtains some kind of bloodline on top of already being the host for a tailed beast.
- Take an additional shot if it's some kind of doujutsu (eye technique). Double up if it's the sharingan or rinnegan.
- Finish the bottle if it's even MORE über than the Sharingan and can do something like copy bloodlines, control minds, kill people with a glance, etc.
- Set your drink on fire if the author makes a poor attempt to argue that Naruto's new bloodline is "balanced." If you can't, you aren't drinking the right kind of booze for this.
- Take one more shot as a chaser if the author swears that they don't like god-like Naruto fics, and that this Naruto-with-a-bloodline fic will be different.

- Take a shot if Naruto finds or is given a scroll or scrolls in his early childhood and ends up the most powerful and skilled ninja of his class by graduation.
- Take an additional shot if the scroll or scrolls were found in the trash, abandoned buildings, etc. as a result of Naruto's childhood abuse at the hands of the village.
- Alternately, take a shot if the Hokage gave Naruto the scroll as a child. Bonus shot if the scroll's technique are his father's invention and thus his birthright.
- Alternately, take a shot if he learns his new godmode technique from the forbidden scroll after failing the academy graduation exam.
- Take an additional shot if Naruto learns multiple techniques from the forbidden scroll. Make it a double if he copies the whole thing for later review.
- Take a shot if Naruto's new powers derive from a technique he haphazardly invented without knowing what he was doing. Bonus shot if anyone else would've died.

- Take a shot if the story suggests that the only reason canon!Naruto didn't wind up godmode!Naruto was because his instructors maliciously held him back.
- Take an additional shot if Naruto is/was functionally illiterate because no one really taught him how to read.
- Take a shot if competent!Naruto picks up training weights or "gravity seals." Bonus shot if this is because Guy randomly decided to train him after seeing his hard work.
- Take a shot if Naruto takes up wielding a cool-looking sword. Bonus shot if the sword is magical and grants special powers.
- Take a shot if Naruto learns wind manipulation and then invents a slew of hideously powerful wind techniques that don't require any hand seals because those are for pussies.
- Take an additional shot if Naruto develops a taijutsu style that encompasses his wind manipulation to tear and slash enemies that he punches.
- Take a shot if Naruto spontaneously notices the memory transferring power of the Shadow Clone Technique at a really early age and then abuses it to become über-powerful.

Character Cliches: Team 7

- Take a shot each time Sasuke justifies some crazy, petty, violent, and/or jealous act by screaming, "I'M AN UCHIHA!" or "I'M AN AVENGER!" (Pre-Itachi reveal.)
- Take a shot if the first time were are treated to Sasuke's thoughts, he's dismisses someone else as a hindrance to growth and revenge.
- Take a shot every time Sasuke grunts, "Hn," more than once in a single conversation. Bonus shot if it's the only thing he says.
- Take a shot if someone other than Sasuke uses "Hn" in a non-ironic way.
- Take a shot if Sasuke actually thinks, "Hn," to himself.
- Take a shot if someone makes a snide comment about Sasuke "actually talking" if he holds a conversation with complete sentences and no grunts.
- Take a shot if you're told that Sasuke almost made a facial expression (but didn't).
- Take a shot if Sasuke seriously attempts premeditated murder of a fellow Leaf ninja.
- Bonus shot if Kakashi actually defends him for turning on an ally for some reason, and finish the bottle if the victim is Naruto of all people.
- Take a shot if Sasuke walks up to someone and demands that they train him as if it's owed to him.
- Take an additional shot if Sasuke believes only he should get special training and not Naruto or Sakura.
- Take an additional shot if jealousy over Naruto's growth is the trigger for his training demand. Bonus shot if he's asking a disdainful super!Naruto and is refused.
- Take a shot every time someone calls Sasuke "the Uchiha" in contempt.

- Take a shot if someone compares Sasuke's hair to a bird's rear end or calls him "emo" or some variation on "uke." Bonus shot if it's Kakashi during Team introductions.
- Take a shot if there's a scene of Sasuke fleeing and hiding from his fangirls. Bonus shot if Naruto helps him escape or rats him out to them.
- Take a shot if circumstances conspire to make Sasuke see something mind-scarring with his sharingan, ensuring that he'll never be able to forget it.
- Take a shot if Sasuke has an OC sister or lost female cousin. Bonus shot is she either saves him from madness or is shipped with him.

- Take a shot if someone calls Sakura "pinky," "the pink harpy," "the pink spore," etc. Bonus shot if it's Kakashi during Team introductions.
- Take a shot if Sakura's voice is described as "screeching" or "shrill."
- Take a shot if Sasuke is brought back, and Sakura completely neglects Naruto in favor of checking up on Sasuke. Bonus shot if she's the only one who ignores him.
- Take a shot if Sakura actually lashes out at Naruto for bringing Sasuke back injured. Bonus shot if she ignores his injuries or says he deserves them.
- Take a shot if Sakura is actively homicidal or violently betrays her village and friends out of love for Sasuke.
- Alternately, take a shot if Sakura turns on Naruto for failing to bring Sasuke back and throws his promise back in his face.

- Take a shot if Sakura joins Akatsuki, willingly or not, and hooks up with one of its members.
- Actually, make that a shot for each member she hooks up with. (*sigh*)
- Take a shot if Sakura suffered through some horrible childhood trauma to make her just as tragic as Naruto & Sasuke. Bonus shot if her family was massacred.
- Take a shot if Sakura reacts to Naruto's jinchuuriki status by calling him a monster. Bonus shot if he's comforted over this by the fic's designated girl.

- Take a shot if Inner Sakura is a full-blown second personality that argues with Sakura instead of comically reflecting her true, hidden, not-very-sweet thoughts.
- Take an additional shot if Inner Sakura is some sort of funky bloodline ability or superpower.
- Take a shot if Sakura grows her hair back out long in fics where she's older than canon, and the author gives you purple prose about its beauty.
- Take a shot if there's purple prose about how expressive Sakura's eyes are.
- Take a shot if the author ups Sakura's cup size thanks to her learning Tsunade's "secret."
- Take a shot if Sakura smells or tastes of strawberries, cherries, sakura blossoms, or some other pink/red flower.

- Take a shot if someone attacks Kakashi for not training Team 7 enough despite no one from Team 8 or 10 showing any abilities they didn't get from their clan.
- Take a shot if Naruto writes off Kakashi as a teacher forever for focusing on Sasuke before the chunin exam finals. Bonus shot if Kakashi genuinely doesn't care.
- Take an additional shot if Kakashi's favoritism comes from guilt towards Obito. Bonus shot if Kakashi "sees the light" about who most resembles Obito in his team.
- Take a shot if Kakashi has known Naruto and been secretly following his growth his whole life, especially while in ANBU.
- Take an additional shot if Naruto was physically abused as a child, and Kakashi left him to grow up alone despite knowing who he was.
- Alternately, take a shot if he didn't know, and he storms the Hokage's office as soon as he figures it out.

- Take a shot if Sai just won't shut up about penises.
- Take another shot, and contemplate finishing the bottle, if someone decides he must be crazy because Naruto actually has a massive penis, like all true heroes do.
- Bonus shot if you know this because Hinata's been peeking with her byakugan, whether intentionally or not or if Anko decides to take a more direct look.

Character Cliches: Other Allies

- Take a shot if Hinata, in a sentence not directed at Naruto, stutters more than half of the words or stutters 3 words in a row.
- Take a shot if Hinata is a closet pervert. Take another shot if all Hyuuga (except maybe Neji, Hiashi, and/or -- we hope -- Hanabi) are kinky closet perverts.
- Take a shot if someone refers to Hinata's breasts as the "true/secret Hyuuga bloodline limit."
- Take a shot if practically everyone in the village is aware of Hinata's crush on Naruto except for Naruto (and maybe some other Hyuuga).
- Take a shot if the Hyuuga elders hate Hinata and wish for her to fail. Bonus shot if they actually take malicious action to ensure she does.
- Take a shot if Hinata is banished from the Hyuuga clan. Bonus shot if she manages not to be sealed in the process. Another shot if Hiashi wants her dead.
- Take a shot if Hinata learns abilities other than the Gentle Fist, and her clan actually looks down on her for it. Bonus shot if her status as heir is at risk as a result.
- Take a shot if Hinata smells or tastes of lavender, lilac, or some other purple flower.
- Take a shot if someone compares Hinata to the moon or a rabbit.

- Take a shot if there's some sort of Uchiha-Hyuuga rivalry that has nearly the entirety of both families biting at the bit for confrontation with each other.
- Take a shot if one family is portrayed as the good guys (e.g. by taking Naruto under their wing) and the other has to be evil to provide conflict.
- Take a shot if this bitter rivalry extends to Sasuke and Hinata or if it gets in the way of Naruto being friends with either one.
- Take a shot every time someone calls Hinata a stalker or that the lady protests (too much!) that she isn't one.

- Take a shot if Shino talks and people express surprise.
- Take a shot if the reason why Shino only uses his clan's techniques (like all the other clan-born genin) is because he's can't, thanks to his bugs.
- Take a shot if Shino has no eyes behind his sunglasses or is otherwise blind and reliant on his bugs to see.
- Take a shot if Shino is basically Spock with bugs -- a man obsessed with logical and scientific thinking.

- Take a shot if Kiba is a total horndog who hits on anything that moves.
- Take a shot if Kiba and other Inuzuka refer to teammates and family as a "pack" and to love interests as "mates."
- Take a shot if Kiba doesn't bathe very often.

- Take a shot each time Shikamaru says the word "troublesome" (or its equivalents) within three sentences of the last time he said it. "Troublesome woman" counts.
- Take a shot if Shikamaru is pushed to new limits and fights battles he'd never volunteer for out of fear of Ino's or Temari's wrath.
- Take a shot if Shikamaru expresses genuine terror of his mother.
- Take a shot if Shikamaru figures out Naruto is the container of the Nine-Tails and the son of the Fourth Hokage on the barest scraps of information.
- Take another shot if Shikamaru is the second member of his generation to learn either of Naruto's secrets (after Naruto). Bonus shot if he beats Naruto himself to it.

- Take a shot if Ino finds out about the Nine-Tails by possessing Naruto. Take an extra shot if this is the start of a NaruIno pairing.
- Take a shot if Ino gets tutoring from Anko and becomes just as scary.
- Take a shot if Ino grows up to be the only girl of her generation that does seduction missions.
- Take an additional shot if these missions are a point of angst for her or if this somehow leads to her romantic subplot.
- Take a shot if Sakura is being bashed by this fic, and Ino turns from her friendship with Sakura in horror over how Sakura acts over Sasuke and/or towards Naruto.

- Take a shot if the comedy sunset/waves that appear behind Guy and Lee when they hug is a genjutsu that others actually see (and can't unsee).
- Take an additional shot if someone tries to warn others before the "genjutsu" appears to prevent their minds from being scarred.
- Take a shot every time Guy or Lee uses the words "youth," "youthful," or "youthfulness" more than once in the same sentence.
- Take a shot if the fic, for some reason, decides to regale you with Guy and Lee's underwear choices. (Or worse, lack thereof.)
- Take a shot if the author can't seem to decide between "Maito Gai" and "Might Guy" or "Guy Might" in spelling.
- Take a shot if another character actually ends up wearing Guy's green bodysuit or gets one in their own color, long-term. Bonus shot if they get the haircut too.
- Take a shot if someone shaves off Guy or Lee's eyebrows or tries to do so.
- Take a shot if someone tries to destroy Guy or Lee's outfit as an eyesore. Bonus shot if this fails because they have reserves.

- Take a shot if the Third Hokage is portrayed as having struggled his entire career with paperwork, like Tsunade does. Bonus shot if the Fourth somehow got around it.
- Take a shot if someone points out the idea of having clones do paperwork. Bonus shot if the Third Hokage starts banging his head on something, drinking, etc.
- Take a shot if for some reason the Hokage isn't allowed to use clones to do paperwork. Bonus shot if Shizune stops Tsunade or either of them stop Naruto.

- Take a shot every time Tsunade inflicts random, comedic violence upon Jiraiya.
- Take an additional shot every time Jiraiya foolishly does something suicidally lecherous in front of her to deserve it, like try to grope her or blatantly leer at her breasts.
- Take a shot every time Tsunade is caught drinking on the job by Shizune.

- Take a shot if Jiraiya is such a lech because he honestly can't get laid without having to pay for it (or the other way around).
- Take a shot if Jiraiya tries to get Naruto a hooker. Bonus shot if it's a birthday present.
- Take a bonus shot for each person beyond Kakashi, Jiraiya, Naruto, and the Third Hokage that you are told has read Icha Icha.
- Take a shot if Kurenai hates the Icha Icha series and acts frostily towards anyone who reads it.
- Take an additional shot if Kurenai or Tsunade threatens anyone over porn or destroys their copies with sadistic joy.
- Take an additional shot if all women (other than Anko) act the same way.
- Take a shot if the characters of Icha Icha are revealed to be flagrantly obvious knock offs of people Jiraiya knows. (e.g. "Toonami," the busty, blond snail princess.)
- Take a shot if Jiraiya spies on Naruto's love life to provide fodder for future books. Bonus shot if he "encourages" Naruto's love life to get more material.

- Take a shot if "sannin" (aka "three ninjas") is treated as a ninja rank above jounin. (e.g. "A sannin-rank fighter" or "Naruto is the newest sannin.")

- Take a shot if Anko is portrayed as the village bicycle. (Everyone can take a ride.) Bonus shot if she's known to be extremely kinky.
- Alternately, take a shot if Anko never has sex because she's such a terribly tragic broken bird or pariah.
- Take a shot if Anko enters into a relationship with an underage character because she simply doesn't care about her (already terrible) reputation.
- Take a shot if Anko and Kurenai are best friends or vicious enemies. Take a bonus shot the author writes of a past (or present) sexual relationship between the two.
- Take a shot for each girl referred to as "the [specialty] mistress of [village]." Bonus shots for Kurenai, Anko, and Tenten.

- Take a shot for each Leaf ninja with the following ANBU codename: Kakashi = Dog, Yuugao = Cat, Anko = Snake, Itachi = Crow, Naruto = Fox.
- Finish the bottle if any ANBU was named their own name in English. (e.g. Itachi = Weasel, Kakashi = Scarecrow.) Worst. Pseudonym. Ever.

- Take a shot if the "Ichiraku" in Ichiraku Ramen is Teuchi and Ayame's actual last name and not just Japanese for "Most Comfortable Ramen."

- Take a shot if Gaara and Naruto instantly recognize each other's status as jinchuuriki upon meeting each other. Bonus shot if Gaara ignores Sasuke.
- Take a shot each time someone mocks Kankurou for "wearing makeup" and "playing with dolls." Bonus shot if Temari laughs or chides him for taking her makeup.

- Take a shot if the Fourth Hokage is alive, and yet Naruto is still a trickster who paints the Hokage monument despite getting plenty of attention and recognition.
- Take a shot if Naruto is bitter living under his father's shadow or if his father too busy to pay attention to him.
- [Ten years later] Wait. That is literally the plot of Boruto. Damn youuuuuuu!!!
- Take a shot if Kushina is/was a master of the sword. Bonus shot if she's known as the "Red Death" or something similarly bloody sounding.

Character Cliches: Side Characters

- Take a shot if the Nine-Tails is friendly and wants to help Naruto grow stronger (for altruistic reasons or not).
- Take an additional shot if this is because of its outrage at the treatment Naruto suffered at the hands of the villagers.
- Take an additional shot if the Nine-Tails is or can become a sexy, redheaded woman. Bonus shot if she is extremely busty and/or naked.
- Take an additional shot if she becomes a love interest for Naruto or the Fourth.
- Take a shot each time the Nine-Tails calls Naruto "kit" in an affectionate or friendly way.
- Take a shot each time the Nine-Tails calls some female character "vixen."
- Take a shot each time Naruto calls the Nine-Tails "fuzz-butt" or "furball."
- Take a shot if the Nine-Tails somehow changes Naruto to be taller & more muscular and/or feral & sexy as part of their partnership.
- Take a shot if the Naruto acquires fox ears, tail(s), and/or whiskers for some kind of quasi-furry author fetish. Bonus shot every scene a girl squees over him.

- Take a shot if Naruto is described as a "hanyou" (half-youkai or half-demon) in a canon-esque setting.
- Take a shot if the fox's red chakra is described as "youki" (demonic ki) instead of as chakra.

- Take a shot if the author calls the demon fox a "kitsune," including "the Kyuubi no Kitsune" instead of "Kyuubi no Youko" and heavily invokes kitsune myths.
- Take a shot if the Nine-Tails is extremely honorable and cannot/will not break a promise.
- Take a shot if the Nine-Tails looks down on humanity for their lack of morals, implying its own moral superiority.
- Take a shot if the reason for the Nine-Tails' attack on the Leaf was the death of its mate or children.
- Take an additional shot if Leaf Village was mostly an innocent, random target of opportunity, but the fic still paints the Nine-Tails in a sympathetic light.
- Take a shot if the Nine-Tails is actually the boss summon of an entire family of fox spirits.
- If someone other than Naruto gets the fox contract, take a shot if they are warned about summoning foxes in Leaf Village.

- Take a shot if the Two-Tailed Monster Cat grants Yugito powers over the dead.
- Take a bonus shot if Yugito has a personality based on cat-like traits (e.g. long naps, hatred of dogs, etc.).

Character Cliches: Villains

- Take a shot if someone calls Orochimaru a pedophile. Take another shot if the fic treats the proposition seriously. Finish the bottle if it's a lemon.
- Take a shot if the Uchiha massacre didn't happen, but Orochimaru still wants Sasuke and not some more easily caught Uchiha.
- Take a shot if Naruto or Sakura follows Sasuke to Sound, and Orochimaru's all like, "lol sure wai not?"
- Take a shot if Orochimaru actually takes over Sasuke's body and this is the setup for some sort of post-apocalypse scenario where the Leaf has been destroyed.

- Take a shot if the Akatsuki all live together as one big, wacky, dysfunctional family.
- Take a shot if the Akatsuki keep a cute and rambunctious child in their ranks, either as an adopted child or as a full-fledged member, but not as a prisoner.
- Take an extra shot either if the child is Naruto or Sakura.
- Take a shot if Itachi is irrationally attached to Pocky. Bonus shot if he threatens or kills someone over it or if he refuses to share with Kisame.
- Take a shot if the author makes Deidara a Yamanaka based on his blond ponytail and blue eyes or calls him "a male Ino."
- Take a shot if some character treats Sasori's wooden body and puppets as fetish fuel.
- Take a shot if Zetsu is from Hidden Grass just because he looks like a plant.

- Take a shot if self-inserts for the author and her friends crash the Akatsuki base and are not killed or tortured by evil, evil men.
- Bonus shot for each self-insert/Akatsuki hook up. One more shot if all the Akatsuki that aren't snapped up by OCs are hooked up with their partner.

- Take a shot if Akatsuki members find a baby by the side of the road (or some other contrived situation) and decide to adopt and raise it as their own.
- Take another shot if this child grows up to be a blatant Mary Sue or author self-insert.
- Take another shot if the character has a bloodline limit.
- Take another shot if the character gets romantically involved with one of the Akatsuki, Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, or Gaara. Second shot for more than one of the above.

General Background and Plot Cliches

- Take a shot if the author insists that the Village Hidden in the Leaves is run by a village council with the power to hamstring the Hokage.
- Take another shot if the council is divided into a civilian and shinobi parts with the civilian portion united in bloodlust against Naruto's continued existence.
- Take another shot if the shinobi council is entirely made up of clan heads -- with the Danzo, Homura, Kohaku, and the Sannin as possible extras.
- Take an extra shot if there are no clans other than the families of the Rookie 9 (plus Sarutobi & Senjuu), and every single clan head is a parent of one of those 9 genin.
- Take an extra shot if there's a Haruno clan or if one of Sakura's parents (invariably her mother) is on either of the two councils. Bonus shot is she's one of the bad guys.
- Take a shot every time a meeting of the council involves someone asking for Naruto to be killed, banished, imprisoned, or stripped of ninja rank.
- Take a bonus shot if they actually succeed at such a vote, and the Hokage feels powerless to directly oppose them.
- Take a bonus shot if this is the council's response to some act of selfless heroism on Naruto's part.
- Another bonus shot if it's your first introduction to the council, and it's not the immediate aftermath of the demon fox attack.
- Take a shot every meeting where Aburame Shibi or Nara Shikaku acts as the sole voice(s) of reason.
- Take a shot if Shikaku sleeps through any part of the meeting.
- Take a shot every time Inuzuka Tsume does something that shows a lack of decorum.
- Take a shot every time Uchiha Fugaku or Hyuuga Hiashi leads the "evil" vote.
- Take a shot if the Ino-Shika-Cho trio is one of the few on the Hokage's side.
- Take a shot for each person that sides with the Hokage primarily because they were personal friends with Minato.
- Take a shot every time Danzo pipes up with the suggestion that they should have turned Naruto into a weapon.
- Take a shot if the council loves the Uchiha clan and votes to give Sasuke special leeway that no other citizen would ever receive.
- Take a bonus shot (in addition to the shots above) if the council votes to banish or otherwise punish Naruto for bringing Sasuke back from the Valley of the End.
- Take a shot if the council decides that they want Sasuke to be the next Hokage. Finish the bottle if no one will prevent this from happening.
- Take a shot if the council votes to force two characters to get married. Bonus shot if they force a harem.
- Bonus shot if Naruto is party to the marriage, and it's part of a political slight to the other party.
- Bonus shot if the council is arranging this marriage specifically to break up a relationship that Naruto is part of, like a NaruHina pairing.

- Take a shot every time someone kills a civilian council member for saying something stupid, especially about Naruto.
- Take an extra shot if there are no real legal or political consequences for this murder.
- Take a shot if, in fact, Leaf Village as a whole seems to be ruled by public murder of people who express an opinion the Hokage doesn't like -- and the Hokage is still one of the good guys.
- Bonus shot if Leaf Village seems to be a simmering cauldron of hatred towards Naruto held in check only by Sarutobi's benevolent reign of terror.

- Take a shot if you're on chapter 10, and the plot is still in Naruto's childhood before the first episode of the series.
- Take a shot if super!Naruto has all the skills necessary to pass the graduation exam but still ends up going to grab the forbidden scroll for Mizuki.
- Take an additional shot if he does this primarily to get his hands on other powerful techniques with an excuse.
- Alternately, take a shot if Naruto somehow learns the Shadow Clone Technique without stealing the scroll for Mizuki.
- Bonus shot if some otherwise responsible adult taught the forbidden A-rank technique to him as an academy student to help him pass.
- Take a shot if Team 9 is "still in circulation" so that the author doesn't have to come up with names for it. Bonus shot if Team Guy is Team 9.
- Take a shot if Naruto has been pretending to be a fool and drops "the mask" during his graduation exam or during team assignments.
- Take a shot if, despite being an outrageous badass that aces all his Academy tests, Naruto still ends up on the same team he did when he was the dead last.

- Take a shot if capturing Tora, the Fire daimyo's wife's cat, is a very common mission that all teams end up going through -- multiple times.
- Take an additional shot if the previous generation (i.e. the rookie teams' teachers) all had to capture Tora or a predecessor or if it continues to the next generation too.
- Take a shot if Tora is some sort of unstoppable ninja cat capable of taking down summons or terrorizing the Inuzuka's ninja dogs.
- Take an additional shot if someone comes up with a clever solution to ensure that Tora will never run away again and other ninjas break down in tears of gratitude.
- Take a shot if a team instead "accidentally" kills the pet of Leaf's feudal lord and gets no more than a slap on the wrist.

- Take a shot if, despite massive changes to Naruto, his team, the history of the setting, etc., Naruto somehow ends up going to Wave Country to deal with Gato.
- Take a shot if another team goes first, they can't handle the mission, and Naruto is sent as backup. Bonus shot if it's Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi's team.
- Take an additional shot if the other team is seriously injured in their first confrontation with Zabuza.
- Take an additional shot if the first team doesn't get along with Tazuna's family at all, but Naruto instantly does. (Well, ignoring Inari at first...)
- Alternately, take a shot if one team plus a random tag-along is sent, and Naruto is part of that group.
- Take a shot if harcore!Naruto is sent on an assassination mission to take out Gato.
- Take a shot if the new, more badass Naruto recognizes Haku's ploy in pretending to be a hunter-nin instead of Kakashi doing the reveal.
- Take an additional shot if he recognizes the ploy as soon as Haku appears to abscond with Zabuza's body, but Haku gets away effortlessly.
- Take a shot if Inari decides to train to be a ninja by the end of the arc.

- During the chuunin exams, take a shot if Naruto spots the illusion on the second floor and decides to keep quiet, but Sasuke arrogantly points it out anyway.
- Take a shot if Naruto immediately sniffs out Kabuto when he approaches the rookies before the first exam and is hostile and untrusting of him.
- Take a shot if someone snarks about Kabuto being a total loser for not passing the exam so many times.
- Take a shot each time during the exams that Kiba subs for Naruto on delivering stupid (but plot-advancing) lines because super!Naruto is just too damn cool for them.
- Take a shot if Mist, Rock, and/or Cloud are participating in the exam despite not being allied with Leaf Village. (You can skip this if it has no effect on the plot.)
- Alternatively, take a shot if this fic takes place after Leaf's exams and involves Leaf characters taking the exam in Mist, Rock, or Cloud.

Shipping Cliches

- Take a shot if Naruto falls in love with Hinata instantly upon learning of her feelings for him. Bonus shot if this happens soon after Sakura cruelly dismisses him.
- Take a shot if Naruto quickly turns cold-hearted and hateful towards Sakura after hooking up with Hinata.
- Take a shot if Hiashi does everything in his power to crush Hinata's budding romance with Naruto. Bonus shot if he threatens branding or death if she continues.
- Alternately, take a shot if Hiashi plots to help because he liked/respected the Fourth. Bonus shot if he arranges marriage between the two without telling them.
- If Naruto is shipped with a different girl living in Leaf Village, take a shot if Hinata's feelings are never once addressed in the fic.
- Alternatively, take a shot if the fic turns Hinata into a villain by making her some kind of mentally unstable stalker who will do anything for his love.

- In a NaruSaku fic, take a shot if Sasuke had to die or otherwise be permanently removed from play for the relationship to work.
- Take a shot for each full chapter in which Naruto tries to hide his feelings while Sakura is in denial about her own.
- Take a shot if the fic ends happily after ever within a few paragraphs of Sakura realizing her feelings and immediately acting on them.
- Conversely, in non-NaruSaku fics, take a shot if Naruto and Sakura are far more casually intimate than non-lovers should be but are just platonic friends / virtual siblings.
- Also, in non-NaruSaku fics, take a shot if someone gets Naruto to stop mooning over her by painting her in the worst light and making Naruto wonder why he ever liked her.

- Take a shot in any fic shipping Sasuke if Sasuke only falls for a girl after they prove hostile or indifferent to him.
- Take a shot if, upon returning to the Leaf, Sasuke instantly becomes docile, loyal, and in love with Sakura.
- Take a shot if Sakura is responsible for caring for Sasuke after he returns to the Leaf. Another shot if she hates him at first, but they both fall in love anyway.

- Take a shot if the plot of a shipping fic revolves around the Nine-Tails (or any other Tailed Beast) being "in heat."
- Take a shot if Kiba, Neji, or Sasuke play the role of cruelly possessive villains in the fic who will stoop to all new lows to make the main girl theirs.
- Take a shot if Kiba attempts to rape Hinata or fem!Naruto.

- Take a shot if there's a Clan Restoration Act or any other fan-made legal device to allow a male character to shack up with multiple girls without being a sleaze.
- Take an additional shot if the laws apply to Naruto, but no one tries to apply it to Sasuke before his defection.
- Alternately, take a shot if the Sasuke-worshiping council passed it with him in mind.
- Take a shot if the CRA comes into play because Naruto is the last of a clan.
- Take an additional shot if it's the "Namikaze clan" that qualifies him and not the Uzumaki clan. Bonus shot if no one ever pressured Minato to use it.
- Take a shot if Naruto has multiple marriage contracts arranged before his birth.
- Take a shot if for each girl involved in the harem beyond the first if no one in the harem is jealous or upset by sharing him with more girls.
- Alternately, take a shot if the only reason the girls are upset about a new girl is because she isn't "worthy" of Naruto. Bonus shot if it's Sakura.
- Take a shot if Naruto's harem is really the only people that like him, and if his harem effectively declares open season on anyone that doesn't worship him.

- If more than half of the twelve rookies are shipped with someone, take a shot for each of the following people left unloved: Shino, Ino, Chouji, Lee.
- Take a shot if Tsunade acts as a matchmaker towards any couple and cooks up missions just to hook them up better.

- Take a shot if Haku is female, lives through the Wave mission, and she is shipped with someone originally from Leaf of Sand in canon.
- Take a shot if Kin or Tayuya are not killed, and they are shipped with another character who is not originally from Sound in canon.
- Take an additional shot if Kin, Tayuya, or fem!Haku are the only members of their teams left alive by the author thanks to the awesome protective power of boobies.
- Take a bonus shot if the fic is a harem fic, and additional characters are saved primarily to hook up with the harem master (almost always Naruto).

- Take a shot if Temari or Hinata is shipped with someone via arranged marriage. (Do double up if the Village Council was responsible, as above.)
- Take an additional shot if this was done to get them or their future husband "out of the way" of the main pairing(s). (e.g. ShikaIno, NaruSaku, etc.)
- Take a shot if the arranged marriage is with someone bad, and it's played for angst.
- Take a shot if the arranged marriage is with someone good, but her future husband's name is hidden from her (temporarily) to give her a few scenes of angst.

- Take a shot if you're reading a yaoi fic, and if Naruto is a male prostitute or otherwise a man-slut with no self-esteem to stand up to the dominant man of choice.
- Take a shot if one character uses blackmail to keep another as a sex slave. Bonus shot if Sasuke is the blackmailer and/or Naruto is the victim.
- Take a shot if the Akatsuki is basically a singles hook-up club in which all the partners are also couples, with Pain and Konan being the only heterosexuals in the entire group.
- Take a shot if a guy gets pregnant (as a guy). If this travesty of biology is somehow the fault of the Nine-Tails, take another shot.
- If the author attempts to explain how mpreg fertilization, gestation, and delivery works, take a shot for every anatomical or biological impossibility entailed.
- Take a shot if somehow a character has more than two biological parents.
- Take a shot every time a lemon scene makes you giggle, groan, or wince because of how little the author knows about actual sex.

- Take a shot if, in an AU, one person in the primary relationship is rich and hires their romantic partner as a servant. Second shot if this sets up a dom/sub relationship.
- Take a shot if one of the characters gains a power just like that of their love interest to help them bond. (e.g. Sakura has the sharingan, Hinata is a jinchuuriki, etc.)

- Take a shot if a fic ships an adult with one of the rookies, and you can't tell if the younger one has grown up or is still a kid. Bonus shot per chapter it takes to learn.
- Take a double shot if the fic ships an actual 12-13 year old with an adult.
- Finish the bottle if there's a lemon scene involving a child even younger, and you can stop playing now. We're sorry.

- Take a shot if someone uses a the phrase, "Old enough to kill, old enough to [do something illegal for minors]" to justify it allowing young teenagers to do it.
- Bonus shot if it's an adult attempting to justify sleeping with a minor.

Alternate Universe Cliches

- Take a shot if the fic takes place in the real world with no ninja powers. Bonus shot if the author fails to warn about this. (Just stating "AU" doesn't count.)
- Take an additional shot if it's set in high school, boarding school, or other (mundane) school.
- Take an additional shot if the primary supporting character is "the most popular kid in school" and fic is about the main character trying to hook up with him or her.
- Take a shot if some of the girls decide to form a band and go on tour, having wacky, romantic, "girl power" adventures.
- Take a shot if villains like Akatsuki or Team Hawk are fully integrated members of society, chumming around with the main cast.
- But take another shot if Orochimaru and Kabuto get left out of the "hanging out with evil, evil men" club. (No one loves the snake.)
- Alternatively, take a shot if Orochimaru or Kabuto are evil teachers at the school.

- Take a shot if the fic is set in an another universe just to get all that troublesome plot, characterization, and setting out of the way of some pairing.

- Take a shot for each character turned into a kitten or some other small animal in care of another character.
- Take a bonus shot if Naruto is turned into a fox.
- Take an extra shot if an author avatar or other OC from the real world takes care of them.
- Alternately, take a shot if this sets up some kind of romance (or quasi-romance) between two pets or the pet and owner.

Miscellaneous, Unsorted Cliches

- Take a shot if someone travels through time thanks to the Nine-Tails's fearing death, a collision between a rasengan and chidori, or a technique someone just finds on a scroll.
- Take an additional shot if the point of departure for the trip is either the Valley of the End or the ruins of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.
- Take a shot if after time-traveling, Naruto reveals everything to the Third. Take another shot if Sarutobi lets Naruto run wild (maybe acting like an authority figure only once).
- Take a shot if the plot is a Chunin Exam Day knock off, involving characters stuck in a stable time loop covering the chunin exam arc.
- Take a shot if, due to the time loop, the characters slowly lose all sense of responsibility and act like sociopaths because any harm they cause can be reset.

- Take a shot if an author introduces an element crossed over from another series without warning that there will be crossovers.
- Take a bonus shot if the series is Bleach, and the surprise crossover elements are the swords Zangetsu or Hyourinmaru or replacing Naruto's shinigami with those of Bleach.
- Take a shot if Ino or Naruto develop mokuton (Wood Style) powers over plants.
- Take a shot if Naruto or Tenten are granted new powers, summons, and/or spiffy swords by dragons.
- Take a shot if Sasuke or Itachi is a vampire, or if Naruto is a vampire and it's a yaoi story.
- Take a shot if Naruto, Sakura, or Hinata are granted powers by gods or angels or are one themselves. Bonus shot if it's the seal's shinigami that grants Naruto power.

- Take a shot each time the author uses the word "orbs" in place of eyes.
- Take a shot if someone calls the Leaf or its ninja "tree huggers."
- Take a shot if someone uses the phrase, "the torture, I mean training," or anything similar.
- Take a shot if a team of enemy ninja from a major village only uses elemental techniques that match their country. (e.g. Cloud ninjas using nothing but Lightning.)
- Take a shot if Grass ninja have plant-controlling powers, despite this being the First Hokage's bloodline limit.
- Take a shot if the author puts a line resembling, "I'm not too good at summaries," in the summary for the fic and proves it.
- Take a shot if the author seems completely illiterate and maybe drunk in the summary & author's notes. Bonus shot if the fic itself is actually coherent.

Fanspeak Japanese

- Take a shot each time the author uses a Japanese word for an incredibly basic term learned in the first week of a class. (e.g. Yes, no, hello, bye, umm, etc.)
- Take a shot if the author mixes Japanese and English in the same word (e.g. A new eye technique called the "superdupergan").
- Take a shot if the author makes up new technique names in Japanese but doesn't really bother with explaining them to mere, mortal English speakers.

- Take a shot each time Naruto uses "the teme," "that teme," or "[name]-teme" or otherwise ignores that teme is an insulting way of saying "you."
- Take a bonus shot if the author starts making up new teme-based nicknames for other characters, like calling Orochimaru "hebi-teme" or "Oro-teme."
- Take a shot if Sasuke constantly calls Naruto dobe ("dead last") like it's his name but never once calls him usuratonkachi ("useless idiot/worthless moron").(1)
- Take a bonus shot if Naruto was never the dead last in this fic, and Sasuke calls him dobe anyway.

- Take a shot each time a character coldly refers to another character by last name despite the world of Naruto being a first-name basis setting.
- Take a bonus shot if it's Sasuke or Sakura, and the last name is used in contempt.
- Alternately, take a bonus shot if a character with no canonical last name is called by a fanon last name. (e.g. Teuchi, Tsunade, Tenten, etc.)
- Take a shot if Sasuke uses honorifics post-massacre without undergoing a major change in personality.
- Take a shot if the author botches a character's proper name or epithet. Bonus shots for botching Kurenai, Jiraiya, or Kankurou(2) or ero-sennin.
- Take a shot if the author uses "Sabaku no Temari" and "Sabaku no Kankurou" as if Gaara's nickname was their family name.

(1) Not that I would encourage more Japanese insults sprinkled throughout a fic. It's just that Sasuke doesn't use dobe nearly as much as people think.
(2) Kankurou, Kankurō, and Kankuro are all valid romanizations of カンクロウ.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Better Left Unsaid by Kenchi618 reviews
Mizuki never got to shoot his mouth off at Naruto the night he took the Scroll of Seals. Other than skipping a half-manic monologue from him, what exactly did this change for everyone's favorite blonde ninja? Who knows? Rated M for language/later events.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 85 - Words: 1,081,945 - Reviews: 11370 - Favs: 19,896 - Follows: 18,940 - Updated: 7/28/2023 - Published: 12/14/2010 - [Naruto U., Ino Y.] Team Ten
Dreaming's End by Thepiedsniper reviews
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 26 - Words: 110,609 - Reviews: 99 - Favs: 156 - Follows: 184 - Updated: 7/5/2023 - Published: 7/19/2021 - Sakura H., Kakashi H. - Complete
Into The Abyss by UrBoiPedro12 reviews
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 79 - Words: 382,476 - Reviews: 3022 - Favs: 2,779 - Follows: 2,759 - Updated: 1/10/2023 - Published: 3/7/2021 - [Naruto U., Sasuke U.] - Complete
Let's Switch Up by Happy Ocelot reviews
Naruto and Hinata become the unintended victims of Ino's botched Mind-Reverse Body Jutsu, and are forced to impersonate each other until she gets back from a mission. This is much easier said than done, though. In which Hinata becomes obsessed with ramen, Naruto becomes a shy, blushing mess, and everyone becomes baffled as the pair try to navigate each other's lives successfully.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 21 - Words: 28,304 - Reviews: 150 - Favs: 269 - Follows: 190 - Updated: 10/26/2022 - Published: 3/8/2021 - [Naruto U., Hinata H.] - Complete
For Me by Edward the VIII reviews
As always, his attention returns to his brother. To his eyes that have closed for the last time, never to open again. Sasuke may not have struck the killing blow, but it was clear that their battle had struck the life from Itachi Uchiha. "Good," Sasuke thinks. "Rot in hell."
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,525 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 11 - Published: 9/9/2022 - Naruto U., Sasuke U., Itachi U.
Pulling My Weight by Invincible Shadow reviews
During the mission to Wave, Sakura realises that she has to become a better ninja for her teammates' sake and be someone they can depend on. She vows to take her training seriously, and receives help from the most unlikely of sources; Genma Shiranui. The two form an unlikely bond and stick together through thick and thin, while Sakura improves and meets other people along the way.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 43 - Words: 448,193 - Reviews: 3375 - Favs: 4,877 - Follows: 4,532 - Updated: 5/3/2022 - Published: 4/23/2016 - Sakura H., Shikamaru N., Genma S., Chōjūrō
Telephone Game by Happy Ocelot reviews
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People Lie by Nugar reviews
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White Eyes by Adamant39 reviews
5 years ago, Danzo decided the Mangekyo Sharingan was too important for Konoha to lose. Instead, the Uchiha were appeased by the death of their rival clan... at the hands of Neji Hyuuga. The changes this event causes will shake Konoha to its foundations, and force many webs of lies to come undone. Upgraded Byakugan, Dark!Hinata, NotAsDark!Sasuke. Rated S for Smash Mouth. COMPLETE.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Angst/Humor - Chapters: 97 - Words: 407,141 - Reviews: 1007 - Favs: 1,307 - Follows: 1,132 - Updated: 12/31/2021 - Published: 8/13/2018 - Naruto U., Sasuke U., Neji H., Hinata H. - Complete
Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay by Saphroneth reviews
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Son of the Sannin by Ander Arias reviews
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 133 - Words: 1,235,753 - Reviews: 5623 - Favs: 6,626 - Follows: 6,203 - Updated: 3/24/2021 - Published: 10/11/2016 - [Naruto U., Hinata H.] [Jiraiya, Tsunade S.] - Complete
Time Flows Like Ink by GwendolynStacy reviews
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Family - Chapters: 22 - Words: 71,690 - Reviews: 550 - Favs: 2,298 - Follows: 2,341 - Updated: 11/10/2020 - Published: 3/10/2018 - [Minato N., Kushina U.] Naruto U. - Complete
Escape by Baron Zed reviews
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 28 - Words: 85,374 - Reviews: 612 - Favs: 2,397 - Follows: 2,566 - Updated: 11/3/2020 - Published: 3/28/2016 - Naruto U., Sakura H., Hinata H., Kurenai Y. - Complete
Second Chance by GwendolynStacy reviews
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 33 - Words: 123,627 - Reviews: 707 - Favs: 2,050 - Follows: 2,271 - Updated: 10/10/2020 - Published: 8/9/2016 - Naruto U., Shikamaru N., Gaara - Complete
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